Wow! The telescope’s simplicity, coupled with serious light-gathering power, makes this one of the best 10 inch dobsonian telescopes available in the market today. No telescope type has changed the hobby quite as much as the Dobsonian. New design GSO truss tube 16" aperture, 1800mm focal length Dobsonian delivers amazing views of deep space and represents outstanding value! The Dobsonian mounted telescope is popular among amateur astronomers and telescope makers because of its simplicity. Before the popularization of the Dobsonian by John Dobson, the vast majority of amateur telescopes consisted of small telescopes with primitive mechanics - barely enough to see the polar caps of Mars or the rings of Saturn. The 16" Sky-Watcher Dobsonian SynScan is a very large aperture, precision engineered telescope that will allow you to easily find and enjoy night sky treasures like Saturn, Jupiter, and other planets in the solar system, plus a huge array of deep-sky objects including galaxies, star clusters, nebulae, and more. (Colour of the product image is for reference only, actual colour of the product may vary dpending on distributor) Huge 16" f/4.5 primary mirror boasts superior 1/12 wave surface error; New, stronger roller bearing design with thicker steel panels With the SkyWatcher S11620 you also get a 2-inch Crayford focuser which comes with a 1.25” adapter to … This is a Generation II telescope.All updates have been performed on this telescope.

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