This is important because we don’t have to rely on anecdotes to show people how important technology can be in the learning process. Christina Preston, founder of the teacher-centred research organisation Mirandanet, and its seminar programme of Mirandamods, discusses the importance of research for ICT co-ordinators. The periodical offers a forum for informed debate and discussion on all aspects of teacher education. The Research in Teacher Education publication is published twice a year by the School of Education and Communities, University of East London, Water Lane, London E15 4LZ. How can we enable more teachers in the UK to engage in research and enquiry? The content of such programmes may be informed by research-based knowledge and scholarship, emanating from a range of academic disciplines and epistemological traditions. So there is causal/circular interaction between top notch qualitative research and top notch practitioners. Comments. These outcomes are used to work toward a resolution of the issue investigated. Students assigned to high-value-added teachers are more likely to graduate from high school, go to college, be employed, and earn higher wages (see Figure 2). To find out more read our cookie policy and privacy policy. A win for Plaintiffs in Vergara v. The priority for all stakeholders (Government, national agencies, schools, universities and teachers’ organisations) should be to work together to create a national strategy for teacher education and professional learning that reflects the principles of ‘research-informed clinical practice’. The skills necessary for qualitative research are part and parcel of many aspects of education. It is of great importance in math and the hard sciences since many of the students will aspire to achieve a doctorate, which is a research degree. It is important that children should be taught to access information and activate prior information. 0 Teachers also provide guidance on pursuing higher education and participating in events that encourage growth in a young person. Social Research 54.1: 11–32. Important work by Stanford University researcher Raj Chetty and his colleagues finds that value-added measures of teacher quality predict students’ outcomes long into the future. The journal welcomes varied approaches (qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods) to empirical research; also publishing high quality systematic reviews and meta-analyses. At a time when virtually every government around the world is asking how it can improve the quality of its teaching force,the British Educational Research Association (BERA) and the RSA have come together to consider what contribution research can make to that improvement. Today, more than ever, the role of educational technology in teaching is of great importance because of the use of information and communication technologies. Introduction. Further consideration needs to be given to the best ways of developing such a strategy, in consultation with all the relevant partners. Teaching and Teacher Education is a multidisciplinary journal committed to no single approach, discipline, methodology, or paradigm. Teacher education is an important field for research, since the quality of teacher education has been regularly questioned by European governments, whilst teacher quality is increasingly seen as crucial to improving educational outcomes and pupil achievement. It is also important for budding and veteran writers, both offline and online. This paper explores the experiences of three teacher-researchers, 'Simone', 'Damian' and 'Michael', who undertook an Action Research project in their respective schools as part of their postgraduate studies. Research shows that quality teachers make the difference—not only in students’ academic performance but also in their lifetime success. Theory plays an important role in determining the nature of educational research and practice in teacher education. Policy-makers around the world have approached the task of teacher preparation and professional development in different ways, reflecting their distinctive values, beliefs and assumptions about the nature of professional knowledge and how and where such learning takes place. Research and the Teaching Profession: Building the Capacity for a Self-Improving Education System concludes that teachers across the UK should be supported to become research literate.This should include being given frequent opportunities to read up on the latest findings, with every pupil entitled to lessons which are informed by the best evidence. Armed with research results, teachers and other educators become more effective professionals.

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