The contact, also, stated their vehicle was already included in NHTSA campaign number: 18v735000 (fuel system, gasoline) however, the part for the recall repair was unavailable. Electronic control is located by exhaust manifold, which heat caused unit to fail. ford Motor Company October 18, 2012 While Driving My 2012 ford explorer, The Power Steering Unit Quit Working As I Was Turning Into The School Parking Lot. • If any “loss of steering assist” DTCs are present and program 15N01 is open, replace the power steering gear assembly at no charge (parts and labor) to the vehicle owner. My local ford dealership has quoted $5818 to fix what I find out after the fact - is a common fault of this model, 6yrs old and a mere 66 thousand on the clock!!!! The vehicle was taken to ted russell Ford (9925 parkside dr, knoxville, TN 37922, (865) 444-6467) and serviced multiple times for each failure; however, each failure remained except for the power steering failure. The contact stated manufacturer exceeded a reasonable amount of time for the recall repair. Resulting in $2222 bill to replace power steering gear assembly. When the vehicle was started, the power steering warning indicator illuminated. this recall is being conducted by yakima, not by ford. Thank goodness I was not driving on the freeway when the steering went out. Jft. Tl the contact owns a 2012 Ford Focus. The vehicle was taken to koons Ford (2540 riva rd, annapolis, MD 21401, (410) 224-2100) where it was diagnosed that a new power steering system needed to be installed. In May 2011, Ford sent dealers a technical service bulletin warning that the new 2012 Focus could temporarily lose the electric power assist … Mileage around 94-96,000. This is happened to my vehicle now totaling 10 times and now I'm terrified to drive the vehicle which concerns of as I'm on the road the steering locks up when I get in a crash or accident. Find recalls by VIN. The cause of the failure was not determined. Power steering has been going "in and out" for about 1-2 years. At low speeds ie when turning the wheel when the vehicle is stopped or 1 mph or less sometimes the steering will bind. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. Top problems. My wife drives this car. certain combined q-tower and q128 clip rooftop rack systems, part numbers 8000124 and 8000728, do not fully contact the door frame. Electric power assist steering total failure. This is a major issue that must be addressed. Everything has been going great up until last night. The contact stated that the power steering failed. I've grew up driving cars w/o power steering, but this epas failure is beyond anything she could handle. Companies pay us to be accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. statistics and reliability analysis of the 2012 Ford Focus based on all problems reported for the 2012 Focus. Remember the corvair?. They learned that, as indicated on the recall, the fuel gauge did not accurately read the level of fuel within the vehicle. Yet another unhappy focus customer with a steering assist malfunction fault!!! Ford announced today that it will recall 422,814 model year 2011 to 2013 Fusion, Flex and Lincoln MKS and MKT, model year 2011 to 2012 Lincoln MKZ and 2011 Mercury Milan vehicles for … There are 36 recall actions in UK related to FORD FOCUS. vehicle exhibits issue immediately during starting and continues throughout driving. The NHTSA and Ford know of this problem. 26. The contact had not taken the vehicle to the dealership as of yet. My research on this failure showed that its highly possible that it could happen while driving and cause injury or death. The affected vehicles did not have the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) updated as intended. This should be a recall for sure. The contact contacted a certified mechanic who informed the contact that the repair was no longer covered under warranty and referred the contact to take the vehicle to the dealer. If a problem develops with the Power Steering Assist system, it will be deactivated. On April 7th 2018 I started my 2012 Ford Focus and the steering wheel was locked solid the warning lights lite up stating electronic power steering assist failure. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. Randomly when I start the car and I get an alert on the dash about the power steering system along with the orange safety alert icon. The contact stated their daughter now makes sure to keep the fuel tank a minimum of half full to avoid the failure reoccurring. They are lighter than hydraulic systems 2. Ford needs to perform a recall on F-150s for the years before 2014. The failure mileage was 123,300. Ford Motor Company "Ford" is recalling certain model year 2011-2012 Ford Fusion vehicles without a 3.5L engine and Lincoln MKZ hybrid electric vehicles, 2011 Mercury Milan vehicles, 2011-2012 Ford Taurus, Ford Flex, Lincoln MKS, and Lincoln MKT vehicles equipped with a 3.5L GTDI engine and 2013 Ford Taurus, Ford Flex, Lincoln MKS, and Lincoln MKT vehicles equipped with any available engine. No warning illuminated. What have you tried so far? The steering get locked. There are perfectly reasonable arguments for making the switch to electronically-controlled steering. Unsubscribe easily. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! The manufacturer was not contacted regarding the recall. The contact owns a 2012 Ford Focus. Sometimes two or more restarts were required before the warning went off and the power steering returned. This is ridiculous and this issue will cause more and more loss of life as it occurs more frequently. The vehicle was towed multiple times. There is common issue with year models around 2012 concerning the power steering going out while driving. Unsubscribe easily. 00. On the last occurrence the issue would not clear leaving the car with manual steering. The contact owns a 2012 Ford Focus. Power steering assist failure. The vehicle had not been officially diagnosed or repaired. While the vehicle was stopped, the power assist steering warning indicator illuminated and the power steering failed. The failure mileage was approximately 77,300. If I shut the engine off and restart the power assist will work, so far. This is a common problem and Ford has recalled the steering unit on other model, but not on Focus. I have occasionally had to restart the car more than once. Power steering. The systems can, in theory, compensate for things like when the car pulls to one side or drifts.However, it’s not a perfect trade. self employed. Hi hope the following helps. The Contact Owns A 2012 ford focus. 2019 occurred when I just left home. After starting the car, power steering assist fault light pops up and steering is locked. At times while driving.

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