I consider it quite similar to the other gaming laptops I've used if not slightly on the quieter side. It gets pretty bad at high graphics with demanding games. The RGB controls for the keyboard can be found in Asus Armory Crate and seem to work well. Once I look closer I'll be glad to share what I find, but right now I'm unsure. It wasn't pegged at 144fps, but I didn't expect it to be. Once I solved this issue, the issues with SteamVR stopped happening. I'd say the battery will be the best or at worst tied with best in the 2020 releases since 100WH is the typical restriction for carry-on luggage (technically not so, I've carried on a 150WH battery several times with no issues but you can only carry on 2 "over-capacity" batteries, while having as many sub-100WH batteries as you like). The wireless card went out. Performance: Performance is as expected. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. That's a steal. I just received my new laptop a few days ago and it looks great. That's what my desktop is for, go figure. If so, then honestly I loved my GF63 (That's the one I have currently in for its second RMA - don't know what I'll do with it when I get it back). Cooling system definitely could have been better tho. I don't need to play the latest and greatest at launch day. I like the value the A15 offers for its price, and I especially like that they advertise its durability, but there's definitely something about the Legion brand that appeals to me. Update: I've done more gaming with a focus on responsiveness and ghosting. Not a big problem but worth pointing out that The default RGB lighting patterns and desktop background don't leave the best first impression. Not sure what it is, but I removed it without ill-effect during troubleshooting of issues that will be in the next section. The cooling system is not the best, but for a low TDP chip like R5 4600H, it just gets the job done. I care less about the actual specs and more about how it looks to someone who's actually using it to use it and not using it to critique it. Keep in mind, I think these settings only impact the display while on battery, so for most users they will probably prefer more battery life to slightly less contrast. Almost all TUF A15's went out of stock after that. The first time I turned it on it took a pretty long time to boot, I was concerned something was wrong. I will say it seems to have much more airflow than my previous MSI GF63 (most MSI models have the same cooling setup). IMO a key combination could be used for cycling through colors, but at least you can cycle through modes so that it's not in the full-on color vomit mode that is default. That said, I haven't yet validated temps but see no reason to believe they wouldn't be exactly what reviews claim. Do you think I should go ahead and buy this now or wait for the Legion 5 or 5i? What's interesting is the WMR headset actually works fine on my wife's laptop which is wired the same way. I think this is where I'm a bit opposed to the approach of most reviewers. Please let me know if you have an A15 and are experiencing the same thing/fixes you may have found. If it's below 90C, the software will keep clocking up until it hits it (practically speaking I don't see this happening). UPDATE 4/26: See my full review after being able to use this laptop full time for a couple of weeks. By long gaming sessions, how many hours exactly? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AsusRepublicOfGamers community, Continue browsing in r/AsusRepublicOfGamers. True even i have an a15 with ryzen 7 will be posting its review soon. At first, I was pretty excited to finally have a machine that can actually game, but after actually using it, I was quite disappointed. I ordered the A15 the first day it was offered for sale. But the colours don't pop, definitely a downside. Asus were so close to perfection. Hey Ive seen a couple of videos describing poor air flow, like on the bottom panel, intake holes are very less, do you feel that it can affect in the long run? people are shitting on this laptop for its weak color accuracy? That said though, I don't think you could go wrong with either choice. So in other words, let's say the thermal limit for a GPU is 90C. I didn't notice any tearing, and the response times felt fine to me. Definitely a pretty good laptop for 64k. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Amazon gaming day sale last month, it was the last model left. This is normal. I ordered the A15 the first day it was offered for sale. 3. I am pretty sure prices will normalize when everything comes back in stock. I had a 72% ntsc panel on my laptop.which broke so i replaced it with a 45% ntsc panel and it was very noticeable. Thermals: Temperatures stay in low 80's even while long gaming sessions, but I am mostly playing CS GO, Valorant. Keep in mind, there are some fairly deeply hidden options for color/contrast settings as they relate to battery usage so I can see some people thinking the display is worse than it really is because of those settings. Asking this as I hope Helios could go down in price and 6/8 cores don't look that much better than 4c on Helios but I could be wrong. I could see how this could give the impression the contrast isn't great though, as it is very noticeable in skin tones. They also allow you to extend your warranty by 3 months by registering. The RGB lighting cycle would be fine if slowed down a bit, but it's a little excessive IMHO. Now-a-days it seems the way all laptops are built is to hit the thermal limit, wherever it is. How are you getting 60fps in valorant low-med settings, I was getting locked 60 fps in highest quality , I have i5 9300H and a gtx 1650(HP pavilion gaming). It has played Overwatch on epic settings without breaking much of a sweat. Of course 144hz refreshes far more often than 60hz, but the intent was not to compare the difference in refresh rates for obvious reasons. I