The most powerful shinobi, and those most skilled with a blade, become members of the elite Seven Swordsman. As one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, Zabuza was a very gifted ninja and was one of the most dangerous warriors of the Hidden Mist Village before taking his position in the group. As the Fifth Mizukage, she is the strongest active ninja of her village, and it shows when Madara Uchiha is wary of her techniques. The mist's thickness is controlled by the amount of chakra kneaded into it. During his time at the Academy before the term of Fourth Mizukage Yagura. Authority Equals Asskicking: In the Hidden Mist Village, the title of Mizukage is granted to the strongest ninja in the village, regardless of age or experience. The Hidden Stone would have more Military just based on how they was shown often as the nameless foot solders in the Great Ninja War. Zabuza was originally a Ninja of the Hidden Mist Village. Students were pitted against each other in death matches for their final exams. 30 Weakest: Seven Swordsmen Of The Mist There’s a tradition in the Hidden Mist Village involving swords. Haku Yuki is a character in the Naruto and Shippuden manga and anime series. Hidden Mist Jutsu. Zabuza when he was a Jonin of Hidden Mist Village. Because of his mother's known lineage and his father's last name being unknown, Haku's official last name on this wiki is Yuki. He was a Shinobi who wore a Hidden Mist Village headband and the apprentice of Zabuza Momochi. This displacement jutsu is a speciality of the ninja from Kirigakure, where one causes a mist to spring forth by lifting up some water, then goes in and out of sight at will from within the pearly-white realm.

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