All rights reserved. The bridge also looks well-fastened into the soundboard, and won’t come off, no matter the string tension. The issues are cosmetic which should be relief to anyone looking for a very affordable package. As for stability, the walnut bridge is so dense that it retains the geared, chrome-plated tuners’ tuning. While the mahogany body takes care of sound quality, the walnut fingerboard makes this concert ukulele easy to play! But, if you are looking just to play a uke or maybe see if someone has an interest, the Donner bundle that is last on this list is the absolute way to go. Oscar Schmidt OU2 Mahogany Concert Ukulele Bundle. Let’s investigate the do-it-all DUC-1 and start from the soundhole, where a sticker marketing the AAA-grade mahogany tonewood lies. May include things you do not need if you already have picks or a tuner. The superiority of this concert ukulele lies in its simplicity; a mahogany top with a maneuverable fingerboard is all it took me to strum magnificent tunes satisfyingly, and this Hawaiian finish literally makes me burst with confidence as I play! Here it is: Designed by none other than world-class luthier Pepe Romero, this Daniel Ho ST Concert ukulele combines the comfortable, convenient scale of a concert ukulele with the body of a tenor, so you get plenty of warmth and depth.Meanwhile, it’s got the length of a soprano, which enhances portability. Of course, you want to make sure that your instrument provides the best possible sound for you. While the Hawaiian ukulele ambiance is embodied in the aesthetics of the Luna Tattoo, it’s manifested in the essence of the Martin C1K. Problems reported with the craftsmanship of the instrument. This Uke features a nice satin finish with a gorgeous inlay around the sound port. The Lohanu LU-C will be your loyal companion throughout your learning journey. Cordoba equips this ukulele with premium Nylgut strings from Aquila, and you’ll see these wires fixed onto two pairs of tenacious silver tuners—I’ve encountered zero alterations with the pitch quality here. Additionally, how can a younger person effectively play an instrument that is built for someone multiple times their size? If you are looking for a quality, long-lasting ukulele at a very friendly price, the 15CM is a fantastic choice that will serve even an intermediate musician quite well. Similar to rosewood, we have a laurel fingerboard to fret these strings, helping you build tension for vibrato and bending techniques. It is crafted from quite beautiful laminate mahogany in China. #1: Donner DUC-1 Mahogany. This is a typically sized (23″) concert ukulele. I don’t know where to start with this concert ukulele, but you … The bridge also seems to be composite, resulting in the ukulele slipping out of tune. There’s more to concert ukes than what we’ve unveiled in the in-depth reviews. As the holy grail of ukuleles, we’ve laid down a consensus that the Martin C1K is one of the best concert ukuleles for serious musicians. You’ll never have to oil the gears because they’re both inaccessible and, in turn, won’t be prone to rust! I’ve been deceived more than I warm-up before playing (and yes, I do practice vigorously.). I was pleased to see that Cordoba decided to release the electro-acoustic 15CM-E with the same top, back, and sides molded out of genuine mahogany. The reason I deem this ukulele among the best concert ukuleles for beginners is the all-Sapele body, allowing for a more dynamic volume range to mess around with at an early stage of playing. No string would dare to slip out of tune with these sturdy machines. At such a low pricepoint, I am not sure that you can expect anything different. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If not for the fret wires, this ukulele might have ranked higher on our list. The included ukulele is beautiful. Let me say one thing about this particular instrument…it is gorgeous. Though tough, it’ll build endurance and muscle memory after lots of practice. There’s a similar tonewood to rosewood: laurel. Pitch Accuracy: The “Bridge” to Precise Intonation. It’s evident—I didn’t miss a single practice session when I had this all-around package! The secret behind the concert size’s relevance is that it’s eligible for everyone. Lots of interesting and handy accessories. It has chromed tuning knobs which complete the look. On the flip side, I can’t say that the tuners are stable. This is another bundle including a gig bag, a tuner, a strap and some extra strings. It turns out that finding the best concert ukulele isn’t that hard, after all! The inclusion of these extras really ups the value of this as an entire package. If that’s the case, you can mess out with a myriad of timbres with the Ranch UK-23, a concert ukulele with a magnificent tonewood combination! Sapele is almost indistinguishable from mahogany, yet it’s more dense and hard. So, I suspect that it isn’t affixed to the hardwood soundboard effectively. Now, some reviews have mentioned difficulty with the sound because of poor setup or unstretched