This outdoor specimen is starting to turn yellow and go dormant. Trees usually have thorns, and are grown as a bushy shrub. Aim for a pH between 5.5 and 7.2. Water your dwarf pomegranate to thoroughly moisten the potting soil once every week during the growing season. Amend the removed soil with an even amount of compost to provide nutrients and improve the water-draining abilities of the soil around the roots. In the US, many mail order sources offer dwarf pomegranate plants, including Direct Gardening and Logee’s. Choosing A Site For Your Pomegranate Tree – Like most trees that thrive in hot dry desert like areas like Mesa the Pomegranate tree relishes the full sun. Remember that plants in containers dry much more quickly than plants grown in the ground and may even need daily watering in hot, dry weather. Prepare the Soil. The shrub itself is not that dwarf though. In the northern hemisphere, the pomegranate usually blooms in summer, and the flowers are light red. Dwarf pomegranates are ideal as a border or contrast planting for your backyard space. Dwarf Pomegranate: Beauty Indoors and Out. Cover with a clear plastic bag or dome to keep humidity up. Of course, growing dwarf pomegranates outdoors all year-long will be limited to mild climates, essentially zones 8 to 11, perhaps zone 7 in a protected spot. Investment. Apply about 3 inches of mulch over the root ball area of the dwarf pomegranate, starting 6 inches from the main stem. The pomegranate tree (Punica granatum) is a Mediterranean native that can reach heights of 12 to 30 feet. This plant is easier to grow in the ground than in pots, especially since, once it’s been in place for a year or so, it’s extensive root system makes it very drought resistant. The dwarf pomegranate is natural variant of the species, discovered in the wild over 200 years ago. If your local garden center has a bonsai department, it may well carry dwarf pomegranates as pre-bonsais. Decision time comes at the end of summer. In cooler climates, the dwarf pomegranate is grown as a container plant or houseplant. Once established, reduce frequency, but increase during bloom period; tolerates moderate drought. It differs from the standard pomegranate by its much smaller, lanceolate, glossy leaves (about 1 inch/2.5 cm long), but especially its fruits, which are only the size of a golf ball rather than the size of a really big apple. Rooting will only take a few weeks. If you live in the southern half of the country, you’ll find plants in most garden centers, sometimes even a few of the cultivars. Cover with a clear plastic bag or dome to keep humidity up. Dwarf pomegranate varieties are often used as ornamental features in the home landscape, and most produce edible fruit. Not a beginner’s plant exactly, but one a moderately experienced gardener can easily handle. If you grow it indoors all year-round, you’ll have to pollinate the flowers manually if you want fruits to form. In Europe and in Australia, dwarf pomegranates are widely available: you should no problem finding plants locally. Water deeply, regularly during first few growing seasons to establish an extensive root system. Once dormant, the plant needs no light and you can “store it” in a cold, but frost-free spot, perhaps a barely heated garage, at between 33 and 40˚ F (0.5 and 4˚ C). If you want to gain the benefits of this tree, you need to know how to grow […] If you want it to go dormant, leave it outside until temperatures drop substantially and the leaves fall off. Feed before new growth begins in early spring. that ensure pollination. Be forewarned that temperatures only a bit below freezing can kill the plant to the ground, forcing it to resprout from its base. Apply water to the soil over the tree root ball one to two times a week during the summer to keep the soil evenly moist during prime growing months. In Canada, I know of only Flora Exotica and Richters Herbs that sell plants by mail order, but I’ll update this if you have other suggestions. Source: Outdoor plantes are readily pollinated by insects.

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