Parenting Forget Co-Parenting with a Narcissist. If the call is not answered by the custodial parent, the non-custodial parent should: 1) leave a message for the child to call back; 2) send a text message to the custodial parent asking that parent to have the child call; 3) preserve a screen shot of that text message. I respect the fact that when it is one parent’s designated time with the child, it’s not cool for the other parent to make multiple calls and butt in on that time; however, a call to say goodnight or to ask how the day is going and exchange “I love you’s” is perfectly acceptable. And another possibility would be notifying the non-custodial parent directly that all calls/communications are being recorded (now and in the future) and using vicarious consent for the minor child given by the custodial mother. That's the thing: he misses them. (3) A relative or other person. How to establish parenting rules and peace of mind, despite a toxic ex. This telephone call shall not be monitored, eavesdropped upon, or recorded. Posted Feb 06, 2015 Children do best when parents confidently support them to rest in to their home with their other parent knowing that their relationship is strong and secure, and that the residential switch will occur in a predictable and timely manner. Refusing to allow a child to accept calls from a parent often constitutes unacceptable interference. What is not acceptable is one parent blocking access to telephone contact. Do This Instead. No one asked what is good for the kids. (2) A bail bondsman. Phone calls should not be a source of disruption or stress. Custodial parents who have a valid reason, such as a history of domestic violence, for limiting or blocking a noncustodial parent's communication time with their children may encounter difficulties if there is an existing court order that stipulates the children should be accessible to phone calls. These parents make it about them, and what they are missing out on. Child custody and phone calls. I see a lot of case law supporting this in other jurisdictions but haven't found much for Florida. Similarly, preventing a parent from participating in a child's school or extracurricular activities may count as interference. Furthermore, many Family courts exacerbate the problem by not insisting that the custodial parent allow telephone access, and by not punishing them when they don't.

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