Bath. 2,100 (G) Most properties have sea and green views and can offer better value for money than being closer to town. Clearwater BC is the gateway to Wells Gray Provincial Park and is surrounded by the Trophy Mountains, Raft Peak, Grizzly Peak and Dunn Peak, this rural community is the place for all seasons. Our Real Estate Agents / Last Updated: 2021-01-04, Clear Water Bay 2527, 1987 Bed. Bed. 2435, 1360 HKD Prop.#: 11357 About Us Bath. There are beautiful beaches in Clearwater Bay, Clearwater Bay first beach and Clearwater Bay second beach. ): 38,000,000 - HKD Located in the heart of British Columbia and Wells Gray Country. Clear Water Bay is a residential district named after the country road connecting the arear two main beaches with the city. : 3 , Hong Kong Property for Rent 14,000,000 / Last Updated: 2020-12-17, Clear Water Bay Size (s.f. Size (s.f. This will include investing heavily into infrastructure and community facilities. - / Last Updated: 2021-01-07, Clear Water Bay Price: Duplexes and apartments are also available. 0 hotels available. oder. - Po Toi O is a small fishing village at the end of Tai O Mun Road and comprises village houses and stalls selling dried seafood, a pretty temple and two renowned seafood restaurants. ): Recently Viewed Hotels. Prop.#: 66013 37 up-to-date properties for Rent in Sai Kung & Clear Water Bay in Jan 2021. Bed. Recently Viewed Hotels. / Last Updated: 2020-11-20, Clear Water Bay / Last Updated: 2020-11-02, Clear Water Bay Bed. Hong Kong Property for Sale : 2 2,808 (G) ): : 4.5 Bed. Clear Water Bay is famous for it's lush green hillsides which provide endless hiking trails and beautiful white sandy beaches. ): Size (s.f. 2200, 1852 Incl. At the end of Clearwater Bay, you will find Tai Hang Tun where you can get some cheap kites and cooling drinks at the tiny kiosk. ): It also has a shopping mall and a hospital. HKD Size (s.f. 29,800,000 【Access to Airport MRT】 Take the Airport Line from Airport terminal, transfer at MRT Sanchong station to Luzhou station (orange line). - The exclusive Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club also can be found in the area . Rental: HKD 25,000,000 It exactly opposite to Haitang Bay, Wuzhizhou Island and Hainan Duty Free Store. Copyright © Landscope Real Estate Services Ltd. (C-018688). 2,100 (S) : 3.5 2588, 409 Priced to Sell - Price: HKD 1,380 (S) Home : 5 , 1945, 1579 List your Property Prop.#: 75297 : 3 , ): ): : 4 , Clear Water Bay is famous for it's lush green hillsides which provide endless hiking trails and beautiful white sandy beaches. Size (s.f. - Size (s.f. / Last Updated: 2020-12-17, Clear Water Bay : 3 , 2,100 (G) 1,438 (S) Bath. Prop.#: 59789 2,466 (G) - Sai Kung & Clear Water Bay properties for Sale, Sai Kung & Clear Water Bay apartments for Sale information provided by Hong Kong Homes, a premier real estate agent specializing in realty, residential property for rent and sale in … 3858, 1997 It is in a relatively unspoiled area with hills, country parks and rugged coastline. Some of the areas near the bay are popular with expats. HKD Minibus 103 und KMB 91 fahren ebenfalls dorthin.

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