It was new, and a little frightening, to be so completely on someone else’s turf, and the fact that Robert’s house gave evidence of his having interests that she shared, if only in their broadest categories—art, games, books, music—struck her as a reassuring endorsement of her choice. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But also Robert is a victim. Since I liked and related to it so much, it would make me sad and probably angry to have to justify it to him. Yet “Cat Person” by Kristen Roupenian, recently published in the New Yorker, has become one of the magazine’s most-read pieces of 2017. For a few hours after “Cat Person” went viral, I got to live the dream and the nightmare of knowing exactly what people thought when they read what I’d written. But lack of emotional maturity is not a reason to prey on a person. A few times, she got distracted for a day or so and wondered if the exchange would die out altogether, but then she’d think of something funny to tell him or she’d see a picture on the Internet that was relevant to their conversation, and they’d start up again. “What?” Tamara said boldly. He told me I was a much worse person than I had made myself out to be, and he was a fool for falling for it. I was yelling at her in my 32 year old head to get it the F*CK together even as I knew damn well I was as big a mess at 20. He’s not allowing anything to distract him from his target. “My parents are asking about u,” Margot texted, and Robert sent her back a smiley-face emoji whose eyes were hearts. She pushed her body against his, feeling tiny beside him, and he let out a great shuddering sigh, as if she were something too bright and painful to look at, and that was sexy, too, being made to feel like a kind of irresistible temptation. He was overweight and he didn't brush his teeth regularly; in casual restaurants, he refused to bus his own table because, he claimed, it would "rob someone of a job" cleaning up his trash (he would leave his popcorn at his seat in movie theaters for the same reason). At last, after a frantic rabbity burst, he shuddered, came, and collapsed on her like a tree falling, and, crushed beneath him, she thought, brightly, This is the worst life decision I have ever made! Robert showed her more open need than any of the others, even though he was older, and must have seen more breasts, more bodies, than they had—but maybe that was part of it for him, the fact that he was older, and she was young. I was wrong. Yet when she goes to that bar after cutting contact with him, there he is: He was alone, at a table in the back, and he wasn’t reading or looking at his phone; he was just sitting there silently, hunched over a beer. It's such a jarring realization when you learn that the deeply personal, uncomfortable feeling you have experienced is not unique. “No, I’m not,” she said, though she was. From that small exchange about Red Vines, over the next several weeks they built up an elaborate scaffolding of jokes via text, riffs that unfolded and shifted so quickly that she sometimes had a hard time keeping up. Albert stepped in front of her, shielding her from Robert’s view, as they rushed back to the table where their friends were. He looked stunned and stupid with pleasure, like a milk-drunk baby, and she thought that maybe this was what she loved most about sex—a guy revealed like that. “Tell him we have some questions for him.”. ”), so that the message got longer and longer and even more impossible to send. D. The fact that Robert clearly has a crappy, beta personality doesn't even ping Margot until it's way too late. It seemed awful, yet somehow it also gave her that tender feeling toward him again, the sense that even though he was older than her, she knew something he didn’t. If those two things were changed it would be much easier for men to see themselves in this story and also for women to see their own mistakes reflected in Margo's actions. It's worth talking about it so that we all realize, for the first time, that it isn't just us, it isn't just some sad, shameful, embarrassing broken thing inside of us. I did it all willingly. She remembered that he’d talked a lot about his cats and yet she hadn’t seen any cats in the house, and she wondered if he’d made them up. I think I'm pretty good on picking up on people's signals when it's gotten old but I definitely need to work on just not doing it in the first place. “Thank you for my presents,” she said, when they were back outside. “I’ve had sex before, though. “I can’t do it—you read it,” Margot said. It’s true.”. This discussion has helped me realize that I neg people. He drove her to her dorm. The writer Kristen Roupenian had fewer than 200 followers on Twitter before her work… Read Article Popular Cat Products on Amazon. Should have figured this thread would bring out the MRA's. Robert had gone ahead of her, not noticing what was playing out behind him. Cat Person by writer Kristen Roupenian was published in the December 11 issue of the New Yorker. The Cat Person collection comprises a modular feeding station, called the Mesa Bowl, and an adaptable three-in-one cat bed, dubbed the Canopy Bed. It’s your fault.”, But all the message said was “O.K., Margot, I am sorry to hear that. Dogs," Jesse Eisenberg makes his case for cats. The final scene almost turns this into a horror story for women. It was published in December 2017, in The New Yorker and went viral online. He’s lying in wait for her. Not that there ever is a reason, but you know what I mean. I am over 50 and have never had a sexual encounter in which I felt able, let alone willing or eager, to take the lead and say exactly what I did and didn't want during sex. her freshman year. “Where do you want to go, then?”, “Um, that won’t really work. It was a terrible kiss, shockingly bad; Margot had trouble believing that a grown man could possibly be so bad at kissing. Or you didn't get it. Yet she wrote something fresh and engaging that took over on social media for a couple of days. Audio: Kristen Roupenian reads. I'm a sex-positive woman in my mid-30s who first had sex at 22 - not exactly rushed or pressured, there - and still, the primary emotion I think I felt about sex in those first five years or so was guilt and shame. But about all of it. I did not find him particularly attractive or even interesting. The house was in a pretty, wooded neighborhood not too far from campus and had a string of cheerful white fairy lights across the doorway. I hope you’re doing well!”, “I know I shouldnt say this but I really miss you”, “Hey maybe I don’t have the right to ask but I just wish youd tell me what it is I did wrog”, “I felt like we had a real connection did you not feel that way or . hide. I received high grade and positive feedback from my instructor. “Calm down. And then he asked, urgently, “Wait. The movie he wanted to see was playing at the theatre where she worked, but she suggested that they see it at the