Aphids will wash off the tree, and won't be able to find their way back. If your lemon tree has a heavier aphid infestation, spray the undersides of the tree’s leaves and all other areas where the aphids … Apply the insecticidal soap to the leaves again in mid- to late summer if the aphids persist. I found white aphids under some of the leaves. Neem oil will not harm the tree or other animals, but infects and kills aphids. ... stems, branches, and trunk of the tree. Scale insects on the lemon tree Scale insects are one of the most common “diseases” that can affect the lemon tree. Repeat the process a week later to get rid … Apply on a calm, mild day. For indoor lemon trees infested with aphids, mealybugs or mites, wipe the pests off with a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Use natural oils to prevent and kill aphids. It seemed to have helped but if I don't spray for, say 2 weeks, then the white aphids … If something like this happens to you, act before the entire plant is damaged. When I bought the tree, it had already a small lemon but then it fell off. Also, it is struggling to grow. How to get rid of them? Spray the entire tree … We summarize the most common two lemon tree pests here in our guide and give tips on how to get rid of the "nuisances". Avoid breathing the mist and protect your eyes while spraying. How To: Get Rid of Aphids Save a shriveling garden from aphid infestation by following these tips for removal. I bought a liquid to mix with water and I have sprayed on the leaves. Spray the lemon tree with water from the hose. Spray the leaves of your lemon tree with an insecticidal soap in early summer to get rid of aphids. Reapply per the manufacturer’s directions.

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