Questions about a Kingston product you already own? You get pretty good audio quality, virtual 7.1 surround sound support, a mic for your average Discord chat and not much else. The power button not only turns on the headset when you hold it down, it also switches between standard stereo and 7.1 virtual surround sound when you tap it. HyperX rates the range of the wireless connection at up to 20 meters (65 feet). The microphone on my Cloud II headset works OK without the USB dongle when used with my mobile device but does not work or transmits low volume when used with Windows 10. 4. HyperX includes an optional pop filter and a red LED on the microphone itself to let you know when it's muted. So while I didn't have problems picking out a stalking Sawtooth's mechanical growl in Horizon Zero Dawn, I would've liked more distinction in those front left and front right channels. Will this headset work with Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3? Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? What settings do I need to change to use this Cloud II headset with a PS4? Featured Questions. You can charge and play at the same time, but the cable included in the box is painfully short at a mere 22 inches, so you'll probably need to buy another cable to make this work. It's almost not worth it to install the software, outside of knowing for 100% certain whether the headset is in 7.1. Repeat the same steps for the microphone portion of the headset, located under the “Recording” tab (also found in the Sound program in Control Panel.). You can monitor the hard power percentage in the NGenuity software, one of the few areas where the app delivers. The Cloud II Wireless is meant to be pulled out of its packaging and plugged right into your device without any tweaking. Combined with the light weight of the headset — a scant 0.7 pounds (301 g) — the Cloud II Wireless feels like absolutely nothing on my head. Intel's Core i9-10900F Now $365, An All-Time Low, Apple M1 MacBook Pro Now $100 Off, While Supplies Last, Dell S3220DGF 32-Inch, 165Hz Monitor Now $329: All-Time Low, Corsair HS70 Bluetooth Review: Hitting All the Right Notes, 1.8 feet (0.5m) USB-C to USB-A charging cable. But as a headset that you can fire and forget, HyperX has put together a decent contender in the Cloud II Wireless. This includes the power and mute buttons, which are concave and convex, respectively so you can differentiate them. The LED light on the headset will stay solid green at full charge to 90%, blink green from 90%-15% and blink red when the headset gets down to under 15%. I cannot adjust the mic volume in Windows when using the USB control box. The overall design is still a winner for HyperX, and "good enough" has led to the company pulling in a decent market share overall. Again, there's no real option to change recording settings and pull better audio from the mic here. With intermittent use over a week, I got remarkably close to that at around 27 hours, usually using the cans at around 64% volume. The HyperX Cloud II Wireless is a curious mix of understated and loud visual design. This does not occur when using the 3.5mm connection only. HyperX Cloud II Headset . Click on the Recording Tab. All rights reserved. Our headsets will work with most mobile devices using the 3.5 mm headset jack. It can be used on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, or on PC, Xbox One and Xbox series. I was eager to hear HyperX's virtual 7.1 surround solution, so I turned to Hitman 2's Miami DLC. The company rates the HyperX Cloud II Wireless at a whopping 30 hours of battery life. HEADSET HYPERX CLOUD II - OUÇA O QUE VOCÊ NEM IMAGINAO HyperX® Cloud II dispõe de um dispositivo de controlo avançado de áudio USB, com um design inovador que amplifica o áudio e a voz garantindo uma excelente experiência de jogo. Outside of these, you can connect with our partners listed on the product pages. If we ever get boring, you can ‘unsubscribe’ by clicking the link at the bottom of our emails. The Kingston HyperX Cloud II doesn’t offer in-line controls, but the USB sound card does. This will help verify to the customer that the headset and mic is working with the PC and Skype. - Verify that the control box mute switch is not in the mute position. A HyperX(R), a Kingston Technology Company Inc., a világ vezető független memóriagyártójának divíziója bejelentette a HyperX Cloud II mikrofonos fejhallgató megjelenését. You may want to wait for a sale to knock a little off the price point. This headset will work with the Xbox One with headset adapter from Microsoft. For information about how COVID-19 has affected our business operations, click here. Once you remove the mic, they can easily pass as regular headphones, although their color scheme is quite unique. It's almost the physical embodiment of "good enough" technology, outside of a slightly higher price point ($150). Leatherette features heavily in the overall design as well. I cannot hear anything when connecting my HyperX headset with the USB connection. Can you see the Headset Microphone? Verify “Let apps use my Microphone” is “On” and then click all appropriate apps that can use the mic. This is one of those areas where the ability to tweak sound settings within the software might've offered solid gains. If you're paying over $100, you want to make sure you get as much as possible out of it. It’s one of the few gaming headsets that gets it right in most aspects, with many people praising it for its good sound quality and sturdy build. This will help verify to the customer that the headset and mic is working with the PC and Mumble. HyperX has taken the Cloud II, one of its best-selling headsets, and simply added wireless connectivity to it. The audio itself felt accurate; there were just positioning problems. HyperX Cloud II Pro are un microfon imbunatatit digital, care anuleaza zgomotul dar si ecoul prin intermediul placii de sunet USB. Scroll down to ‘Audio Devices’ and select it. Unfortunately, the included USB-C to USB-A charging cable is a mere 22 inches (0.5 m), which is annoyingly short. Once you load up the software in the Windows 10 Store — this is the only version HyperX is updating, mind you — you can plug in the headset, and it'll show up. If you have tried the steps above and the headphones or microphone are still not working, please contact Kingston technical support for assistance. I connected the Cloud II Wireless to a PS4, and the headset did not show up as 7.1 surround on the system. On the wireless Razer BlackShark V2 Pro, for example, there's a calibration tool for the THX Spatial audio, letting you move the virtual speakers closer or further to your head. These aren't entirely rigid. 5. The comfort of the Cloud II Wireless is a perfect match for a long-lasting battery and a fast 2.4Ghz wireless connection. The HyperX Cloud II Wireless is a little light on features, but its exceptional comfort and solid performance make it a great choice for gamers looking to cut the cord. ad lib that plays across most of the track. It's a constant grind to stay ahead in terms of technology: 2.4 GHz wireless, Bluetooth, USB-C, per-game profiles and complex software suites. I doubt that situation is normal for most, though, so I'd say the wireless connection on the Cloud II Wireless is strong. © Buy the HyperX Cloud II headset for $ 69.99 instead of $ 99.99 on Amazon The red and black Hyper Cloud II headset is compatible with most of your gaming platforms. It can only be adjusted with the control box. Navigate to the Settings Menu and select it. Given that you can toggle the 7.1 surround sound via the headset, that's not a ton of options. The Cloud II Wireless mic didn’t pick up the sounds of my television in the background. In Capcom's Resident Evil 2, I could feel the hearty boom of Mr. X's oncoming footfalls in my ears and in my heart. Noise cancellation is pretty good. Click again to stop. I always hate the idea and fear getting them caught on something. *HyperX is a division of Kingston Technology Company, Inc. Click the Apple menu and select “System Preferences” from the drop-down menu. There's no indication on the headset itself, which is odd. The HyperX Cloud II gaming headset doesn't look like your stereotypical gaming headset - in fact, it looks much better. The Cloud II Wireless charges pretty quickly though at around 2.6 hours to achieve 100% from the dregs.

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