To list all German beers would probably make this one of the biggest blog posts ever, but also a waste of your time. With a slew of great craft beers available on the market, Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale is one of the best. The “dry” brewing process was the hottest thing in beer for a brief time in the early ‘90s. Simply because most of the 5000 German beers are local and not exported. It tastes more like a barley wine and has a lovely golden colour and an earthy aroma. 20 Belgian beers you need to try 1. The Best Non-Alcoholic / Low Alcohol Beers That Actually Taste Like Beer Non-Alcoholic Craft Beers (<1% ABV) Many of these craft beers are only available in certain regions and aren’t globally distributed, if you’re looking for beers you can get (almost) anywhere, click here to … In effect, what it comes off as is a rather beautiful marriage between wheat beer and German-style helles lager or pilsner, with a crisp, grainy malt profile and plenty of balancing floral hops. Beer is best served in a temperature between 44 and 48°F (7 to 9°C). Bell's craft pioneers hail from Kalamazoo, Mich., where Larry Bell started a homebrew supply store in 1983 and, two years later, followed with his first commercial beer from a 15-gallon soup pot. In a move that sounds more like high-end corporate espionage than Canadian beer manufacturing, both Molson and Labatt produced brands using this new fermenting process after “borrowing” it from a Japanese brewery. And when it comes to beer, the Germans have so many great brands, having gone as far as developing the German Beer Purity Law from 1516. Bush Beer (7.5% and 12%) A Wallonian speciality, the Belgian brewery behind Bush claims that the original version is – at 12% – the strongest beer in Belgium. Here is a German beers list of 20 well known and generally popular German beers: Articles Beer 101 Beer & Food Pairings Recipes Party Planning About Us Online Ordering FAQ Business Services Ownership & Governance Environmental Leadership Social Responsibility Community Involvement Careers Gift Cards TBS Dispute Resolution Media Centre Contact Us

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