We’re in a hybrid Mixolydian blues scale tonality here, working in A major and then E major, so you can apply these ideas to a huge range of rock, blues and country contexts. Remember, the 5th fret harmonics are the same notes as the open strings, so you’re bending B to C# here. Frequently seen in various parts of the world, clad in western finery, unleashing his own brand of musical mayhem. Thank you for signing up to Guitarist. Although this approach can be risky, generating a lot of outside notes, it usually works fine if the top notes form a recognisable line – in this case, the A blues scale (A C D Eb E G). Greg uses hybrid picking (pick and fingers) in most of these licks, so we’ve notated exact picking directions where it’s crucial to the sound of the lick. Playing Ddim7 (D F G# B) over an E bass gives E7b9, and here Greg gets a great bluesy sound out of Edim7 (E G Bb C#). There was a problem. This one is all about 'touch harmonics', the same principle as open-string harmonics but using fretted notes. We now move to a general E Mixolydian (E F# G# A B C# D) tonality, and this is a more linear application of sonic shapes. moved around in parallel to create a riff. Vintage 25th Anniversary Series V75-SVB, V6H-SVB & V100-SVB review, What you need to know about Gibson 'Dreadnought' Jumbos. Simply shifting your scale shape up or down a fret is a great way of adding some ‘outside’ notes to a lick. In the following examples, Greg demonstrates several of his favourite approaches for breathing new life into familiar licks. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Today's best Reverend Greg Koch Signature Gristlemaster deals, The rise, fall and rediscovery of the Fender Jaguar, How to set up a Les Paul: 7 essential tips, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. Bath Greg gets some great sounds from what jazz guitarist and educator Howard Roberts called “sonic shapes”. The four-note pattern in bar 2 creates some cool chromatic lines and then Greg ends with a little E-Eb-D chord figure. This line is A Mixolydian (A B C# D E F# G) with an added minor 3rd (C). For many years, Greg Koch was one of those classic ‘best guitarists you’ve never heard’, but thanks to online videos and his tireless touring and clinic work, he’s finally getting some deserved recognition. Please refresh the page and try again. Sign up below to get the latest from Guitarist, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! for the second half of bar 1. Official website of guitar fiend Greg Koch from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Diminished arpeggios can create some cool sounds over dominant 7th chords. BA1 1UA. Simply shifting your scale shape up or down a fret is a great way of adding some ‘outside’ notes to a lick. The higher note of each pair is a regular fretted note, plucked with your third finger. Visit our corporate site. Take care with the double bends – in bar 3 you need to pre-bend both strings by one semitone, but in bar 4 the G string goes up a full tone (two frets). Guitar World is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Just remember to come back ‘inside’ before it starts to sound jarring! By All rights reserved. After all, the notes E, G and Bb are in the blues scale, and we routinely add the C# (major 6th) as it’s in the Dorian, Mixolydian and major pentatonic scales. Just remember to come back ‘inside’ before it starts to sound jarring! © Using E Mixolydian (E F# G# A B C# D) with several chromatic passing notes, Greg shifts smoothly down through the strings, also descending from the 7th fret to the open E7 shape. Guitarist editors Greg starts with an innocent Texas blues lick in A, but then temporarily shifts up a fret (into the key of Bb) for the second half of bar 1. You will receive a verification email shortly. Dig it. Just take a simple pattern and move it to different string groups and fretboard positions. He can effortlessly mix grungy rock riffs, slippery swing chords, old-time fingerpicking and vertiginous country bends… and all with a sense of humour and a taste for the unexpected. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Starting with a slightly tweaked version of the opening phrase from Example 2, Greg uses that ‘sonic shape’ to get some ear-twisting outside notes in bar 2, before ending with some high harmonics and behind-the-nut bends. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Receive news and offers from our other brands? (Guitarist) 26 February 2020, Koch serves up a little bit of country, a little bit of jazz and a little bit o’ blues on the side as he shares his 8 favorite licks. This is just a first-inversion A9 chord shape (one you should learn without delay!) For once, you’re allowed to put the shapes first and see what surprises emerge. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury,

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