A unique option, offered under guarantee by a dealership, South Auckland Ford, was a turbocharger. [31] It remained the UK's top selling car until 1976 when overtaken by the Mk2 Escort. This series spawned the first Ghia top-of-the-range model, which replaced the 2000E. R 97 999. Government runs roughshod over labour legislation. The Cologne V6 was certainly a much smoother and more refined power unit than the Pinto, but the V6 models were more expensive to fuel and insure and were only slightly faster, being about 0.5 seconds faster from 0–60 and having a top speed of about 109 mph compared to the 104 mph of the 2.0-litre models. Did the Cortina bakkie start the trend? [29], During 1971 the spring rates and damper settings were altered along with the front suspension bushes which reduced the bounciness of the ride and low speed ride harshness which had generated press criticism at the time of the Mark III's launch.[25]. 250 were produced.[59]. [37] It did, however, consume 12½% less fuel and was considered by motor journalists to be a far quieter and smoother unit. Buy Car. Sony Mp3, aux and USB sound system. To sell or swop for car. A total of more than 2.8 million Cortinas were sold in Britain during its 20-year, five-generation production run, and in March 2009 it was revealed that the Cortina was still the third most popular car ever sold there, despite having been out of production for nearly three decades. Transmission Automatic Make Ford Model … Ford Lio Ho in Taiwan began local production of the Cortina in March 1973.[34]. In left-hand drive markets, the 1600OHC was replaced by a twin-carb OHV (Kent) unit not offered in the home market, in order to distinguish it from the competing Taunus which only came with the OHC Pinto engine. The Lotus Cortina was also available albeit in limited numbers. Even during its final production year, 1982, the Cortina was Britain's second best selling car and most popular large family car. Sony Mp3, aux and USB sound system. [15] According to author and Cortina expert Graham Robson, the 1600E would be the first Cortina recognized as a classic.[20]. “Based on one of Ford’s most iconic vehicles of that period, its qualities of power and versatility were instinctively telegraphed through Springbok rugby. In recent years, the opposite phenomenon has become popular among enthusiasts, where classic Cortinas have been retrofitted with modern Ford engines – the most popular unit being the Zetec unit from the Mondeo and Focus. R 60 000. Mileage: 11353 km Transmission: Manual Exterior Colour: Red & White Interior Colour: Grey. Ford Australia built its own version, known as the TE, with the 2.0-litre 4-cylinder Pinto unit and the Ford Falcon's 3.3-litre and 4.1-litre 6-cylinder unit. R 60 000 . It was called the XR6 X-ocet and featured a Holley carbureter, aggressive camshaft and tuned exhaust. Ford cortina 3.0 v6 with canopy good driving condition. Pretoria - 07... Ford Cortina 3.0 Auto Running. Arsenal struggling without Mesut Ozil's creativity, says Freddie Ljungberg. R 85,000 1983 - 78,000 km Ford Cortina XR6 TF Original with tags. Although no longer than its predecessor, the Mark III was a heavier car, reflecting a trend towards improving secondary safety by making car bodies more substantial. View car. The engines are also found in a number of British kit cars, and until recently was the basis of Formula Ford racing, until replaced by the "Zetec" engine. This engine contained a different camshaft profile, a different cast of head featuring larger ports, tubular exhaust headers and a Weber double barrel carburettor.

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