BigRobb2389 6 years ago #1. You can not put other Backpacks into another Backpack. Cosmetic Color Unlock Guide for Vehicles, Backpack, Cap, and Sunglasses Top Contributors: Claytonpetras , Brendan Graeber , Diegoarguello66 + more Last … Alongside the backpack additions you can make you can also change the color of the backpack (press Triangle). Go to Ammunation and check the top left corner of the gun section. Backpacks … This does, however, highlight a problem in Backpack - it's too difficult to change the color scheme, right now. Let me know in the comments below. You can dye Backpacks by surrounding them with your selected color dye to make the Backpack a certain color. It was always a bit difficult, nothing changed, it's not more difficult now in 4.1, but now that it's purple, I expect more people would like to change it to something else, than when it was blue. Thanks for your help. I have this black leather jacket that I don't wear anymore because of the zippers color. But now, having watched your video, I'm thinking of changing the color of the zippers to black with the Essie Licorice nail polish. How inspiring! Is there a way to change your parachute backpack color? I was thinking of bringing it to a shoe repair place to have the zippers changed. Press the triangle button to change the color scheme. Is there a way to change the background color of your backpack/chatbox etc, using 3d world editing to move them outside game screen just makes it all black which is hard to see at times. ZadonZant 6 years ago #2. Would be nice to be able to change the color. Trivia. User Info: ZadonZant. User Info: BigRobb2389. Changing the color allows you to make the backpack more appealing if you so desire. What sort of setup are you running on yours? I'm stuck with this salmon pink one and would like to change it. That’s everything you need to know about customizing your backpack. Use resources to fabricate equipment and accessories. From the Private Room choose the backpack customization option next to BB.

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