In contrast, for octave overblowing instruments, an device in C with few keys could much more comfortably be played in any key. They’re the basic type of scale that all musicians learn. I've tried a new … Major scales make music sound optimistic and positive. Start studying Bass Clarinet Scales. Difficult key signatures and a large number of accidentals were thus in large part avoided. Browse great prices on D Major Scale Clarinet everyday! Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. In this video, Ana will teach out how to play the B major scale on clarinet. I intentionally omitted them the first time because, frankly, I don’t like them. Featured. 6 Must Read . To my chagrin, I found complex charts encompassing the entire chromatic scale with non-intuitive key numbering systems and/or extraneous information for simple fingerings. q=120 & ## D Major (C Concert) Bass Clarinet Kentucky All-State Band Scale Sheet & ### A Major (G Concert) & #### E Major (D Concert) & #### # B Major (A Concert) In addition, there are links to a printable PDF file and a two octave and a three octave chromatic scale. Clarinet major scales. working on a similar chart for soprano clarinet, so I decided to go back and tweak some things on the bass clarinet chart as well. Features. The major change in this edition is the addition of enharmonic spellings for three-quarters sharp (=) and three-quarters flat (D). I may have a Ph.D. in physics, but my poor, little brain was overloaded. E Major (4 sharps) - "concert D" A Major (3 sharps) - "concert G" D Major (2 sharps) - "concert C" G Major (1 sharp) - "concert F" How to play 2 octaves (this one is C Major, but you can learn the others too): Chromatic Scale - one octave down, then up Chromatic Scale - All-District Range Clarinet/Bass Clarinet Scales - 3 B-Major Scale (A Concert) E-Major Scale (D Concert) A-Major Scale (G Concert) D-Major Scale (C Concert) Title: Cl.majorscales-FLA Author: larryc Created Date: They’re also the type of scale featured in the song “Do Re Mi” mentioned earlier. Below are links to the 12 major, melodic, harmonic, and natural minor scales. ... Incredibly Useful Exercises for Double Bass by Dennis Whittaker is a focused cover-to-cover workout that is tailor-made to condition specific aspects of double bass performance. Clarinet Scales.

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