1 This well-known phrase was originally attributed to the Pythagoreans. When Jane paints her bedroom yellow, she is going to really enhance the room and make it appear brighter. Often the phrase is the equivalent of sovereignty. The SEARCH statement modifies only the value in the search index, and, if the VARYING phrase is specified, the value in index-name-1 or identifier-2. Manchester Academic phrase library is another source that offers a good collection of phrases for academic writing. I guess content:”your phrase” will search for the contents in the files and the above command searched only for the exact filename. Yet, despite all this, it remains seductive to use a phrase like " reptile brain. There is no shortage of resources for academic writing, but when it comes to automatic paraphrasing tools, REF-N-WRITE is the most popular rephraser that has been exclusively designed for scientific writing. ", This being cannot have been evolved out of the cult of ancestors, where ancestors are not worshipped; and he is not even regarded as a spirit, but, in Matthew Arnold's phrase, as " a magnified non-natural man.". Is the phrase that springs to mind tonight - got that lovely late pregnancy backache - bleurgh. According to the old phrase, logic is the art of correct thinking. A common mistake is to regard them as a black race, as indicated by the old English phrase "Black-aMoor," i.e. Whenever a phrase is found inside a clause, it acts like an element of speech. That sort of correspondence Wagner leaves to his imitators; and his views on " Leit-motifhunting," as expressed in his prose writings and conversation, are contemptuously tolerant. Whether you are writing an essay, article or a scientific paper, at some point you will find yourself searching for a paraphrasing tool or sentence rephraser to look up for better words or a better way to say something. In English literature the phrase is found as far back as the Cursor Mundi (1300) and the Ayenbite of Inwit (1340). It will be impossible to uproot the phrase "dogmatic theology" among Protestants. Of the smaller observances of etiquette he was careless, and his frankness of disposition sometimes exposed him to annoyances which he might have avoided by the exercise of ordinary tact. The last provision meant that the growing Protestantism was to be fought by harrassing litigation - nicht fechten sondern rechten was the phrase. The full-text and phrase search features in PostgreSQL are very powerful and fast. The Hebrew phrase is "men of grace," as in v. Its author himself, in tracing its filiation, points to the phrase "struggle for existence" used by Malthus in relation to the social competition. all these words: Type the important words: tricolor rat terrier. That he should not have known better, even by hearsay, than to address the House of Commons in fantastic phrase from the mouth of a fantastic figure is indeed remarkable, but not that he retained self-confidence enough to tell the unwitting crew who laughed him down that a time would come when they would hear him. You need to be able to “speak the searcher’s language” to help them find what they're looking for – and what you're offering. 84 sailing up the east coast of Scotland is said to have espied but not to have reached Thule ("dispecta est Thule") but the phrase is merely literary. The implication of the phrase may go farther, suggesting that there is no connexion between the appearance of the variation and the use to which it may be put. The phrase has become a euphemism for the erosion of workers' basic rights. a, from, prior, Arius, that which is before, precedes), (1) a phrase used popularly of a judgment based on general considerations in the absence of particular evidence; (2) a logical term first used, apparently, by Albert of Saxony (14th century), though the theory which it denotes is as old as Aristotle. A verb phrase can have up to four parts. 2 This phrase is old, appearing in one of the earliest English works on geography, William Cuningham's Cosmographical Glasse conteinyng the pleasant Principles of Cosmographie, Geographie, Hydrographie or Navigation (London, 1559). Tip #5: Search for an Exact Phrase. The vividness and distinction of Pascal's phrase, his singular faculty of inserting without any loss of dignity in the gravest and most impassioned meditation what may be almost called quips of thought and diction, the intense earnestness of meaning weighting but not confusing the style, all appear here. But he and his colleagues were now, in Disraelitish phrase, " exhausted volcanoes.". Note: This documentation is for SearchWP 4SearchWP 3.x: Quoted (Phrase, Sentence) Search Support SearchWP supports quoted searches, sometimes called phrase or sentence-based searches. The phrase " quiet desperation " has always appealed to me. She may well be said to think of everything in terms of money. adjectival phrase that occur in the partial transformation of a sentence. An appositive phrase is a noun phrase that describes another noun. Other times, however, a sentence will use a verb phrase, a multi-word verb, to express more nuanced action or condition. buzz phrase of Iain Dowie the innovative Crystal Palace manager: " You make a living by what you get. I am going to a neighboring kingdom in search of job. Peter's discourse also contains a phrase which suggests the belief of a descent of Christ into Hades in the interval between His death and His resurrection (Acts ii. From the biological point of view the reference of certain modes of behaviour, termed instinctive, to faculties of mind for which "instinct" is the generic term is scarcely satisfactory; from the psychological point of view the phrase "without necessary knowledge of the relation between the means employed and the end attained" is ambiguous. The couple continued their search for their forever home, looking at houses in several different cities. As she tossed the paper into the trash, a phrase caught her eye and she retrieved that page. The waters of City Creek were at first diverted and a canal was built; and the results were encouraging, though in the summer of 1848 crops were destroyed by a swarm of black crickets; but in turn this pest was devoured by sea-gulls, and the phrase " gulls and crickets " has become one of peculiar historic significance in Utah. This beautiful picture of the Christian life as a realized ideal, and of Christians as "the soul" of the world, owes its inclusion to a double error: first, to the accidental attachment at the end of another fragment (§ II), which opens with the writer's claim to stand forth as a teaclier as being "a disciple of apostles"; and next, to mistaken exegesis of this phrase as implying personal relations with apostles, rather than knowledge of their teaching, written or oral. We spent months evaluating and testing hundreds of paraphrasing tools and sentence rewriters and have come up with the following classification. For each text description, you want to check to see whether it contains any US state, and if it does, to return a value of TRUE. Use quotes to search for an exact phrase This one’s a well-known, simple trick: searching a phrase in quotes will yield only pages with the same words in the same order as what’s in the quotes. There is no need to use inverted commas for a phrase of more than one word. Example - type probate registry to find the exact phrase probate registry to find the exact phrase probate registry. Find words that are capitalized as a clue that they might be nouns. encapsulated in the phrase " a non profit distributing company " or " a not for profit company " .

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