Ready to rock means: get training on your gun. Commit the family to learning, practicing, and memorizing what to do and how to do it. Of all the available home defense weapons, the most effective one is your brain. If you are using a gun for home defense, position yourself in a corner of the … Store your bug-out bag in a tool shed, unattached garage, or secondary enclosure away from your primary house. To learn more about specific techniques and tactics needed to protect yourself and your family from violent attacks and home invasions, get your free self-defense tips right to your email by signing up below: I wish more people understood the type of home invasion defense tactics you were talking about. Security is based on putting the protocols in place that become habits not hinderances. In a time of great crisis and stress, you must be … This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. If you are using a gun for home defense, position yourself in a corner of the safe room that is on the opposite side of the door. Understand how criminals might enter your property and make it harder for them to do so. Although exiting a potential violent encounter is always the best route, sometimes it is impossible to make that happen. Also, make sure that you have ammunition in or right by the piece. Here are 7 Simple Home Invasion Self-Defense Tactics to put into place: 1. The most important point to make here though, is that most people keep their bug-out bag inside their house; for the purpose of home invasion defense, you must insure that the bag is stored at a close location outside of your house. Learn how to create improvised self-defense tools on the spot. Know where your gun is at all times. The chill-you-to-the-bones weather left ice sticking to your hair and coat, you almost slipped and fell while scraping snow... Get the scoop on discounts, pay, benefits, and our latest award-winning content. As we enter the second half of summer, the heat is on. While some criminals will kick a front door in during a home invasion robbery, … All rights reserved. Remember from just above, more than three, at the least. But, when you are out-numbered or the true nature of the threat is unknown, then deploying maximum force in the self-defense of your family is not only necessary, but required as you do not know what will come at you next. 3c. Some refer to these as improvised weapons, but I always want to lead my clients in a “defensive” direction. Make sure multiple hiding places are possible in the event that escape isn’t an option. Put the training and the resources in place – both physical and mental. 5 Tactical Tips to Survive a Home Invasion, How to Create a Lifelong Physical Training Program, How Military Members Should Deal With Fitness and Health as They Age, Skip the Home Gym and Be More Fit With Less, Ask Stew: The Choice of Stroke for the Navy Swim Test. You must create provisions for where to go once you get out of the house, how to hook back up with other household members, and where you are all going to head to after that. By locked, I mean in a safe secure place that is easily accessible to you and any other adults in the household that you know, love, and trust. Your military service may be the fittest time of your life, but it's no secret that aches and pains can start to add up. Don’t stop and don’t give up until the threat no longer exists. The average home has around 10 windows, 3 doors and a garage door. If you put a whole system of self-defense together and then neglect to abide by it then it’s useless. The size of the bags and what you put in them depend upon what area of the country you live in and what the regional weather is like there at the time (some contents of the bag may change seasonally), how many days supplies need to last for, and how many people the bag is to service. Get movin’ on this pronto before some asshole shows up at your door with a cannon saying he’s gonna rape your wife and kill your kids. Here are 7 Simple Home Invasion Self-Defense Tactics to put into place: 1. In fact, you don’t even have to go to the range to work on this. You will know that its either the police coming to your rescue or the bad guys coming to harm you. Are you aware that you're eight times more likely to be involved in a home invasion attack than you are to be involved in a house fire? When someone breaks into your home, it must be “go time” all the time. Remember, just like in advanced military based tactics… Home invasion is a real danger, and by taking a few steps you can make your castle a little stronger. So your plan for action must already have been set in place prior to the emergency. HOME DEFENSE TRAINING. Verify your free subscription by following the instructions in the email sent to: Here is a workout I like to do to check progress, or lack thereof, in a variety of running styles and benchmark distances. If you are worried about becoming a victim of this type of crime, this is a very good idea. Always keep a bug-out bag loaded, maintained, and ready to go. Use a deadbolt lock. The eminent threat of death, rape, or torture of your family is not a judgement call that can be made in the matter of time that you have in a potentially violent situation that has already begun to take action with the unlawful entry to your property. Unfortunately, in the midst of a violent attack, the one escape route that you have may now be blocked by the very attacker that you are trying to get away from. The one thing that you must have in this room is a phone that can be used to call the police. This room should be stocked with several specific items that will help you survive the upcoming fight. These attacks are more common than most people think. So do your best to keep your home flying under the radar. Knock On the Door. If you make your home a … Securing Your Front and Back Doors. Security lights, curtains, deadbolts, and pets can all deter a would-be burglar. Rather, you must come from a place knowing rather than thinking in an emergency situation like a violent attack or home invasion. A well-made deadbolt like the Medeco Maxum will help keep home invaders from getting through a locked door.

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