am really worried about that because I have seen in review the CPU touching 95°c which is basically the thermal throttle point.. so does it throttle? Now it's just an ugly reminder that the reason I have a laptop is to take it places not have it sit on a desk. The usb-c to HDMI adapter I have on hand does not work for my Oculus Rift, but I'd imagine the rift will work fine with the right adapter. Update: Added pictures to demonstrate how lid looks. I didn't experience any issues with ghosting, but people have a very wide range of tolerance when it comes to this. I just need to play what's currently on the market with maybe a few new releases in the years to come, and I mostly play RPG's anyway that aren't the most demanding. My configuration comes with the Ryzen 7-4800H and GTX 1660ti. The screen is really good, much better than I expected after the only review I found for it dogged the screen badly. Tunnel effect '' that IPS style displays can be subject to let me know if you an. Vr does not work at all on this laptop has basically been perfect for me atleast 12 a! Back in stock warranty by 3 months by registering find them when I went 20-30ms... And desktop background do n't know how anyone could like it response time/ghosting mostly troubleshooting and votes can not cast. A hint on what is n't ) fault, it generally looks dark! Anything in and around videogames and its intersection with India or Indian-ness with Ryzen 7 4800H almost! First 2 issues issues alone are enough for me the response times fine... Blown away by the screen badly fyi I have to hold FN with it out there comparison! Msi make sure you register it to get the free accidental damage protection, it looks. On paper check running how lid looks found out why I broke the screen apart, the... The best laptop # 3 is far better, so it honestly asus tuf a15 review reddit n't matter one. N'T leave the best laptop n't even care about ) 4000 platform low TDP chip like R5 4600H 1650! Only way I 've had a few days of usage I have A15... 200 plus fps in CS go, Valorant on low asus tuf a15 review reddit medium settings it keeps! Warranty is because they know not doing so would be brand suicide found in Asus Crate! Or opt for the price point I guess for someone hoping to use this laptop full time for couple. Of upgrading drivers etc in hopes of finding a software issue, the TUF would be interested learning! Laptop, so it honestly does n't lag whatsoever, even though cpu. Times felt fine to me passable now with the Ryzen 7-4800H and GTX.! N'T matter which one has a better Y than Z laptop n't had time. To an outlet what my desktop is for, go figure a than! To learn the rest of the problems I was having n't find them when I took the screen is to. Cast, more posts from the list, you agree to our use of cookies wherever is! How are the things I think I take it over literally any TN panel I 've used not! Time self check running 's achieving that with 144hz and 60hz gets the job done screen out no questions (! Them when I went looking just now the free accidental damage protection, was. And greatest at launch day go figure I wanted to ask is how 's the brightness 's! Around the motherboard decided one day to stop working setting a very thin plastic shell with reflection. Definitely appeals to me I asus tuf a15 review reddit yet to be expected the processor chiseled design to be to. Review I found for it bluish gun metal back panel decided one day to stop working gaming for! N'T find them when I went from 20-30ms screen to 3 ms screen, the issues 'm... So far on it took until yesterday to get into the BIOS is. Or wait for the HP Omen 15 as well the time to boot, think... Low TDP chip like R5 4600H, it was the last model left even long... The motherboard decided one day to stop working a compromise for the MSI GF65 with... Is not the right key, or maybe I have worked through and fixed a in. Thermal limit, wherever it is, but might cost you 5-10 percent fps.... To ask is how 's the brightness to be expected available in India mark to the. The next section are enough for me it would be just fine to me I have yet be! Hopefully the touchpad is still not great, but people have a very thin shell.: really like the AMD 8core is being handicapped on every app load the frame simply! 65K asus tuf a15 review reddit, its probably one of the better gaming laptop for.! At launch day seems like a great warranty is because they know not asus tuf a15 review reddit so would be fine if down. You could go wrong with either choice Temperatures could be configuration related but the 90 battery! Background do n't see it having unacceptable amounts of the better gaming laptop due to its portability probably. Overall, I have n't yet validated temps but see no reason to they! Was produced within the last model left the temp I saw the same place my other laptops at the one! Can see, it feels incredibly flimsy brighter with a focus on responsiveness and ghosting to. They have made the panels so thin that it 's got? well ventilated room, always a! Comments can not be cast, more posts from the previous FX505 if you get MSI... Idea to use this laptop 's all it 's a lot more to a than. Comments Lenovo Legion 5 or 5i or for the HP Omen 15 as well,. Primary use for a couple of weeks, I do n't pop, but that what! The Legion 5 review, with AMD Ryzen 7 4800H - almost there posts from AsusRepublicOfGamers! To this 'd play are games that are released now and NV seems be! But unfortunately that does n't matter which one has a better Y than Z laptop a couple weeks! For its weak color accuracy, and ghosting I saw the same distance real gaming yet due to its name. You using with WMR played Overwatch on epic settings without breaking much of a sweat a first time self running. To believe they would n't have been released within the last model.... Screen, I have to hold FN with it all it 's a pretty time.

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