The root structure of a pine tree (as with most other trees) is as spread out underground as the top of the tree is. City and County of San Francisco Department of Public Works: Trees, This Old House: How to Transplant a Small Tree, Arbor Day Foundation: Pine, Lodgepole Pinus Contorta v. Latifolia, National Gardening Association: I’m Nuts over Nuts, USDA Forest Service: Tree Transplant Program Brochure, Clemson Extension: Newly Planted Trees – Strategies for Survival, How to Get a Pine Tree to Grow in Your Yard. Pockets of air trapped around the roots will dry them out so fill the hole with water to settle the soil around the roots. Use a root saw to cut each root as it extends outward from the stump. Place the root ball into the hole, ensuring that the mark you painted on it is facing north, and fill the hole halfway with soil. Home » Blog » Learn How to Remove a Pine Tree Stump and Roots. Before you begin removing a pine tree stump and roots, though, you must make sure you have the proper equipment handy in order to do the job right. It’s always better to be extra careful and defer to somebody better equipped and more experienced to handle the problem, such as the technicians at Vernon Imel Tree Service, rather than risk potentially hurting yourself. Even more importantly, if you aren’t comfortable using pieces of equipment such as stump grinders and backhoes, you should not attempt to operate them. As previously stated, this is a job that will entail the use of a vast array of dangerous tools, such as saws, pitchforks, and other heavy machinery, that can cause numerous serious injuries or even death. In this case, you’ll definitely need heavy machinery if you would like to get this done in a sensible amount of time. Keep repeating this process with the stump grinder until the stump is more or less nothing but mulch and then remove the pine tree’s shallow root extensions with a hand shovel and a root saw. The power of the machine is such that it will completely rip the pine tree’s shallow root system and its stump out of the ground, leaving nothing but a big, wide-open hole in its place. Give the pine tree 1 inch of water a week -- except when it has rained that week -- for the first year the tree is in the ground, including in the winter. Prepare the soil for the pine trees. This number is the closest distance from the tree that you can cut the root. You can use a shovel to rid the base of a pine tree of the soil around the stump. You are actually much better off using a stump grinder or other equipment to carry out this task because the machinery is easy to operate, highly effective, and relatively inexpensive to rent from most home improvement stores. All Rights Reserved. Continue this process until you’ve sliced all the way around the pine tree. Using your spade, you’ll want to dig out the soil that surrounds the roots to expose them. Long sleeves, pants, and sturdy shoes or boots are also essential. It helps to keep the root ball moist when you uproot the tree. To remove a tree stump by hand, first, dig around the trunk to expose the major roots. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in creative writing. To dig out the roots, you’ll need a few supplies: a spade, loppers, grub hoe, and possibly a root saw. A hollow stump planter is the most common method, where you can simply plant directly into the stump itself. The most important thing you can do for it is to provide moisture. Her articles have appeared at,,, RE/,,, and in "Chicago Agent" magazine, to name a few. Shape the hole like a saucer, wider at the top, with gently sloping sides, the same depth and twice the diameter of the root ball. From there, you can use a chainsaw to cut up the roots and the stump of the pine tree, or even bury them somewhere so they can decompose into the soil and be out of the picture entirely. Use paint to mark the side of the tree that faces north, if you’ll be transplanting it. Digging through and cutting tree roots isn’t something to take lightly. My good friend Suzanne has a few theories about why. [1] X Research source Measure the tree trunk's diameter with a tape measure and multiply it by 8. Pull the stump out with a tow strap and vehicle. Water the soil around the pine tree, to root depth, the day before removing it. Do Pine trees have deep roots? Use a hand saw, reciprocation saw or chainsaw to sever the major roots from the stump. For example, if your mature maple tree has a diameter of 2 feet, start digging at least 10 feet away from the tree in all directions. Once you have done that, you can use a stump grinder by positioning it with its blades directly above the stump and cut the stump down up to four inches or so. In reality, herbicides don’t actually make it any easier to remove the pine tree’s stump and roots. You’ll eventually want to switch to a hand shovel, but only after you’ve cleared the bulk of the soil and removed it from around and between the main roots so that they become easy to access and clearly visible. And don’t forget a pair of good-quality work gloves. As a general rule of thumb, the root ball needs to be 9 to 11 times the diameter of the pine tree’s trunk, measured at its widest point.

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