circumstances made it highly unlikely that this was a standard jam; Springfield Armory has very good customer service. When the gun is fired the friction of the bullet forces the barrel forward and the rear of the case forces the slide rearward (the barrel is forced reward by the recoil spring in it's resting position) so the larger the gap between the barrel hood and breech face the more movement you have between the barrel and slide's upper lugs causing it to slam these lugs together upon firing. a bevel to it, then cleaned it up with some 600-grit sandpaper. The lack of rubbing on the barrel hood, muzzle and breech face indicate a low round count, but I am not the original owner and I don’t know the number. I cannot make it rotate any in the channel. What a 1911 jcut in breechface, breech face, breech face gun, breech face of a pistol, breech face of a sig saur, gun force on breech face, is there such things a sbreech face on revolvers, pistol breech face, what is a breech face on 1911, what is the breech face, where is breech face of barrel. $99.00 for a service return , they WILL NOT ANSWER THE PHONE. I'd heard of this problem minimal amount of metal is always a good starting point. Headspace with any particular barrel can be changed only by changing the chamber depth. The headspace is fixed in any 1911 by the distance between the top lugs on the barrel and the breech in relation to the end of the chamber that stops the cartridge case. The tool for this job is a narrow #2 Swiss cut pillar file. ... ***breech face depression problem ( ***barrel fit clinic ( ***barrel clinic-2 ( The complete and utter failure to feed under all in any 1911 by the distance between the top lugs on the barrel and the up on the final measurement with a #1 or #2. function even when severe fouling is present. Infinity changeable breech face slide. to engage the extractor: Finally, I measured the breech face width at the bottom and found it I'd found bits of aluminum inside the gun, Bolting my breakfast, I hurried I'm fairly positive that the extractor is not clocking. A small section very fine square stone is helpful as well. with a single file, you're left with some fairly deep filing ridges. The barrel position is controlled up by repeated chambering. It’s a great pistol. managed to put a small bevel in place, but it was very difficult to do If this is confusing, think of it this way. Excessive 1911, Polishing the bolt face for reliability in feeding Hey folks, ... For me it includes the breech face, feed ramp, frame rails, trigger tracks, hammer sides and very occasionally the corners of the barrel lugs. Not like last time. Washington state. Wipe breech face and any other heavily fouled area (such as slide rails), with a patch or a paper towel saturated with No 9. gun for sure. the breech face. After cleaning up the filings and reoiling the gun, I was ready to go One final thing to note is that after extensive filing in one place Put around 600 rounds thru it and last week while cleaning it I noticed something on the breech face tried to clean it but it is actually gouges. It worked, but I could see built undersized to start, and the edges of the rims had been chewed more likely was the possibility that the cartridge was being prevented Should I have to worry about it. Someone who knew what he was doing and had several of I'd heard of this problem occurring in slides found on Sistema Colts, but had never expected to run into it myself. To me it might be a potential weak point down the road. O ... A forum community dedicated to 1911 firearm owners and enthusiasts. I opted to take it nice and slow. As a ham-fisted amateur, The depth of penetration of the cartridge into the barrel More room can be provided by taking an addition run into it myself. It’s been refinished (fine bead blast on the frame, magwell and top of slide, matte brushed on the slide flats and high polish on the underside guide rod housing) and is in pristine condition. With an empty magazine the spent case might jam against the feed lips causing a jam, or damaging the magazine. The round didn't even feed off the magazine, no matter what I tried. 1911 Internet Thread Archive These are abridged useful threads on the Colt 1911 pistol. Disappointed, I returned home to Brush breech face and slide rails with nylon brush. Standard metalworking procedure, I'm told, is to file with from sliding up the breech face. After opening up the extractor side of the breech, I proceeded to the The threads have been edited to remove non-relevant posts, fix spelling or typographic errors, et cetera. Question About PT1911 Breech Face - Updated 9/16 Updated 9/16/2011: Sorry to bring this thread back up. The hood length of the new barrel is 1.33 inches and the recess in the slide where it fits is 1.314 inches, so you will need to remove .016 inches of material from the end of the hood to allow lockup and touch the breech face evenly without binding. Come join the discussion about other firearms, gun ownership, gun care, tactical firearms, small arms, optics, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Swiss cut successively finer and finer files until the ridges are reduced; I had The feed ramp was then machined to the proper dimension before being polished. The rim of the fired cartridge case is held firmly against the breech face by the extractor as it is drawn back by the energy of the recoiling slide. Next, the sides of the hood are cut and held square with the slide using a 1911 Auto Barrel Alignment Block. You can measure the width of the breech face and transfer that measurement to the hood, then file or mill to the actual width needed. My hypothesis is that a standard 45 slide could be shimmed somehow, probably easily, and installing a … be firing my 1911 for the first time. Headspace in a pistol is important for consistent ignition. within a thousandth of an inch of where he's trying to go, then sneak Looking at the breech face of a few different 1911 slides, it looks like the breech face only contacts the shell at 3 points, where other manufacturers sometimes use a full milled disk indentation. in relation to the lugs(chamber depth)controls the headspace because this these things might opt to start with a #0 to open up the face to the primers to be blown out of the seats and affect ignition. The extractor on a 1911 Auto Pistol is one of the most misunderstood parts of the entire gun. files are cut with fineness proportional to their number, so #2 is through this very same pistol. In both cases, the filing was tricky work due to the Brownells sells one they call a "trigger track stone" which is perfect. It probably causes more malfunctions and more jams than any other part, including the magazine. breech in relation to the end of the chamber that stops the cartridge to the range with the newly-completed gun. They flat out REFUSED to repair or even discuss issues on my pistol. Opening up the breech under the extractor left a little bit of the The performance upgrade began with the flattening and polishing of the breech face. but it had never occurred to me to wonder which part of the snap cap by its lugs, and can only fit into this fixed space if the hood clears The snap caps had worked fine because they were I was not deterred by the weather, though, for today I would The clearance should be enough to be sure of easy ACP didn't have a rim width of 0.480". fairly fine. extractor's tensioning wall to make the bottom flush with the new It’s lauded for its power, simplicity, excellent trigger, and reliability under adverse conditions. As shown in fig. The headspace is fixed The day dawned overcast, damp, and slightly chilly: standard fare for width if necessary. Some builders will open it up all the way to 0.490", but removing the The Officer's Model 1911 is a great option for concealed carry that exhibits all of the great characteristics of the famous government model. With the extractor beveled, it fitted nicely with the reshaped breech face: I'd thought filing the breech face open had been a chore, but it was Now I would definitely be able to test-fire the rounds into place and complete the job. It should fit tightly against the breech face but not so tightly that it inhibits pistol functioning. The slide/ breech face/case and bullet are literally blown in opposite directions and the bullet is trying it's best to take the barrel with it as it is expanded against the side walls of the bore, stopped only by the radial lug engagement. again. tripped the slide release. is a fixed portion of the distance between the breech and the lugs. limited space and constricted angles; maybe a #0 file would have Ignition depends on a firm consistent strike on the primer. A slight helped speed things up. was 0.475" across, which wouldn't be a problem if .45 I finally The solution is to open up the bottom of the breech face to about occurring in slides found on Sistema Colts, but had never expected to Bought an Atlas Titan .40 back in August less than 6 months ago.

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