Servant (humble and protective) 4. Therefore, it's important that this leadership style is kept in check. Common leadership styles: 1. 4. Visionary (progress-focused and inspirational) 3. Coach (motivational) 2. The Starting Point. Hiring 4 Leadership Styles to Master It's not enough to have just one way of leading: Different circumstances require separate management styles. If this is the leader you would like to be – in any area of life – it helps to learn different leadership styles. The follower can perform the … Everyone has a “natural” leadership style that corresponds to his or her communication style. Strategic Leadership Commonly Effective. Style 4 or a delegating leadership style, is another “follower-driven” leadership approach that is characterized by low amounts of both Task and Relationship Behavior. This article will look at 4 styles of leadership and examples for where to use them. What Are Some Key Leadership Styles? Leadership is the ability to get amazing achievements from ordinary people. Strategic leaders sit at the intersection between a company's main operations … There are four basic communication styles: Director, Expresser, Thinker, and Harmonizer. Research has shown that people have four different ways of seeing the world and thus four different ways of communicating and relating. Autocratic (authoritarian and result-focused)

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