By the time I reached Darkroot Basin I just about had the stats and the Black Knight there gave me the Halberd(I didn't even have any humanity). Black Knight Greatsword Retexture; Black Knight Greatsword Retexture. So you only need 2/3s the requirement to use a sword in two hands. The Black Knight Sword is great, has a monster AR for a Greatsword. Safe to use . Last updated 02 August 2013 11:52PM. Original upload 01 August 2013 9:19PM. I can't stop thinking about this game sorry :P I'm at work now hehe. The Black Knight Greatsword is one of the slower greatswords in the game, making it difficult to unleash a frenzy of swings like a mad man, but it’s nonetheless a … Your best bet to dump your Twinkling Titanites in are one of the Black Knight weapons or the Wolf Knight Curved Greatsword, which will take some farming/invasions to get. This build makes Smough much less annoying and can survive much of whatever New Game + throws at you. Hi, The very first Black Knight you encounter in the game dropped me the Greatsword(stupid luck) and I made it my life's misssion to get the stats needed to use it. 32 strength * 2/3 = 21.3 repeating ~= 22 So if you grab 3 more dexterity you can wield it, but only in both hands. Well when you hold a sword in two hands you get a strength bonus. Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. Ideal gear is Black Knight Armor with Dragon Greatsword, it’s viable earlier on with the Gargoyle Axe or the powerful Drake Sword and Elite Knight Set. So, I'm using a Black Knight Greatsword +5, and with my current str/dex at 32/18 i hit for something like 500-700 with power hits, and around 1000 with plunging attacks. 70,816. Endorsements. v2. If pursuing New Game + you’ll want to trade Black Knight Armor for Great Lord Armor. Infused it with fire, the result was a massive boost in fire dmg and only a little minus in physical dmg. My guess is that it won't differ much with other BK weapons (well, different str/dex values, because of … I use the Black Knight Greatsword in one of my builds, I use it with 30/30 in dex/str and 50 in faith and 12 in int. Uploaded by Deimone. I've seen some videos where dudes using Claymore do some decent damage as well, but i would like to keep using a big ass sword like my BK Greatsword. Unique DLs-- Total DLs-- Total views. 470. Version. Virus scan. Created by Deimone .

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