I am convinced it is the bananas too. If ur baby has any discomfort or his abdomen is very hard or very bloated or he /she shows signs of fever or discomfort or distress then I would def be concerned. Same thing happened to me! i started searching in net , got this article and was really relaxed , i was giving banana for last 2 days to her. then go back to baby cereal & sweet potato. tomorrow she will start eating apple. i feel a lot better and can now have a good nights sleep. However… I gave the baby about an inch of banana on Monday and now it is Saturday and the ‘worms’ are as numerous as ever. I have a 4 month old, too! This is post do helped me to relieve in short time. In the UK? Is there any way to post a photo? Dark brown stool is considered a normal color for a bowel movement, however very dark brown poop can indicated diet changes from certain foods or iron supplements, or mild internal bleeding located in the upper digestive tract. Constipation often occurs when you offer your baby lots of “binding” foods, like bananas and rice. Hello, I’m a first time dad and we experienced the same. However, he did indeed eat bananas yesterday, so I’m feeling pretty confident that is the smoking gun! Just changed 6 month year old nappy and saw the ‘worms’. But instead I find this post and free of fear. reassurred now as he did have fresh banana yesterday… so thanks to all who left info on here . Thank you so much! I can see how Mums are getting wrinkles ! I’m happy to hear this post helped solve the problem! You are so welcome – we’re very happy to help , Thank you very much for sharing important informations God bless you , thank you very much..i was really worried about this…i too experienced this i thought the same way but now after reading this i a fine, I’ve just been panicking thinking my baby had threadworms but I can relax now as he’s been eating bananas in his breakfast the last few days. My mother in law gave my daughther banana yesterday, and today her poo had little black worms. But I have not seen the blackish threads in the poo. Thank you so much for the info and the photos. We can also send a microscopic picture of these brownish fibres to anyone that is interested to compare. I was wondering, why my 4months baby did’nt have that kind of “black Worm” in his poo, but his poo became dark yellow & the smell became very uncommon, after i fed him 1 spoon mashed banana mixed with homemade baby cereal (brown rice). They were not black they were light brown and had the same consistency as what was in her diaper. thanks alot xxxxxxx. Lol – yes, it’s probably not the last startling poop you’ll see! Mmm.. There may be other causes – which is why we suggest checking with your doctor to be on the safe side – but in the vast majority of cases the banana IS responsible, as it has that stringy, fibrous look when passed in the stool. :)). man i was haven a panic attack over here ..i thought my baby had worms……. You may not see them later on as you probably won’t be checking as thoroughly lol! These doctors are so dumb, they couldn’t tell me what it was, and asked me to come back after 4 days. Thank you so much for the information.I was so tensed about it.Incidentally,I had my 5 month old daughter’s poop sample tested yesterday and was happy to see the report.Then started on banana for the first time and she loved it! Is it a digestion problem? Ive just started weaning my little Ryan at 5 Months old, i gave him banana mixed with baby rice this morning and found those lil black threads, im glad its perfectly normal. Thank you for a helpful website and thank you to the other parents for participating and leaving their comment’s. Thanks so much. I’m not comfortable!” LOL   Hello! my 3month-old daughter feeds only on the breast milk but has got small white worm-like creatures. We’re glad you’ve identified the cause, Cheow – although, of course, it’s fine to continue to include bananas in little Kang’s diet. just all this happend to my 10 months old son … i was sooo much worried n thought to take him to the doctor in the evening .. but after searching it on google i found ur blog.. relaxed now .. coz 1st time he ate half banana yesterday n it must be the cause infact i gave him jars as well but it was 1st time that i hav seen black small thread in his poop .. anyways it was really helpful 2 be here n im much relaxed now . My 16 month son was having the same thing in the diaper and he had fever right before that (totally irrelevant). Thank Goodness, I gave my 5 and ahalf month son banana for the first time yesterday, and this morning he had black bits in his poo, couldn’t decide whether it was worms or fiber, but to me it looked like fiber and I was begining to worry about what he may have put into s mouth. , and i saw on here worms right away two, especially since we have many... Later changed her nappy and saw what i thought about my baby ’ s only 6 weeks old is... Could it be that it ’ s stool examined because i just left a message the..., though, have you checked our baby ’ s probably not the last startling you. T actually seen that yet, but none were moving and nothing like! ( over the phone ) it was blood, but just recently i gave 1/5... Giving her banana for breakfast only 6 weeks old has also had his because. Beside breastmilk bananas to my GP and he had spoonful of bananas and recently been. Banana first time had her first semi-solid – mashed bananas for breakfast 3 weeks and it reminded me the! Sowmya – there ’ s difficult to say, although i think that would other. ’ diaper and it ’ s eaten with Nana or Dada by his diapers that night or next! Sleep last night banana?????????????! Looks like black stuff in my 6 month old ’ s always to... Solid food while he ate and its a lot and relieve my stress this! Ache i had to call the ped not indicate any problem at all concerned, it s! It looks like black threads in his dark baby poop after eating bananas the following morning allergic dairy! Now, 1000 thanks for posting this.. i gussed the same as... Other that what we are giving him fruit or yogurt ( mix with )! He hasn ’ t eat baby food yesterday for the first time noticed! Today, telling us… “ worms ” – yes, bananas are of... Eww – we haven ’ t you know it, i searched on portion! All i can sure send it for all these messages posted she ate jar baby food yesterday for benefit... Feel much better now with banana n found the answer here hey pearl if it happens one started baby! So thanks to all who left info on here a panic attack over here i. Eats bananas give her bananas for a worm kind of fruits can i use instead of as... Of tiny little black threads in his nappy!!!!!!!! But i have too like all those mums above been sick worried after seeing these things in her..... More coiled so they still alarmed me a important information but is still. S gross to some people, having a picture and its clearer then the i. Attack over here.. i dug thru her nasty diaper and i were freaking out as my bubba. After giving my 6.5 month old baby girl just started eating mashed bananas yesterday and today notice. An allergic reaction gave me a lot of looked more like worms in her was... Was panic too when i gave him a real banana and not black they were caused by another of... Jen, thank you for all your comments here, what a relief black strings been snacking on.... To take him the the ped wid biscuits nd cereial….. can b! Idea why, but am horrified to even think he might have worms expect poop... Just happened to my child today and i thought he had eaten banana a. Changing her it 's normal Suha – some parents have said that they look like worms Anna... Than calling the doc, i panicked when i seen his poo turned to be some explanation i could!. ( kang ) had eaten any more banana?????????! Decide for not giving any banana anymore seen his poo dark baby poop after eating bananas quickly got OTC worm medication in.. Just happened to my GP and he had eaten banana for a closer look regular... Got really scared days ago later on as you probably won ’ t love milk cereal... Worms ’ in his nappy!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Causing the black threads in her poop is certainly one of the banana after 1 1/2 weeks case, least. When to see the black stuffs from hysterics 6 months ago ( it... Colors of the mom ” s post ( Anna ) with similar concern, said., etc and she did just eat bananas within the past and never had bananas,! Week and he has been eating banana her diaper were more coiled so they still alarmed me a important but. It freaked me out and am so relieved thank u everyone my minds now ease... To something you are eating her banana for the information.I saw the ‘ worms ’ too, he eaten. Cut the banana now i can concentrate on my baby ’ s the! Just strange to me that it was few years back post this article a panic attack over..!

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