If local requirements or the requirements of certification agencies exceed these standards, the CME requirements of the physician's certification and … Physician training and certification b. Under the direction of the medical director, our certified hyperbaric technologists, respiratory therapist and nurses will provide your hyperbaric treatment. For physicians who do not qualify for the ABPM or ABEM Hyperbaric Board Exam, the ABWH examination process is an excellent and recommended pathway for certification. The ACHM is a professional society dedicated to appropriate utilization, standards of care, education, training, certification, and recognition of hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a distinct medical specialty. General staffing requirements b. Medical Director: Dr. Rita Katznelson Email: rita.katznelson@uhn.ca Phone: 416 340 4800 ext. Health Canada's role. For reappointment, hyperbaric medicine physicians must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours of Physician category 1 AMA/AOA PRA CME in hyperbaric-related topics for each 12 months of hyperbaric practice or 24 credit hours in 2 years. The following physicians have been identified as qualified to conduct the medical examination of commercial divers as updated September 25, 2020 . Hyperbaric chambers must be licensed by Health Canada before they can be imported and sold in Canada. Fellowship: Completion of a fellowship of at least 12 months that is acceptable to the ABPM in the subspecialty for which certification is being sought. The prerequisites for sitting for the ABWH Physician Certification in Hyperbaric Medicine are nearly identical to the prerequisites now demanded by the ABPM and the ABEM during the "grandfathered" practice track period. The medical director and all staff physicians are from the Department of Anesthesia. †Beginning with the ABPM 2020 Examination Cycle, AOA board certification will be recognized as an acceptable primary certificate for physicians seeking subspecialty certification in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine … ventilator support for critical care patients, the ability to provide "air-breaks", etc.). Medical Hyperbaric Treatment Facility staff a. Check that a certified hyperbaric physician will either be on site or can be reached easily and quickly if needed. Physician credentials, privileges and practice c. Continuing professional development d. Professional and ethical responsibilities e. Medical coverage of diving operations 4. Medicals conducted according to the CSA Z275.2 standard by American board certified hyperbaric doctors and doctors listed as Diving Medical … Hyperbaric Physicians a. Finally, report any problems caused by hyperbaric oxygen therapy to Health Canada's Medical Devices Hotline, at 1-800-267-9675 (toll-free in Canada). Pathway Requirements. The capacity of a hyperbaric facility to care for a patient is determined by the training and experience of the supervising physician, the professional staff and the nurses and hyperbaric technicians, in addition to equipment available (e.g. All of the physicians identified below are acceptable to the Diver Certification Board of Canada.

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