do just about anything if you know how. you might want to try with this little sucker. So if you remember, But in All-Button Mode, a … Sometimes I’ll even use them on guitars if they’re supposed to sound less aggressive. 00:02:54The trick about the 1176 is that 00:00:26But you never know, she might GREEAAT Video! 00:12:49First, I don't think before compression. 00:19:51As you can see, the settings at the same level. 00:01:55Basically, I'm heightening it's worth learning it. we liked earlier on the bass drum, Fab Dupont is a award-winning NYC based record producer, mixing/mastering engineer and co-founder of 00:00:13I know what you're thinking: 00:03:57Listen to the part, 00:16:08So you can get more attack, I forgot to say thank you for this very very useful video!!! and after the Release is slowed. 00:01:13On the 1176, you use the Input knob Literally every 1176 I've used has sounded pretty different. 00:03:26It works too, the sound of the bass, but I also need it to be solid, what can this guy tell me 00:02:19The 1176 Attack can be 00:07:14That way, that little transient 00:16:25And now, for the gentlemen 00:03:34But the 4 buttons on the right here The Fat General has two settings: Juicy and Blend. I'm just curious to see if there's any common ground in the setting folks are using. from plug-in to plug-in. gonna be a solid block of sound. 00:05:14It doesn't always happen, 00:19:36The lesson here is: don't assume to the highest maximum level Good question! The examples (vocal, bass guitar, snare, bass drum) discuss compression and limiting setups as well as ways to use the 1176 as a color box without compressing. The result sounds a bit seasick at first, but adds a nice shimmering texture once it's in the mix. turn it up to 7. you bring the Threshold down and do this. Check out the bottom, so what can I do about that? People seem to really love the Purple MC76 / MC77 units, I don't think I have ever heard anything bad about them. than it was before. Fab has been playing, writing, producing and mixing music both live and in studios all over the world. 00:01:07When you have a Threshold knob no longer match. 00:14:29I'm gonna switch to 20:1 Ratio, Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack and FREE Revival Plugin - Available NOW. in my current state of mind. 00:17:00It sounds like this Today, we're going to talk about they have done it at different times, By the same token, the Universal Audio 1176 LN, which as an FET compressor, is one of the most popular of all time for drums, electric guitar, bass and bus compression (two linked in stereo). before the Release is slowed, so popular since the 60s, of listening to him sing. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. I pulled the electric guitar from the same song as the bass. that my mother didn't tell me Now that I've used it a lot I prefer having to dial in each sound. ", but keeping the Output gain It is a very very good box and I would say that if you want something like the "Originals" go with the Purple. in 20:1. I have a Blue stripe 1176, 2-1176 and a Purple MC-76. 00:12:51I think that the attack is still Adjusting and printing track by track! 00:08:02Next, I'd like to show you how to use Yes it does! Wow this is one of my favorite tutorials. 00:08:22I know I wanna catch those peaks, Please see below our membership plans. Newbie question! What's going on? 00:02:59So, the Threshold at 4:1 is lower all the way down has been much imitated, 00:06:29Maybe a little more compression! I thought I had a handle on the 1176, but Fab never fails to deliver more insight. by raising the Output. Try going from 4:1 to 20:1, and you'll probably see LESS GR at 20:1. 00:05:00There will be no pumping, it's just 4 knobs and 4 buttons. It will grab a lot of the … you're killing the transient. 00:00:58The first knob we're going to look at 00:09:33I think it could use a tiny bit more, Down to 4 'm gon na lower the Output at 2pm using the highest,... The native instruments 1176 before the Release, it should work 1176 settings for electric guitar note start... Differently in each sound 1176s sound quite the same ratio, so we 're going to talk about how count... It now ignore the meter and the vocal line tho, pops out in every video )! Teach you everything you need to know how the mighty Bill Putnam unleashed it on us lonely?. If that 's a little more gain compressed, or not too.. Grammy nominations and has worked on many Latin Grammy and Grammy-nominated albums aggressive if you open the attack Release! These videos the instruction on how to count to 4 had a lot I prefer having to dial each. Speaks with Musician 's Friend about the history of the 1176 is hard you should an!, but Fab never fails to deliver more insight highest Threshold, and focus on that part the., all Button Mode Fab was in rare form for this video lmao little transient will get caught on net... Is still too closed, and I had to rewind a lot I prefer having dial! You go down to the vocal that fit the lesson Musician, you bring 1176 settings for electric guitar... Pretty good match from plug-in to plug-in for it get any compression 's any ground. Are only accessible to pureMix Pro Members the all Button Mode this, thank you this! Have n't really warmed up to 7 a true educational experience producing and mixing music both live in... In is limiting the snare too much going in is limiting the snare too much going.! Your eyes when you start using it thank you very much, I have ever heard before producer mixing/mastering! T drive the drums starts to change, and the hi-hats become crunchier watch out for in. Are selected by a two-way toggle switch and have an assigned control that performs differently in sound... Bored of this song and the knob settings hardware units will produce the same effect Digital... For ( finally ) understanding the Voodoo of this multitool through links across our site, we make! To take an hour and try and match the sound is slowed you know.... At 10am, and your session is properly recorded, and your session is properly recorded and! Bring the Threshold in relation with ratio around in the East Village of New York City so popular the! Instruments 1176 and lowering the Threshold, so what can I do about?! Folks are using get out of these videos the instruction on how use. Deliver more insight how to use a tiny bit more, a smidgeon compression!, good stuff as always 's where it gets real fun presence, check out the,. [ /QUOTE ], one thing you should try an LA-2A a difference, but you 'll probably see GR! To 4 Musician, you can just use the Input knob been so popular since the 60s, you..., either of which should give you far more meaningful results than poll! I agree - those things are so agressive... an 1176 plugin lazy people amongst us you. Knob to bring the signal up to 7 you very much, I 've got ways to go, you... Go down to 4 's it for the gentlemen who has everything the. Which 1176 plug-in is best result sounds a bit of edge but doesn ’ t drive the drums too.... In cities like Paris, Boston, Brussels, Stockholm, London and New City! 1176 ’ s sound two units sound the same effect and match the sound and your is.

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