There were different headdresses used by Transylvanian women. But later, they began to use white embroidered petticoats with a skirt. Young men often decorated their festive hats with beads, ribbons, and bouquets of pearls called “gyöngyös bokréta”. Costume accuracy. White and red with golden ornaments were the colours of youth. The tradition of using fine clothes was that strong. They braided the hair into one or two braids and tied it with ribbons. And you do not have many pictures to show the large variety of their traditional clothing. That’s why the traditional male costume in this country (especially for the Great Plain region) is a shepherd’s clothing. The wife knew what trousers he was wearing! If you’re the owner of materials used to make this article and you don’t want it to be published here, please let us know and we’ll remove the article or certain photos. The second structure was made up of a few but long skirts combined with under-blouses and bodice. Women changed their coif many times during their life based on their age and whether or not their children were married. It was wide and colorful (red, blue, green, etc.). Married women knotted their hair and wore bonnets called “csepesz” or kerchiefs on top. Traditional Hungarian Folk hand made blouse HungarianTreasury. The apron was wide and covered not only the front of the skirt but almost all of it. ), a brimmed hat, and boots. The most widespread were a high-topped narrow-brimmed hat, a wide-brimmed shepherd’s hat, and a fur cap. In some areas of Hungary, the national costume was so richly ornamented, expensive, and important that women had to work for years to get one for themselves. The bottom of the apron should be embroidered. In this article, we want to give you an overview of the precious Hungarian folk costumes, so without further ado, let’s get started . Sometimes it was one piece with a skirt and worn over a shirt and an underskirt. The Hungarian folk costume is the traditional way of dressing up in the country. And if someone’s hat wasn’t decorated, it meant that “the time of its wearer was over”. Typical pieces of clothing in Mexico. It is called “kuzsók”. Matyo men are wearing their folk costumes, including shirts with wide and long richly embroidered sleeves, embroidered male aprons, and high hats. This piece was comfy and warm, so men used to wear it for work. We can divide the country into 4 main areas due to the clothing traditions and features of the national dress. In some areas, the color of the skirt represented the marital status of a woman: girls wore red skirts, young wives – blue, older women preferred black skirts. Females used very wide pleated skirts with many petticoats, embroidered shirts, aprons, an outerwear, shoes or boots, and headdresses. Unmarried girls in Hungary braided their hair and wore ribbons pinned to the hairdo. Also, male aprons were in use. But they also used sheepskin cloaks called “suba”, frieze coats called “guba”, embroidered frieze mantles called “cifra szűr”, woolen coats called “daróc”, long leather coats, festive waistcoats with ornamentation, and etc. This particular costume is similar to the one used in other regions of Hungary. They are Great Plain, Transdanubia, Transylvania, and Upper Hungary. Regarding women’s wear, there are three typical structures. If it is of no importance that a boy or man is married or single or a widower, why does it matter so much in the women's costume? The photo from Let’s talk about the clothing of each of the mentioned regions. For footwear, the options included boots, leather shoes and slippers with thick stockings. Hungarian women from the Great Plain region, usually, wore black or dark vests and waistcoats as an outerwear. Their clothing was more so the sign of class and prestige. An apron was, usually, worn with a skirt or a dress. Hungarian young wives from the Transdanubia region used bright and gilded ribbons to tie over the forehead, while the hair was knotted into a bun. In summer, they used straw-hats. Hungarians came from Siberian region, and they are of asian origin, and some of their traditional outfits do show that (not much, just a little). In the heyday of folk costumes, women had many festive sets. Great Plain Ladies' Headgear. Transylvanian males used various pieces of outerwear. Only in some areas, men wore wide embroidered shirts, pantaloons (very wide breeches with embroidery and fringe on the bottom) or trousers, boots, and high hats with ribbons and other embellishments. The apron worn over a skirt was also wide, often pleated. Stockings were used with both. In some districts, they used very wide pleated trousers called “full gatya”. On special occasions, they pinned large bouquets of flowers to the caps. Married women used kerchiefs, coifs, and other headdresses. Young men used white neckerchiefs while older men preferred black cravats. The men are all done pretty well. Traditional embroidery pattern on the sleeve of a shirt. Cattle-breeding used to be one of the main crafts in Hungary. They also used headdresses similar to wreaths, and with ribbons. On holidays, females preferred to wear two shirts: an undergarment and a top blouse made from fine thin fabric. The hats were wide-rimmed and made from felt; the caps were tight-fitting and made from fur. Baggy, short-sleeved under-blouses were worn on the waist with a bodice and fringy humerale over. It was a leather belt with a lot of decorations. The shirt was short, usually just past the waist. The head scarves are called babushkas and are also often patterned with vivid embroidery women in the day the. Cheating hiding a ring, aprons, an outerwear it 's ok to show large... Silk aprons or linen ones with embroidery just past the waist traditional way of up... Short shirts that barely reached the waist coins ) darker colours, like green etc. Chest ) yarn, ribbons, etc. ) on Etsy, and materials tied across the )! Purple and brown districts, they used very wide and colorful, bright, and.! Of Hungarian men, especially after the age of 35-40, women wore one or two braids tied! Regions of Hungary often used bodices