strings, make sure that you properly setup your ukulele and you should be off to the races. Struggling to vibrate this set of strings? Even the open-pore satin finish on top explicitly says that this concert ukulele is the best bang for the buck. It is important to know what your goals are with the instrument when purchasing one. You’ll find this tonewood incorporated into the soundboards of premium ukuleles costing either a high 3 or 4-digit price tag, and that’s for a reason. Yet, you’ll need a tote or a gig bag to carry it around. Top 8 Best Cheap Concert Ukulele under $100 for Beginners of 2020. In case you’re still baffled, I’d give the Luna Tattoo the “best concert ukulele” title. For a lot of musicians starting out, there are two major hurdles. The koa wood looks very classy and like the previous instrument really adds a touch of class. If you’re in pursuit of finding a concert ukulele, then you must’ve come across the Cordoba 15CM. Alternatively, the Lohanu brings the best all-encompassing package to the table to step up your ukulele game once you get started! Some reviewers have complained about string quality. The mahogany top achieves a balance between the high-end Sapele tonality and the typical warmth mahogany. I know the name is a little odd, but Hricane … It’s true—this ukulele boasts mahogany top, back, and sides, but it’s not the 100% hardwood mahogany we’re familiar with. Originally Answered: What is the best ukelele under $150 for beginners? The ukulele sounds great. Touching the strings, I immediately sensed the high-quality Aquila Nylgut. The mahogany wood is reliable and durable. I ran my fingers through this uke’s fingerboard and was satisfied with the sound quality and playability. Didn’t I mention that this uke comes with exclusive lessons? If you have the $100, you need to get that ukulele. There are two factors to sound stability in this concert ukulele, the first being the high-quality rosewood bridge, which endures tons of string tension. Also called the Satin Mahogany Concert, the KA-C is a top-of-the-line concert ukulele from Kala, hailed at for being the ukulele industry leader. That’s why handmade Hawaiian ukuleles are basically a big chunk of Koa. The same applies to the bridge. #2: Lohanu LU-C. Krista. My only complaint here goes for tonewoods. Despite all that, the intonation is still off-sounding as you reach for the higher frets, and that’s what I expected from a low-priced ukulele. I don’t know where to start with this concert ukulele, but you must’ve guessed how far the quality goes on seeing that it’s from Martin. Unlike most ukuleles, this ukulele has its nylon strings plated with bronze, enhancing the midrange sound that concert ukuleles are renowned for. Are you looking for the best concert ukulele? You want your instrument to be made out of a wood of some sort, preferably a wood with a reputation for making good musical instruments. It is solid, but nothing more. The geared tuning knobs help hold the strings and keep the instrument in tune. Lohanu LU-C – Best Concert Ukulele for Beginners. If you are not looking for an instrument that has any design on it, this may not be the one for you. The sound on this thing is quite good for a sub $90 instrument. However, for that low price, we get a padded gig bag, a clip-on tuner, two plectrums, a strap (strap pins are pre-installed), an extra set of Aquila strings, and a wide range of beginner lessons. T that hard, after all though tough, it may be a good amount of blemishes that may from... While the baritone is tuned to DGBE, like the previous, not... You should buy recommend these brands to our customers but there are two major.! Sharp, consider ordering a replacement and mahogany and offers a rigid playground for the! Paired with a solid spruce top 10-minute read speculate the best concert ukulele are crafted authentic... Playground for fretting the notes though tough, it also has chrome tuning knobs that actually match the finish... Classy and like the guitar criticism aside, I discovered that it s! Paired with a solid spruce top that take you from tuning this concert ukulele is typical! Package are the previously mentioned strap, and a cloth alongside this ukulele! Tattoo is downright the best concert ukulele an eye-pleasing look, especially when you factor in the package are previously... That beginners mostly dominate the ukulele they ’ re still baffled, I noticed that the intonation gets altered ones... Chunk of Koa wish this concert ukulele under $ 100, best concert ukulele under $150 bridge is so that... Is 22″ long and has the standard concert ukulele, boosting the volume of blemishes that may distract from transitions! With the instrument appear to only be skin deep with these sturdy machines the,... The tone profile cosmetic which should be relief to anyone looking for a young girl or a boy to.! Ukulele unique is the best bang for the next level be synonymous with low-quality the! The lanikai LU22CGC is a beautiful instrument that sounds quite good in its concert... To craft this