Wiener (noun) A person who is nervous or afraid to partake in certain activities. It can can be grilled, steamed, and even braised. The term 'hot dog' is … So the term 'Vienna hot dog' would technically mean a frankfurter made in Vienna placed inside a bun. Wiener (noun) A frankfurter, a hot dog. I left it in the fridge for these two days before I … ... One would think that given the names, these would be two different varieties of sausage, but I’ve never seen them mean anything different in practice. So, the moment we put the product between the 'two bits of bread' it becomes the popular 'hot dog'. A sausage made from beef, chicken or pork. A hot dog is a frankfurter or Vienna frankfurter in a bun. Also called wiener or frank, the mildly flavored, six-inch-long sausage is a favorite across the globe. Wiener (noun) An irritating or disliked person. Frankfurters. Named after the German city where it is traditionally sold and enjoyed at beer gardens, frankfurters are smoked, precooked sausages made of beef and pork. Frankfurter vs. Wiener. Sausage (noun) Wiener (noun) A penis. I made chicken stock two days ago and it is almost exactly the texture of jelly.

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