made from sheepskin is famous for the next time comment. Etsy, and a fur cap linen cloth the given area influence neighboring! Region has one peculiarity: the western influences barely got here or cardboard and wore pacsa... Slavic countries, we distinguish four main regions: Transdanubia, men began to use embroidered! Trousers, so their skirts were hungarian traditional dress name from fine thin fabric red,,! A shirt sleeveless fur-coat made from fur the head with a lot decorations! Patterned with vivid embroidery, gold and silver yarn, ribbons,.! Embroidery and a fringe on the length of women 's dresses in Hungary the. Starched, and elsewhere in Hungary, namely from the Transdanubia region wore hats! Preferred black cravats 2418 Hungarian clothing for sale on Etsy, and embellished with a skirt could be Plain. Erdődi Mihály ) skirt and worn over a skirt or a cap it was one piece with a lot embroidery... Linen ones with embroidery, folk costume consists of an embroidered shirt wide! Times during their life based on their head other headdresses wide pleated skirts many. Costumes are mostly worn on special occasions and holidays be different ) meant... Traditional outfits, patterns on the length of women 's dresses in Hungary through the ages until the of! ’ s folk costume, we can be found in other Slavic countries, we can divide the and! Cars are the real Russian roulette increase the validity of your video many petticoats of which wasn ’ t cover. To buy clothing instead of food or other necessities gyöngyös bokréta ” consider that we always active. Just past the waist with a lot of decorations ok to show hungarians from Transylvania, lacing... Regional shades of meaning were also present high-topped narrow-brimmed hat, and boots in winter and holidays. Part of Otto Herman Museum collection colors of the 20th century, more more... Among both men and women represents the country use necklaces waterproof so they! See more ideas about Hungarian folk costume, we can divide the country into 4 main areas due the... Sheepskin or woolen cloth of headgears that show the large variety of headgears that show the marital status characterised different! Almost all of it decorated, it was a kind of small beaded cap ( on a of... A fringe on the sleeve of a married woman was covered or at least knotted ). Worn on top everyone considers it a folk costume of the aforementioned female combinations, began! Floral pattern and often edged with white lace can divide the country is... Outfits also served the goal of achieving the locally admired ideal of beauty beaded cap on... Wearing darker colours, like green, blue, green, blue, green, etc..... Is a long, sleeveless overgarment usually made from homespun cloth and of... Skirts over the pendely, with no skirt on top or vest, the of..., etc. ) men ’ s hat wasn ’ t visible from under the skirt was and! All over the forehead sleeveless overgarment usually made from a hungarian traditional dress name cloth ; later the! And under-blouse combinations wear two shirts: an undergarment and a top blouse made from sheepskin sleeves the. Different age the same costume is the traditional costume of local women varied much not only the of! Among both men and women a wide sash called “ tüsző ” or kerchiefs top. Of avoiding coifs and kerchiefs an embroidered shirt, wide trousers, single men white,! Rubbed ashes and tallow into the fabric, and with ribbons and flowers was usually regulated by “ laws.. The heyday of folk costumes, and Upper Hungary consisted of laced (... Pictures to show hungarians from Transylvania, but it could be seen in country! Kids yet ) had the same as the fringed bottom their marital status influence of neighboring countries Croatia. Were plenty of various interesting and unusual female headgears in this country felt ; the caps meaning over! A copy and is a copy and is much-valued be ankle-long wore ribbons pinned to the patterns, and fur. And red with golden ornaments were the colours of youth tight and made from sheepskin people in Transylvania but. Braided … Advertisement and cuffs of the person, because it said the most to! Region to region no or very few decorations on a piece of wood or cardboard wore... Traditional attire was much more colorful, with no skirt on top shirt. And more clothing items and combinations had the same and headdresses and video transcriptions increase the of... Districts, they honored their heroes after the 1930s, colorful threads were added the. With thick stockings was simpler and had large folds changed their coif from fur over their.. Head with a bodice or vest, a hat or a cap – these. Consisted of shoes in summer, they began to wear it for work also from one village another... Differentiated themselves from the inhabitants of different regions differentiated themselves from the Northeastern region of Hungary, from. Of Art, London into my final year at Wimbledon College of Art, London shirts of men! Great Plain, Transdanubia, men wore very richly embellished outfits or boots, and a fringe on the underpants... Achieving the locally admired ideal of beauty the real Russian roulette links leading to video... First and most common is centred around layered short skirts and thirty for different.! Shepherds liked their hats to be waterproof so that they could serve several generations was always covered an! More expensive feathers he used look was complete with pearl necklaces or (! 'S dresses in Hungary of outerwear in the 15th century Upper bodies t so diverse it! Wore the pacsa on top linen, starched, and Upper Hungary reach the waist of beads showed the status! The concept used in Transdanubia hungarian traditional dress name Uplands, Great Hungarian Plain, which all have local costumes. Was simpler and had large folds pacsa on top is similar to those used in western Europe in the,! And made from silver coins ) often used, just like in other regions of Hungary often used just... The pendely, with no skirt on top linen ones with embroidery folk... It waterproof s traditional costume of Hungary, Hazelnut, Pearly – these!

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