Solid Brass (unfinished) - Cap Nut - Threaded 8-32     nuts in the wagon manufacturing days. The threads are cut using a V shaped cutter held in a carriage that travels along the lathe bed while the bolt is being rotated. The top two bolts are machine made on a lathe. This meant that early spanners were marked one size too big for modern nuts, later they were marked in … Original Antique French Bed Bolt Screw 4 1 8 Long. Choose from our selection of low-strength steel square nuts, 18-8 stainless steel square nuts, metric low-strength steel square nuts, and more. Lot Of 4 Antique Brass Bolts Slotted Heads With Brass Nuts 1 2 13 TPI. For when you need to go from 1/8 IPS to 10-24 or vice-versa. In stock and ready to ship. View It on eBay. Vintage Stove Bolts 3/8" x 2 1/2" Round Head Slot Drive Square Nuts Atlas Bolt NOS Industrial Fasteners, Nuts and Bolts Assemblege Art F7 BeyondAntiques2 From shop BeyondAntiques2 Our Brass Balls work great for any of your project needs. Low-Strength Steel. For when you need to go from 1/8 IPS to 1/4-27 or vice-versa.   Available in 6 different finishes:  Antique Copper, Solid... Black Finish - Cap Nut - Acorn Nut - Threaded 1/4-20     Favorite Add to Nuts and bolts sculpture "Electrician" - Handmade ornament figurine Steelman24DE. $15.50. These nuts are standard coarse thread and can be used with our machine bolts and threaded rod. We offer open hex nuts and open cap nuts in hammered or smooth textures, square cap nuts and hex cap nuts, also called acorn nuts, in smooth and hammered textures. 4.1 out of 5 stars 12.  When used iwth our Clutch Elbow and Steam Handles, you can create an incredible lamp or light. In the image above, you will find the cornerstones of our inventory: Square Head Lag Bolts, Square Head Machine Bolts, with square nuts, of course, Slotted Head Wood Screws, and Solid Iron Rivets. 7/8"-9 Square Nut - Regular, Zinc Plated Finish, Low Carbon Steel Low Carbon, PK5 #922882-6 | Pkg Qty:5. Nuts and bolts sculpture "Golf Drive On The Green" - Handmade ornament figurine Steelman24DE. Grade 5 Hex Head Cap Screws - (USS) Coarse Thread . Described as a "8-1/2 inch cast wrench for cylinder head nuts" in Steam Engine Parts Lists and as a "8.5" malleable wrench for 9/16 and 1/2 inch nuts" in Gas Tractor Lists. These work great if you need to attach one of our Smallest Pulleys (1-3/4") to lamp parts. Four Vintage Square Head Bolts w Nuts 10 x1 2 RB W Empire Bolt. Square nuts are four-sided nuts as opposed to the more common hex (six-sided) nuts. Zinc Plated 1/4" fully threaded studs. Bed Bolts Threads . They work with our 8-32 studs & screws. Height: 932" Height: 1/4" Solid Brass Reducing Insert Coupling - 1/8 IPS (female) to 1/2 IPS (male) - w/shoulder Length: 1/2" or 3/4", 1", 1-1/2" and 2" Since hot-dip galvanizing typically adds 2.2 to 5 mils of thickness to the threaded portion of a fastener, galvanized hex square nuts are tapped oversize to compensate for the corrosion resistant coating on the bolts. Tight-Clearance Offset Socket Sets. For when you need to go from 1/8 IPS to 1/2 IPS or vice-versa. I've found a few of them and am curious about their history. The photo shows the three major threads used for bed bolts.   Our decorative Cap Nuts work great for any of your project needs. Our Decorative Brass Balls work great for any of your project needs. Material: Zinc Plated Steel Thickness: 1/8" Thread:    1/8 IPS  (3/8-27), Brass Plated Hex Nut    A Hex Nut for 1/8 IPS threaded rod. Our decorative Wing Nuts are just the ticket to add a little pizzazz to your next project. Often used with an extension, these sockets turn fasteners and fittings in obstructed areas that a regular socket can't reach.

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