For example, if you use the less-than (<) sign, the browser interprets any text that follows as a tag.To display these characters as text, replace them with their corresponding character entities, as shown in the following table. Reserved characters. HTML entities were described in the previous chapter. Under the heading of Entities, we have included a chart of character … All of these can have different meanings inside a URL so need to be encoded. printable characters). When we want to display a reserved keyword, we always use its corresponding entity, because, the browser may confuse the standard text with its reserved keywords. But there is a list of reserved, special characters called metacharacters. Click here to show the table of reserved characters. Entities provide an alternative method to display HTML reserved keyword. It doesn't have named entities for the space character or = because the places where they have special meaning are places that you can't have data. HTML Symbol Entities. Also included is a full list of ASCII characters that can be represented in HTML (i.e. A complete encoding table is given below. Some special characters are reserved for use in HTML, meaning that your browser will parse them as HTML code. … These are the most important (we will see all of them in more detail in the subsequent lessons): Chars Description. There are some reserved characters in HTML, so when we want to represent those character as a regular text, we need to use HTML entities. Characters with special meaning in HTML are called reserved characters. Reserved characters − These are special characters such as the dollar sign, ampersand, plus, common, forward slash, colon, semi-colon, equals sign, question mark, and "at" symbol. It has predefined entities which represent the most of the characters which may (depending on context) have special meaning in an XML document (", <, >, & '). To add such symbols to an HTML page, you can use the entity name or the entity number (a decimal or … HTML character references are short bits of HTML, commonly referred to as character entities or entity codes, that are used to display characters that have special meaning in HTML as well as characters that don’t appear on your keyboard. XML doesn't have any notion of "reserved characters". Reserved characters are those characters that sometimes have special meaning. Character references are similar in appearance to entity references, but, depending on the encoding, they don't need to be declared and they refer to specific characters (such as accented letters) using a special numbering system called Unicode. Reserved Character List (Metacharacters) Almost any other characters (both ASCII and Unicode) will be treated as literals too. Many mathematical, technical, and currency symbols, are not present on a normal keyboard. When data that has been entered into HTML forms is submitted, the form field names and values are encoded and sent to the server in an HTTP request message using method GET or POST, or, historically, via email.

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