Fine Tutorial Menu. For this project, they already had the beautiful stone fireplace but wanted to add a mantel to make it even better – so, this tutorial for how to add a mantel to a stone fireplace is perfect for you if you’ve got a stone (or even brick) fireplace that you want to spruce up a bit with a DIY mantel. You can paint it. Paint your brick or stone fireplace surround with Kilz Original Primer and Brick/Masonry Paint. No more brick wall. I love the look of concrete feather finish and I’ve used it on shelves before as well. Unfortunately, there are plenty of fireplaces out there that aren’t exactly beautiful. Remember that bricks add character to the room, they look absolutely beautiful and it is worth putting some effort to renew your old fireplace.. This DIY fireplace mantel project shows you how to make a mantel that looks just like a railroad tie but without the heavy weight of using a real one. How To Build a Fireplace Mantel. Customize a fireplace mantel by decorating it with a one-of-a-kind design. We had a REALLY big problem or at least a first world problem. Paint works wonder and a new wood fireplace mantel brings a pop to the whole space. I will surely make the mantel cover to go over my marble mantel, but stuck on a temporary cover of the bricks. Apply the final coat of paint or finish. Building a Fireplace Mantel is Rewarding. Find the studs in the wall, they should be just at the edge of the fireplace. The brick is very uneven and using thinset to fix that is impossible. Our fireplace is definitely one of my favorite DIY projects of all time. If you’ve got a fireplace you’d love to makeover but your budget isn’t as big as your vision, I hope our $150 before and after fireplace makeover makes you feel like you can tackle it! Making your own fireplace mantel will save you a … Another gorgeous fireplace makeover. For a successful brick fireplace makeover you need to follow some simple rules and steps. Framing for Shiplap over Brick Fireplace. 14. The very first time I envisioned our living room, I knew I wanted our flat screen mounted to the brick fireplace. Putty over the screwheads (or fill them with plugs if you're not painting). ... How to Mount a TV Over a Brick Fireplace (and Hide the Wires) - Designing Vibes - Interior Design, DIY and Lifestyle. We also knew we wanted something different for a mantel. Challenges included the stained brick and the staggered top courses. A wood mantel on brick fireplace naturally stirs feelings of warmth, brightness, and togetherness. I LOVE when DIY projects are budget-friendly!!!! Brick fireplace makeover – DIY ideas. Watch the video above to see how to build a painted fireplace mantel yourself! Many people use the term mantel to refer to the shelf or ledge that juts out over and above the fireplace. This brick fireplace previously had a crown molding/corbel mantel on it, which was installed on these 2″ x 4″ pieces of lumber in the brick. I first removed the screen and whitewashed the brick on the fireplace. I decided on 1 inch glass tiles along with a wood surround. Do you have the kind of old but stellar mid-century house that has a lovely brick fireplace but, although you love that original element, you can’t help feeling like adding a slightly more modern looking piece to the mix might make the space feel a little more updated? I created a floating mantel and placed it on a newly transformed fireplace wall that used to be brick and is now AirStone – which is a stacked stone perfect for home decorators and DIY’ers. See more ideas about diy fireplace, diy fireplace mantel, fireplace. Not only do mirrors add a touch of glamour, but they also create the illusion of a more open space. How To Build A Fireplace Mantel Over Brick, Fine Tutorial, How To Build A Fireplace Mantel Over Brick. This is a very forgiving project that gives you the freedom to make mistakes that instantly add character to the finished piece. Get tips from to create a fireplace mantel that is sure to be a conversation piece. DIY Fireplace Mantel and Hearth Makeover. When we first toured this house, we immediately knew that the fireplace would need a major overhaul. Hanging a large mirror above your fireplace is a classic way to decorate your mantel. Give that outdated or blah fireplace a makeover with one of these creative DIY fireplace decorating ideas. What is a Mantel? This has been the worst DIY project of our lives (and we DIY a lot!) I used these same supports for the new mantel. We used our brick anchors to attach the 2×4’s to the brick. Click over to see how I transformed my brick fireplace to stone and made the mantel by repurposing an old piece of furniture. Are you looking for an easy and inexpensive way to makeover your living room? Oct 27, 2016 - Aaron built this beautiful mdf fireplace mantel over an old brick surround. It’s also time for the monthly DIY Challenge and this month’s challenge was mixed media. It’s possible to build it with the right tools and doesn’t require a ton of time or energy. Both the mantel and the AirStone have completely changed the room. Brick fireplace makeover using cement and wood! DIY White Painted Brick Fireplace Sep 27, 2012 - We worked on a budget-friendly fireplace makeover at Kevin's brother's house a few weeks ago, and we're so happy with how it helped to update their existing brick fireplace. The inspiration came from this image on Pinterest. ... DIY enthusiasts can easily install mantels over the weekend by purchasing prefabricated mantel kits. Diy fireplace mantel over brick. Article by Diane Henkler {} 1k. The mantel had a shelf of 7 1/4 inch deep by 78 7/8 inches wide. . Read my post on how I whitewashed the brick here. A traditional rectangular mirror in an ornate frame conveys luxury and elegance while a circular mirror with a minimal frame makes a more contemporary statement. Here are the DIY steps for building a fireplace mantel: To start, Alex picked up 1x2's, 1x3's, 1x4's, to create a frame to stick the wood to. There are a few options when it comes to updating an old brick fireplace. Materials. A crisp white brick fireplace can add a catchy and royal appeal to your decor. The brick that you see is actually a facade that was built out of 2x4s and plywood and then brick was attached to … Here's my problem, I want to change the red brick on the fireplace, but I don't want to paint it nor do I want to permanently reface it. Fill the screw holes with wood filler, let dry, sand and then paint to match the mantel. However, it simply wasn’t what we had in mind for our space. Oct 12, 2020 - Explore Michelle Hawkins's board "DIY Fireplace Mantel", followed by 2306 people on Pinterest. A brick fireplace makeover can be as easy as painting the bricks in another color. It’s amazing what you can do with paint alone, and add it a little tile and wood and you can work some serious. Proper mantel installation over a fireplace takes good. I love that they added trim to the mantel but left some of the original bricks and painted them black. The mantel can also be constructed to specification and installed with ease. A mantel (in the strictest sense of the word) is the frame around the opening of the fireplace. See the before & afters here. If you plan to paint the mantel, caulk any gaps along the wall. If you need a great tutorial for painting over a brick fireplace, check out this thorough post by Project Allen Designs by clicking here. The original fireplace is actually only about to the top of that gas fireplace insert. I wanted a smooth front with a ledge for the mantel. Place the mantel over the top of the old mantel. Build a wood-beam mantel for only $30 using common board (full tutorial here)

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