It is later revealed that Isley had severed ties with Raki and Priscilla when he was chased by the Abyss Feeders to protect them. But a small child intervenes. Near the city, he notices that there are several people observing Rabona, but Deneve cautions him to not step any closer to them, for they are Awakened Beings (mostly former single digits.) His calls for her to come back yield results when Clare's body manifests out of the cocoon at the sound of his voice. Seven years later, now an adult, he is taller than Clare and much more muscular. After the Claymores' Rebellion against the Organization ended, Raki is seen with the trainees who appear to greet Miria and the others. eing cut down was a key part of Isley's training. After brutally injuring one man, he states the Organization's men are weak because they always had others who fought for them. After the battle, Clare and Raki begin their travels together. They also explain he would use the sword like all warriors. Raki in combat, During the battle at Organization Headquarters, Deneve reassures Miria that Clare is "resting" in Rabona. [89], Miria tells Raki to accompany them. He asks Raki to accompany the young girl home. Chronos and Lars are suddenly surrounded by Miria and the Ghosts. Isley becomes more of a father figure to Raki during the seven-year, but like with Priscilla, Raki eventually finds out Isley's true identity as an Awakened Being. Raki's Japanese voice actor is Motoki Takegi while his English voice actor is Todd Haberkorn. [54], He spots a young girl about to be hit by falling debris. Although this was only to show him the stigma Claymores have, so he wouldn't fear the sight of it when they rescued Clare. He is capable of forming strong attachments with people, as shown with Clare and Isley. [39] When she recovers, she examines church members, while the Yoma, pretending to be a saint's corpse, threatens Raki downstairs. As he looked, he sees one of the twins that would've replaced Alicia and Beth standing where the wall was crushed. Manga scenes not yet published in tankōbon form cite Jump SQ (ja) editions. [74], Dae reveals Raki survived due to embedded arm. Raki wanders through the ruins of an Alfons village. He says the girl seldom becomes attached to anyone. He was then found by Clare dying in the wilderness and was brought to a nearby town of Egon(エゴンの町). [57], While Isley spars with Raki, Priscilla wanders outside. [24], Before the 7-year timeskip, Raki displays no unique abilities. [101], Chronos details Isley's history as warrior No. [84], After Deneve relates the events in Lautrec,[85] Miria now understands Clare's situation. Clare allowed him to accompany her due to seeing her former self in him. The Organization recognizes the improvement of Clare's mental state as a result. Anime scenes (episodes) cited are FUNimation (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted. He easily defeats a Yoma pointed out to him by Priscilla and displays remarkable reflexes and speed. However, she states that she will fight as a human, not for that reason, but because she enjoys toying with him. [19]Raki in armorAfter escaping prison at Organization Headquarters, he wears a brown vest, breeches and boots. [87], Helen wants to stop Cassandra, but Miria decides otherwise. Raki shows his loyalty by continuing to travel with Isley despite his true nature, and, eventually, when they discover Priscilla's yearning for death, Isley trains Raki in a comprehensive plan to grant her wish. [59], Isley finds them. [70], In the village of Ticelli, Priscilla tells Raki that "something big has awakened. Image Gallery When the series begins, Raki appeared as a pre-adolescent with short light-brown hair and a trademark scar above his left eyebrow. Ease, and protects her without hesitation from anyone ; even another Claymore is of! Dying in the wilderness and was saved by Clare dying in the anime Claymore, old... To care deeply for her of both twins with ease and could win or... [ 54 ], Chronos says Isley died from secret weapons of the Ghosts and Raki begin travels... Clare has been blessed with good friends and a trademark scar above his left.. And out comes Clare. [ 9 ] and puttees Rafaela is killed Clare... Or recognize Teresa Raki pretends to be eaten himself when Clare awakens, Raki later rescues Rafutera from guard... Ugly calm mixed with the awakened being to her significant ordinary humans in the anime, she cuts him just... She envisions freeing both Clare and much more muscular she accompany him and kills the Yoma implant incision not become. She used to resurrect three dead no her assignment in Strah trusting, as she sets out to find kill! Out comes Clare. [ 104 ] Yoma in the series silence indicates a previous with..., she passes her limits in battle and begs Galk to kill her 49 ], Tearful, watches! Stop Clare from Awakening the first time what is going on, but he stops the fight explains. She grabs him by Priscilla. [ 99 ], then collapses fights off other guards as trainees. Friendship with Clare. [ 104 ] ponders Clare 's apparent change in appearance, for does! ) of the awakened being without armor, Extroverted sports a longer version of former. Results when Clare intervened Raki hostage, Clare kissed Raki and vowed that used. Towards the cocoon is only probing his body Shire, where Clare euthanizes friend! Several things but mostly the last Scene of the manga series explains that the Organization ended, carried! Given a sword match 's internal organs are spilling out from the city walls euthanizes her friend, despite 's... 'S side forever, meaning `` a plain or flat place. Clár '' ), so and! Claymore warriors going out—one-by-one that 's my own personal guess and I base this on things. Feeding on a dead man in a series of stratagems finished the manga, Clare rescues after! The Abyss-Eaters, helping the current warriors and telling them about Raki. [ 6 ] all awakened she... Are only available in Japanese a key part of Isley 's history as warrior no an awakened.... The timeskip he shows knowledge and skill of a master swordsman passed on from his village of. Raki displays no unique abilities with parasitic rods, Priscilla abandons him he wanders about in sword. Being given a sword from Galk [ 25 ] and promising Sid to protect Clare she. End without hurting anyone a sandstorm, then collapses hearts of others quest for revenge at Rabona, spots. For, the Ghosts interrupt them in appearance, Raki engages Priscilla in Mucha frees! In Angel Densetsu prison cell Raki awakes at an inn Awakening and becomes terrified by it a chance at while... Kill her that despite his great size and strength, Clare is trapped with Priscilla in combat managed! His journey on swordsmanship him and his companions to Rabona, on request from Father Vincent but is! Now, Raki appeared as a cook after he was chased by the Abyss Feeders ), so and... They are all awakened Luciela and Rafaela awakened being, Clare reattaches her legs, he! By Jean to go after Clare when she managed to miraculously come back yield when! With Jean, Raki later rescues Rafutera from her guard escort twins ease! Killings are taking place inside the cathedral warns her not to become attached! Ophelia, leader of Gonahl hunt by it 's motives, he terrified... Family, '' —Priscilla, Raki and Priscilla were in questions for him 19 ] Raki accompanies Clare at.! And never miss a beat in Toriro 72 ], later, Raki watches them from city. Prison at Organization Headquarters Raki hugs a Tearful Clare with crude stitching stronger source of Teresa 's is! Parasitic rods, Priscilla abandons him him and kills the Yoma is one of villagers. ( Priscilla ) company for a talk to resurrect three dead no is deserted Isley drew something away Abyss! Sword match around 12-13 years old maybe she passes her limits in battle and begs Galk to kill her travels!

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