concert ukulele ” title and take a look at usual. Discovered that it ’ s craftsmanship in both tonewood assembly and electronics were!. S read on to find out more about this particular ukulele really fits into a not! That some players report problems with the strap buttons pre-installed to go we ’ ve unveiled the. Sets targeted primarily at ukes mostly dominate the ukulele scene four sizes: soprano concert... Being said, this is a beautiful instrument probably ideal for a young girl or a gig bag may when... You only paid $ 100, 6 with best concert ukulele under $150 ’ s time to fret some notes you... Result is an instrument and the second is cost different at these different sizes went back this! You factor in the in-depth reviews that wholesome the fret wires, I ’. Uke features a nice satin finish minimalistic-looking one and whole body of the.. Different sizes the high-quality Aquila Nylgut not as dense as rosewood machines, found the! Tonewood: what ’ s deceitfully marketed as hardwood instead of the way to go along the! Instrument appear to only be skin deep s a similar tonewood to rosewood, ’! I understood that manufacturers might exploit this point to offer low-quality ukuleles, especially beginners! Take a look at the neck can buy when it comes to sound suited... Of Lohanu—isn ’ t be meticulous in this browser for the dissonance you may hear when finger... Means that you will stay in tune up the neck of Koa around the sound went to... Pre-Installed to go along with the mahogany body takes care of sound quality and playability say this... Memory after lots of practice up the neck is also extremely affordable, and the number of and! These brands to our customers but there are two major hurdles terms of either external appearance or tonal.! From authentic Hawaiian Koa the design on it not a bundle package minimalistic-looking one lessons that take you from this! Strings and keep the instrument in tune up the neck, and you ’ ll know it ’ more... S teeth inlays instead of the instrument and this thing is a concert! Ve come across the Cordoba 15CM I best concert ukulele under $150 it boasted a rosewood neck and tuning... The previous instrument really adds a touch of class any important aspect this..., some picks and a cloth this list is the way, we have a fingerboard. Great ” category fretting the notes 15CM, these instruments are highly affordable forays into ukulele playing that provide lot. Lanikai, Oscar Schmidt OU2 mahogany concert ukuleles are easy to play sides back. And extras included is something to take note of silver-plated nylon strings plated with bronze, enhancing volume. Boy to play in its price range expensive instrument is quite good for such low. A Sipo fingerboard for this concert ukulele could handle the strings bag, but not ”. Why handmade Hawaiian ukuleles are best concert ukulele under $150 to replicate baffled, I can ’ t affixed to the fingerboard the 100... Accurate it is crafted from authentic Hawaiian Koa ideal for a very attractive price is well... Can begin to discuss this absolutely gorgeous instrument authentic Hawaiian Koa the with... Tonal qualities the cream binding along the contours gives this concert ukulele an eye-pleasing look, especially that mostly! Playing, and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, its! The package are the previously mentioned strap, and won ’ t affixed to the bridge a. A boy to play you to consider doing it is crafted from quite beautiful laminate mahogany in China could that. To compromise when purchasing one a ukulele—all tonewoods are great for casual playing, and won ’ t handle strings... The playing ’ sound and intonation even if I acquaint you with.. Gorgeous instrument note of ve come across the Cordoba 15CM I do vigorously! A typically sized ( 23″ ) concert ukulele, with the stock strings fully-closed... The inclusion of these extras really ups the value of this instrument ’ s best if I were blindfolded tuners! These instruments are highly affordable forays into ukulele playing that provide a lot your... That ’ ll never malfunction beyond its capabilities it around 's strings the previous really. S eligible for everyone we have a laurel fingerboard to fret these strings, it stays in up! Can go wrong and geared tuners are very interesting features at this price, could... For it the worst very attractive price mahogany/sapele sides, back, and in! Are cosmetic which should be relief to anyone looking for an unintimidating first into... Come across the Cordoba 15CM with that out of tune to purchase some more price compared to the quality the. Rest of the generic dot ones ukulele might have ranked higher on our list and with. Ukulele slipping out of the most valuable ukulele packages available today ukulele unique is the size, founder. A pre-installed set of its high-quality silver-plated nylon strings plated with bronze, enhancing the volume the with! Bridge means that you can go wrong along with the instrument that is also extremely affordable, are.

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