The winner, chosen from ten finalists, had their face put on a character, who will meet a violent end in the game. [12], The game's art director, Ian Milham, commented about the multiplayer of Dead Space 2: "Other games are fine[,] but this is different. In some cases, Isaac must hack consoles to activate machines and open doors; in others, Isaac must repair or reposition mechanisms to proceed. Their reactions to a screening of the game were featured in EA's web and TV advertisements with the campaign slogan called "Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2". The player regularly encounters zero-G environments, where Isaac is capable of maneuvering in all directions with thrusters attached to his suit. Gabe then demands an answer for his commander's seemingly random act of violence leading to the revelation that Gabe's wife Lexine is on the list of key subjects to terminate because of her involvement in the Oracle Program which has something to do with Lexine's recent pregnancy. [18], For the advertising campaign, 200 women were selected for their conservative values and lack of familiarity with video games. During the events of the first game, set in 2508, CEC Engineer Isaac Clarke was a member of the USG Kellion, a ship that responded to a distress call from planet-cracker USG Ishimura; Isaac himself joined as the crew-member who sent the distress signal was his girlfriend, Nicole Brennan. If the player walks onto the scale directly after the first vacuum in the hospital, it is shown that with his RIG equipped, Gabe weighs 267 pounds. As in the previous game, the game uses the Resource Integration Gear (RIG) suit, an in-world heads-up display (HUD) system that uses holograms projected from Isaac's suit and weapons to show information such as messages and ammunition count. Isaac soon learns that the Ishimura uncovered a man-made red Marker on Aegis VII, its disturbance causing homicidal insanity and the spread of the necromorph infestation. chevron_right. [63] GameTrailers gave the game 9.0 out of 10, praising the game's dark and dreary atmosphere and its intense and unrelenting gameplay, while pointing out the multiplayer component's shortcomings. Dispatching the threats, Gabe attempts to open the airlock as Lexine prepares the ship. As Titan Station begins to collapse, Ellie returns with the gunship to rescue Isaac, who both safely escape just as the station explodes. The game featured most of the Necromorphs from Dead Space 2, with the return of the Twitchers and a special Twitcher variant featured at the end of the game. With his hallucinations reaching their limit, Isaac admits his guilt over failing to save Nicole, pacifying her. Survival horror, third-person shooter Release date(s) "[67], Destructoid's Jim Sterling liked Clarke's change from a silent protagonist to a speaking role, and praised the overall quality of the single player part of the game. In Europe, however, only the Xbox 360 and PC versions come with the plasma cutter. 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The game takes place on Titan Station and follows the story of Gabe Weller and Lexine Weller. [35], Dead Space 2 received generally favourable reviews on PC and PS3 and was universally acclaimed on Xbox 360 according to metacritic. [17], EA announced that the multiplayer component of the game would be receiving two new multiplayer maps. [29] The programmers of the Adult Swim animation block on Cartoon Network demonstrated their approval by creating a pre-cartoon segment bumper that aired around this time stating that "the best marketing idea of 2011 already goes to Electronic Arts for their Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2 campaign". The RIG uses gauges on Isaac's back to display his health and stasis module levels. In its first week of release, Dead Space 2 shipped nearly two million copies—almost twice as much as the original game. In his review, he says, "The first installments in both series focus on civilians panicking their way through a dark spaceship while avoiding an extraterrestrial lurking horror; both follow-ups retain their predecessor's basic aesthetic while deliberately shifting from creeping tension into outright sci-fi action. Dead Space Ignition has four endings and obtaining each ending unlocks a piece of equipment for use in Dead Space 2.

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