I have used the U87 extensively and its a fantastic mic. The polls seems to show they are pretty close competitors! I think the kiwi may be a tad warmer, and the U87 a tad deeper. Blue Kiwi vs U87AI vs Pearlman TM1 female vocal shootout I recorded a female vocalist performing a clip of a broadway tune using three mics: Blue Kiwi, Neumann U87AI, and Pearlman TM-1 … Figuring I dont know if I am prepared to go scouring vast mountain ranges in search of a vintage u87(witch probably wont be the cheapest mic in the world), I think the kiwi will work for now. The old u87 has that “timeless” factor lacking in the new one.. as a musician, that’s a more desirable, even if the new one is more “detailed”. Not saying that the new Ai is a bad mic, but maybe I’d prefer something like Blue Kiwi … The Kiwi falls right in between the 2 Neumanns in terms of sound, quality, noise levels etc. I wish it was closer to 2 grand like the Kiwi, cause then I would probally say get it over the kiwi, but really its a toss up. It is a fantastic value. I own a 1971 U87, a 1986 U87ai and a 2009 Kiwi. My complaint with the blue … Perhaps I will pick up a u87 … … Then its a good choice.

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