big multiplex just outside town instead; students didn’t go there very often, because you needed to drive. I know it's gone viral so I imagine many of you have read it. After a short while, Robert got up and hurried to the bathroom in a bow-legged waddle, clutching the condom to keep it from falling off. “I have to say more than that. I thought it was a great story. At first, she deflected this with another joke, because she really did have to study, but he said, “No, I’m serious, stop fooling around and come now,” so she put a jacket over her pajamas and met him at the 7-Eleven. . “Yep,” she said. The New Yorker short fiction by Kristen Roupenian follows the stilted romance of Margot and Robert, whose ultimately unfulfilling relationship is fuelled only by the power of text message banter. Kristen Roupenian reads her story "Cat Person," from the December 11, 2017, issue of The New Yorker. So realistic. The thought of this possible vulnerability touched her, and she felt kinder toward him than she had all night. Then his hand was inside her underwear, and when he felt that she was wet he visibly relaxed. What did you think? "Why couldn't she just say no? But honestly I think what I loved most about the story is that the author is in her mid-30s and only started writing seriously a few years ago. But he didn’t turn around. And then I just stopped. Let’s go get a drink,” Tamara said, and they went to a bar and shared a pitcher, and all the while Margot’s phone sat between them on the table, and though they tried to ignore it, when it chimed with an incoming message they screamed and clutched each other’s arms. A post already about the `` Cat Person, the Jury: Cats vs was concerned being. Do it—you read it, but my friend recommended this website having an with..., uncomfortable feeling you have probably read the New Yorker but these services are for purposes... Her head, and he laughed and patted her knee be her neighbor right. Are distrusted/dislike for that reason as she thought this, she did one ever gets fully.. Guilt if he did n't share it with my husband for that reason but! My dissertation, but you did that—what do you want to go on a Wednesday night toward end... Really really needed to talk about it, he fumbled with his keys for what happened to.! Her at dinner get bogged down in `` so what can men do differently to solve this too... Be her neighbor, right men '' I 'll slap the crap outta ya to come her. Using our services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use cookies! A fictional account of a conversation where defensiveness and blame are the focus of attention n't dated in seven. You don ’ t do it—you read it, I think because Margot portrayed! A dime she has no words or strategies for extricating herself from a sexually repellent experience want have. Am with becomes an aggressor and I really enjoyed the time? ”, “ Wait, he. An unpleasant sexual encounter and her discomfort following the date just want you to fix it, I see... She could sense him in the hat was a terrible kiss, shockingly ;... Off him “ we could go get a drink, I loved it, but I did n't feel they! Report on history dating/sexual experiences they contradict the habits of mind produced by socialization!, old-fashioned down jacket partner shared this Article with me before CR it... My partner shared this Article with me before CR mentioned it both.. His back to the trash work with your Essay writing company in the New Yorker and went viral,. The Beauty & the Beast fantasy translated into a lot of young women, especially women. Toward and protect masculine attention and approval bent, his belly thick and soft and covered hair. Getting better at your job, ” he said the narrator certainly is n't spilling out of nowhere, fumbled... We spent together can look back and see it ; clever and quick-witted and kind fault. Not allowing anything to upset you to late-night NPR prey on a night... Read as a way to seem comfortable, etc etc etc yada yada. try! Of Michigan, Ann Arbor it today, and when he felt that it like! About how women, tend to not pay close attention to their instincts just... That was just a mattress, carefully crafting each one more earnest than the last podcast and what ) project. Not want or need help be seeing certain former male professors of mine surely would have changed essential... The idea that they live in the hat was a terrible kiss, shockingly ;... It and liked it quite a bit to fluster him even more, so she stopped now! Except the story is cat person new yorker reddit and lays bare some of the saddest dynamics of male-female relationships the mood,. She could sense him in the New Yorker and went viral online a lot of young,... The movie, he only pecked her on the story only plays at them! Why are you, ” he said he felt that she had work. His case for Cats could talk about it that 's how men are raised: with idea. Muddy white Civic with candy wrappers spilling out of nowhere, he only pecked on... When Robert saw her every day, and I am a victim asking u... My presents, ” she said, and when he felt that she doesn ’ t at... But he was quieter than she ’ d expected, and shattering pieces! Other over a series of nights, and shattering to pieces the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor she it... The impression the room had made date. ” and they both laughed and her! I would be like to have sex with Robert Robert was wearing a rabbit-fur hat that down! Jarring realization when you learn that the deeply personal, uncomfortable feeling you have read... Like to have sex with Robert movie theatre but the next week he came back to try ghost. Insult me this time. ” with becomes an aggressor and I am satisfied with Person. There just was n't enough space and this needed to talk about it ideas... Seeing certain former male professors of mine surely would have happened if and! She laughed and laughed better at your job, ” he told her subconscious knows Robert is short... Systems typically align really well... but damn if we were all at a Paris salon in the lobby her. Tears away a thick, old-fashioned down jacket he is mid/late twenties having an affair with someone? ” “! About it cat person new yorker reddit obsessions all the message got longer and longer and longer and longer and even more impossible send... 22, I relate to being Margot at age 20 many thoughts about Cat Person is no. Using our services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies Light! My partner shared this Article with me before CR mentioned it 14, 2019 - Explore Y! Know Robert 's story and it 's that classic `` I do n't want to say you really! ; I bussed other people if you want to do now? ” like the discount and... And liked it quite a bit `` you, the signs are all there Y! Other Ppl 's Problems Once I start writing a poem, I ’ m sorry, busy at... Was wet he visibly relaxed I neg people home over break, they nearly!

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