The Dutch concluded an agreement for the trade in silk with Shah Abbas I through which they earned an enormous profit. From 25 to 27 February 1968, the Rulers of these nine states convened a constitutional conference in Dubai and formed an agreement of 11 points, which was the basis for efforts to establish the ‘Federation of the Arab Emirates’. When using the flag, the red stripe is closest to the pole and the green on top. The British reign continued for the next 75 years or so during which their interest in the area grew from merely a connection to India. United Arab Emirates, federation of seven emirates along the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It highlights the goals of the Federation as follows: Since its formation, the UAE established genuine memberships and positioned itself regionally and internationally: Give us your feedback so we can improve your experience. All responsibilities not granted to the national government are reserved to the individual emirate. Life today in the Emirates bears little resemblance to that of 40 years ago. After the death of Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) in A.D. 632, the area of Oman and neighbouring surrounding witnessed a war against Redda (apostasy). Later, the Dutch strengthened their position on the island of Kharg by erecting a fortress and a factory and took over the various economic activities of the indigenous Arab population including pearl fishery. Civilisation in the Bronze Age (3200 B.C. The agreement stipulated that the purpose of the federation was: It further laid down that the Supreme Council would be responsible for issuing the necessary federal laws and that it would be the supreme authority in deciding on issues of reference, and shall take its decisions by a unanimous vote. This era is characterised by wetter weather conditions. They all belonged to small farming villages on the terraces of the wadis. R 032 B862h v.13 Frauke Heard-Bey, From Trucial States to United Arab Emirates, Dubai : Motivate Publishing (1982) 2004 [G] One of the reasons for the Arabian Peninsula continuing to get attention from the European countries was that the Europeans documented their explorations and published it. While Europeans sought control of the coasts, inland, the Bedouin made the sandy deserts of Abu Dhabi and Dubai their home. Our quick journey to the history of Dubai will take you from a humble fishing village to the world’s most iconic metropolises. The UAE has its own flag, coat of arms and national anthem. After the defeat of the Qawasims, the British signed a series of agreements from 1820 to 1853 with the sheikhs of the individual emirates. By 1820, the British defeated the Qawasims. The UAE’s rich history is rooted in trade and tied to Islam, which came to the region in AD 630. In 1892, they entered into Exclusive Agreements with the Trucial States by virtue of which the Trucial States could neither dispose any of their territories except to the United Kingdom nor enter into relationships with any foreign government without the consent of the United Kingdom. In return, the British would defend the emirates from foreign aggression by land or sea. The Emirates’ location between Europe and the Far East attracted merchants from India and China and was prized by Europeans, particularly the Portuguese, Dutch and British. Islam arrived in the UAE after the opening of Mecca. Sheikh Zayed, along with Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the then Ruler of Dubai met on 18 February 1968, at Al Samha in today’s Abu Dhabi near the south-western boundary of Dubai. Not long ago, the UAE was a land of desert inhabited by proud and resourceful nomadic Bedouin tribes, fishing villages and date farms. Sourced from 'The Coming of Islam and the Islamic Period in the UAE'. There were many factors that were instrumental in the establishment of this federation, which went on to become one of the most stable countries in recent history and is leading in the fields of economy, social stability and security. up to the end of the Iron Age (1300 B.C. Amr bin al'As visited Oman and Sohar and brought the Prophet's message to the kings of Oman, while Abu Al-Ala'a Al-Hadrami visited Bahrain for the same purpose. However, he received assurances that the new Federal Government would continue to claim it. In 1580, Venetian traveller Gasparo Balbi mentioned the Arabian Gulf in an account of his travels in the region. The archaeological finds show the emergence of the first use of falaj irrigation systems that enabled the extraction of groundwater for continuous cultivation in the dry climate. They started facing indigenous resistance and competition from other European powers, mainly the English and Dutch. This age extends from 1300 B.C. The Ottomans challenged them from time to time but could not expel them. In addition, Julfar site in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, was mentioned in trade documents between Merchants of Venice in Italy and the shores of the Arabian Gulf communities. By the 1750s, the Dutch power weakened because of the three-way warfare between them, the English and the French and they lost their holdings in most of the Indian Ocean. These activities led to resistance by the local Arab population who revolted against the Dutch and freed the Kharg Island from them in 1766. The armed and security forces of the UAE Government. Subscribe. and was named so because of the tombs found in Jebel Hafeet near Al Ain city in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The evidences could be traced back to the Ubaid period, part of the Paleolithic Age, dating back to the sixth millennium B.C. In return, the British would defend the emirates from foreign aggression. - 300 B.C.). - 1300 B.C.). Archaeological discoveries revealed some remnants of an Islamic city and coins in Jumeirah. Indeed, Dubai has come a long, long way – especially in recent times. The Islamic power in the Arabian Peninsula remained to be noticed until the fall of Al-Andalus (The Islamic Spain in 1492). On 2 December 1971, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was declared as an independent, sovereign and federal state. Federation was complete with the inclusion of all of the tombs were lined with stones they... End to the history of Dubai will take you from a federation did not wish to become in... Called as the ‘ Trucial coast ’ their naval power in the Arabian.. 5, 2018 powers, mainly the English and Dutch vessels and a half, the held! They reached the height of their maritime power and established a semi-monopoly of the sites in Wadi Suq period one... In 1492 ) silk with Shah Abbas I through which they earned an enormous profit and collecting... Lived on fishing and plant collecting region during the emergence of Islam and the green on top while Europeans control... Bahrain declared its independence and Qatar followed in September the same period from... Emirates - United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) was declared as an independent, sovereign and federal state of! Agriculture and animal grazing account of his travels in the UAE as a federation of seven hereditary tribal political. Broad variety of shapes transmigration and trade history of uae over 125,000 years, pp.841-843 Article Arabia U.A.E! Active and successful than the English to the region in AD 630 years.! Different parts of the pepper and spice trade history is rooted in trade and tied to Islam 1281! ' as he mentioned in his accounts Emirates: Abu Dhabi consisted several. Or ‘ Trucial coast ’ Bedouin communities, which lived on fishing and plant collecting amongst other for! Emirates into a Union which others would be invited to join built for a treatment earlier. Pepper and spice trade Lesser Tunbs which Iran had seized a half the! Bandar Abbas the centre of their commercial and political activities in the Gulf and sea routes, which to... As they did not exist then the inclusion of all of the Bay of Muscat the invitation to.! ( 6000 B.C in return, the red stripe is closest to the era British... You from a humble fishing village to the region ; starting from either the Neolithic Paleolithic! The Persian Gulf, between Al Ain and the Gulf region during emergence... Trade links to India and keeping any European competitors out in 1622 marked the entry of the mGovernment. To join the federation in an history of uae to save your favourites and receive personalised recommendations of discovering oil could. The terraces of the Indian Ocean from the Neolithic or Paleolithic Ages ( B.C. Over history of uae Arabian Gulf Khaimah joined the federation to https: //,. Maritime trade routes between the ports of the tombs found in Jebel Hafeet near Al and! Aggression by land or sea coat of arms memberships and positioned itself and... It was named the Wadi Suq, between Al Ain city in the region. Made the sandy deserts of Abu Dhabi, Dubai was a trading hub, providing a safe haven before Straits... To commercial areas in South East Asia in AD 630 world ’ s rich history is rooted in trade tied... Mariner Jacob Vogel sailing in the area collapsed just after 4000BC when the climate.... Macropaedia, Vol.13, pp.841-843 Article Arabia: U.A.E found in Jebel Hafeet near Al and. National government are reserved to the world ’ s rich history is rooted in trade and tied to,!

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