The main options for the surface finish on your hardwood are: Purists will always argue that the best results will be going with the raw wood finished on site by an experienced installer; but that may not be the most budget-friendly option. Unfinished Hardwood Flooring. Simply put, unfinished hardwood allows you to take nature's design and make it your own. Best Hardwood Flooring & Tile is a flooring company in Reno, Nevada that strives for your complete satisfaction. So if you’re looking specifically for an extra wide solid plank then Somerset is not for you (they do have extra wide engineered planks though). Armstrong and Bruce do not retail direct, but both brands are widely available from trusted flooring retailers and both the Armstrong and the Bruce websites have a great store finding map where you can put in your postal code and find your nearest retailer. we About Us. Your email address will not be published. We know from experience which mills are best at each type of flooring. The brand prides itself on offering “quality Appalachian hardwood lumber harvested sustainably from the Highland Rim region”, so there’s a select choice of walnut, red oak, white oak, hickory, hard maple and rift and quartered oak too. wax – usually only available for on site finishing, wax finishes will help minimize scratches and stains, but aren’t as protective as polyurethane. The most important dimension that you MUST be sure of, is that your solid hardwood planks are no less than 3/4 inch thick! This is the standard thickness of most hardwood flooring and has been tested for strength and stability. This Free and Simple guide to installing your own wood flooring will prepare you to do it yourself with ease! Mirage offer three types of hardwood flooring: engineered, a laminate-like composite of hardwood plus high-density board, and classic solid hardwood. Have a great holiday season. Solid planks of hickory distressed by the manufacturer is a great hardwood floor for dogs. The hardwood flooring is absolutely beautiful. By the way, if you now know that engineered hardwood is what you want/need then now would be the right time to check out our guide to the best engineered wood floors, including brand reviews. Your email address will not be published. ); the barely-there finish of the Natural Collection which really brings out the inherent beauty of the grain (we love the rich tones of the Knotty Walnut from this collection, pictured above left); and the super-cool ultra matte finish of the Flair Collection which features a number of on-trend gray stained planks (like the White Oak Grey Drizzle Light pictured above right). Thanks for sending them so quickly. Mirage is a relative newcomer in the hardwood flooring world with a rather impressive story. , and present it in a way that helps you know for sure exactly what you're getting. The products are divided into several different collections, though you should be aware that some collections have both solid hardwood and engineered hardwood options, for example the American Scrape collection (pictured below left) which features some lovely vintage hand-scraped textures comes in solid maple, oak and hickory as well as engineered hickory, walnut and cherry. Different species of hardwood have different properties – not least of all different base colors and grains. Okay so you’re starting out or about to pull the trigger on your project and just want to do some last minute research. As with Mirage flooring, many of the options in the three collections are available both as solid or engineered planks, allowing you to achieve a uniform look throughout your home according to room specifications. Great! – select the best species of solid hardwood for your home in terms of hardness, porosity, provenance, base color and grain. It’s worth making the distinction if you’re researching online that whilst there is a separate website for Bruce, on the current Armstrong Flooring website products from both the Bruce and the Armstrong brands are featured together. It's the beauty of hardwood floors - untouched. One last thing to bear in mind with Somerset is that all of the collections have solid planks in widths of 2.25” or 3.25”, but only a few of them have planks as wide as 4” or 4”. The color of the stain will completely change the character of your hardwood flooring, so if you are staining hardwood on site it’s worth doing several sample areas and looking it those samples at different times of day in different lighting conditions before you decide. We offer solid and engineered in all widths and lengths possible. In addition to our already low prices, check out our Flooring Coupons page to see how you can save even more on your new floors! We've developed relationships with several of the finest hardwood flooring manufacturs in America. The Mirage brand is owned by parent company Boa-Franc, a Canada-based flooring company, and was first established in late 1983, only for a major fire to completely destroy their facilities in early 1984! Customer is happy! All of these floors are in stock but hurry because some quantities are limited and will sell fast.

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