/ / Signature Date Rig asseblief alle korrespondensie aan die Direkteur/Please address all correspondence to the Director Risiko- en Beskermingsdienste/Risk and protection services Privaatsak/Private Bag X1 ( Matieland, 7602 ( Faks/Fax: +27 (0) 21 808 2332 1 Q S Û a If the Committee Appointment Program Committee approves the recommendation, a letter will be sent to the committee member either notifying that he/she is either being retained or asked to immediately step down. 2.5.2 Training requirements will be subject to operational requirements. Terms of Health and Safety Compliance: Appointment Letters for health and safety officials are often overlooked. This version of an appointment letter is used for people who are being hired for a shorter time period than a fixed-term position. N R  — óæØæØÊغæ­æØæŸæó’ˆ~ó’ˆókó~óˆó]óS hÏh] OJ QJ ^J hïtö h2XÁ 6�OJ QJ ^J $hïtö h vì 6�B*OJ QJ ^J ph hæ%) OJ QJ ^J hNX6 OJ QJ ^J hïtö h vì OJ QJ ^J h1FŸ h2XÁ 6�OJ QJ ^J h1FŸ h vì OJ QJ ^J h1FŸ h2XÁ 5�OJ QJ \�^J h1FŸ h vì 5�OJ QJ ^J h1FŸ h2XÁ 5�OJ QJ ^J h1FŸ h2XÁ OJ QJ ^J hïtö h2XÁ OJ QJ ^J + , - M o £ ° ë İ � ˆ w f R Æ7 „6 „� „ ]„6 ^„� `„ gd vì „6 „� „ ]„6 ^„� `„ gd vì „6 „� „ ]„6 ^„� `„ gd vì Æ7 „6 „� „ ]„6 ^„� `„ gd vì > kd $$If Ö §% §% Ö Ö FORMATION OF WORKPLACE SAFETY AND HEALTH COMMITTEE Appointment of workplace safety and health committee and chairman 4.—(1) For the purposes of section 29(1) of the Act, a workplace safety and health committee shall be appointed in respect of every factory to which these Regulations apply. This version of an appointment letter is used for people who are will be working for over 30 to 32 hours per week. Letter of appointment to a health service committee template. You should familiarise yourself with the provisions of the Act and its Regulations that relate to the functions of the health and safety committee, to enable you to effectively and efficiently carry out your functions as stipulated. the responsibilities and duties of the safety committee, or the Wellness Committee can work in combination with the Safety Committee. Include at a minimum, hazard identification of the workplace and how to perform A safety committee should not be too large: about fifteen members is a desirable maximum. If other employees will read the letter, it should contain enough information about the appointee's qualifications that others will recognize that he or she is qualified to fill the position. (3) The persons nominated by an employer on a health and safety committee shall be designated in writing by the employer for such period as may be determined by him, while the health and safety representatives shall be members of the committee for the period of their designation in terms of section 17 (1). Continuing. Ballot election: Generally used to appoint members to important standing committees, this method is used when a group wants to select the committee members with the benefits of a secret ballot. The Connecticut Board of Education hereby appoints you a member of the Audit Committee. I will be serving from July 1997 to July 1999, and anticipate spending approximately 50 hours official time a year on this. SAMPLE 3/2/2016 3 | P a g e 5. A safety and health committee shall consist of : (a) a chairman (employer or his authorized manager) (b) a secretary (c) representatives of employer (d) representative of employees Where 100 persons or less employed, 2 representatives each from the employees and the management and where more than 100 persons Appointment letter for board members Dear [XXXX] I am delighted that you have accepted the invitation to join the board of [XXXX] and look forward to welcoming you to the next meeting of the trustees to be held on [date] at [time] at [venue]. SECTION 19(5) – CHAIRPERSON OF THE HEALTH AND SAFETY COMMITTEE . The employer should also ensure that committees conduct formal meetings at least once every 3 months and that the committee complies with the prescriptions of the Act. † OJ QJ ^J / 0 1 Q t Û è ÿ ë On behalf of FTSE International Ltd, I have great pleasure in inviting you to become a member of the {Committee Name} (the Committee). ♦ Develop and make available a written agenda for each meeting. Use a positive tone as you give as much detailed information as you feel necessary to communicate the scope and importance of the appointment. Letter of Appointment to Committee Sample. Workplace Safety and Health (Workplace Safety and Health Committees) Regulations 2008 In exercise of the powers conferred by sections 29 and 65 of the Workplace Safety and Health Act, Mr Gan Kim Yong, Senior Minister of State, charged with the responsibility of the Minister for Manpower, hereby makes the following Regulations: ♦ Take meeting minutes and distribute to management and the safety committee members.

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