A conversion factor or Brix table should be provided for each product. It is helpful to know that Brix and Plato are nominally the same to 3 decimal places, so … Not all solids are equal! Interpretation. Brix & Specific Gravity Conversion Calculator. Depicted to the right are several fluids and their BRIX values. In metalworking, BRIX is quite handy for monitoring dilutions but it is less useful for comparing two different fluids. The Brix scale is most often used to measure the presence of sugars in wines, ales, carbonated beverages and foods. Soft Drink Technologies Brix Density Density It’s common to see conversions from 0.55 – 0.65 depending on grape type, yeast strain, data collection error, etc. It can be measured by using a saccharometer (hydrometer designed for sugar measuring), by saccharimeter (polarimeter designed for sugar measuring) or better using by a refractometer (you consume only a few drops of solution). Many hydrometers and refractometers may provide a reading in degrees Brix instead of standard gravity. U.S.D.A. Need a new hydrometer or refractormeter to gauge Brix or gravity? The Brix scale is a scale or chart used to measure characteristics of sugar solutions. Degrees Brix (sign °Bx) are used for measuring of sweetness of the aqueous solution. Conversion Calculators; Crop Information/Harvest Chart; Documents; Product Guide; Request Sample; Blog; Contact; Conversion Calculators Home > Resources > Conversion Calculators Single Strength. SUCROSE CONVERSION TABLE Agricultural Marketing Service TECHNICAL INSPECTION PROCEDURES Fruit and Vegetable Division Processed Products Branch FOR USE OF USDA PROCESSED FOODS FILE CODE INSPECTORS 135-A-50. Degrees Brix to Specific Gravity Conversion Tables °Brix Apparent SG at 20/20°C °Brix Apparent SG at 20/20°C °Brix Apparent SG at 20/20°C 0.00 1.00000 3.80 1.01490 7.60 1.03017 0.10 1.00039 3.90 1.01529 7.70 1.03058 0.20 1.00078 4.00 1.01569 7.80 1.03098 0.30 1.00117 4.10 1.01609 7.90 1.03139 Brix of Starting Concentrate: Grams of Concentrate: Final Brix: Grams of water to add: re-calculate: Always check your single strength brix on a refractometer. Brix WRI makes it clear the measurement pertains to wort and is unadjusted. Only after dividing Brix WRI by the wort correction factor do we arrive at the actual Brix / Plato reading. If everything ferments perfectly at the winery, the Brix-to-alcohol chart looks like this: Alcohol content is determined with an alcohol conversion factor of 0.59 and rounded to the nearest tenth. Brix is simply another unit measuring the amount of dissolved sugars can be converted to standard gravity using the following calculator. SUCROSE CONVERSION TABLE FILE CODE 135-A-50 JANUARY 1981 SOURCES Refractive Indices of Sucrose Solutions at 20 Degrees C. (International Scale, 1936) as … Brix/Density Conversion Tables From : Table 114, Circular of the National Bureau of Standards C440, “Polarimetry, Saccharimetry and the Sugars”, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, 1942. Brix correlates to the potential alcohol content of a dry wine. Specifically, it is used to calculate both the concentration and density of sucrose solutions.

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