Read all reviews on Invictus International School here on Singapore Email Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Invictus Private School Facebook Page. The story Vision And Mission Academic board Sitemap. They pay for your license and you really get what you put into it. 733 likes. The team at Invictus is outstanding, supportive and super fun. Language of instruction English. Complete list - continued - of 1000s of schools Reviewed on International Schools Review. If you think your Singapore school should be in the top 20, get reviewing - we want to hear from real people with real experiences at schools so parents, teachers and pupils get the real story when they research their next school. SGD 290. SINGAPORE — When her German husband was posted here about one-and-a-half years ago, his remuneration package did not cover education costs — as expat packages used to … The school is in Tseung Kwan O and welcomes both local and expatriate families. Over the course of almost 30 years in education, Mr Koh held numerous appointments in various schools, including the Principal of Ngee Ann Secondary School, Headmaster of Raffles Institution, Principal of Hwa Chong International School. School Campuses. Students will be immersed in an inclusive and collaborative community that will foster a nurturing environment in which they can grow to their full potential. What is on its walls, do the students look happy and engaged, what is the energy of the school..? For more details, please click here. Invictus International School (Phnom Penh) is an independent, co-educational day school. Review of Invictus International School by HR executive left on 10/21/2016. About Sassy Mama. 1:31. It was co-founded by John Fearon and Dr Mark Hon. Read 3 reviews for Invictus International School. I love that we are helping people in this time of need and in many ways that are free to our clients like FNA's (financial needs analysis) . Invictus School Hong Kong (Chai Wan) will be an independent, co-educational day secondary school that offers affordable, high quality education from Year 7 - 13 to both local residents and expatriate families. Age Range Ages 6 to 14. 5 … Based on 10 different criteria including price and location; Fees personalised to your childrens’ ages; See how this school scores! Reviews by International Teachers working at the school. International Primary Curriculum (IPC) Milepost 1 Grade 1; Milepost 1 Grade 2; Milepost 2 Grade 3; Milepost 2 Grade 4; Milepost 3 Grade 5; Milepost 3 Grade 6; Required fluency in English language; Min. Invictus International School is a co-educational international school based in Singapore that offers kindergarten, primary and secondary education. Invictus International School (Phnom Penh) is an independent, co-educational day school. I was a teacher before this and I am excited about teaching people how to be financially independent. The school provides simple, focused and affordable education which empowers all learners and encourages them to be active, independent participants in the learning process.. Singapore-based Invictus International School emphasizes learning time and potential to support student growth and progress. Admission Requirements. Sassy Mama is the go-to … Brought to you in partnership with Invictus International School. Subject to regulatory approval, the school will open in 2020 and will offer Primary and Secondary Grades. 19:59. Note: our rankings are based on parent, pupil and teacher reviews. Typically, high-end international schools here charge an average of S$30,000 annually. Enquiry. Reviews. +65-6259 3877. Invictus International School is among the few private schools on the island with multiple branches not only in Singapore, but in neighbouring countries as well. As an inclusive school, Invictus proudly welcomes students of all nationalities, races, and … Reviews: (1 review) Advertisement. This is our tour through the school speaking to its teachers, students and parents as we go. Other Schools in Singapore Lycée Francais de Singapour French curriculum, Ages 3 to 18 . 1 Review for Invictus International School. Community feeling July 5, 2018 3:48 pm. SGD 3,408,518 + More. ACTIVITIES. It’s an international school that aims to develop students holistically, academically, and even socially, allowing … Invictus International School Cambodia, Phnom Penh. Invictus International School Phnom Penh offers students from Year 1-6 the International Primary Curriculum(IPC) with Singapore Mathematics and bilingual French, Khmer, and Mandarin options. Want to get a job at Invictus International School (Hong Kong) Limited - check company vacancies, reviews, contacts. The assessment is generally done in small groups to ensure children can work well together. Careers Invictus International School +65-62593877. Invictus sounds like it might just be what Singapore needs to bridge the gap between local and existing international schools. Invictus International School is offering expat families living in Sentosa a back to basic, affordable choice of international education with annual fees of $17,000; there is just one other international school for Grades 1-2 in Sentosa, which is EtonHouse Sentosa. Invictus International School launched its Grade 1 and Grade 2 classes in 2016 using the International Primary Curriculum, Singapore Maths and an English and Mandarin Curriculum of its own design. If you’d like to go for a tour or talk to someone, contact the school at: +65 9033 4393 or Best International Schools in Singapore - Rankings. The school is an ideal multicultural environment that teaches kids skills and values. Invictus International School is a private international primary school in Singapore, which follows the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) from students from Grades 1 to 6. The school continues to grow; it has moved to the greener campus at Dempsey Hill and it is now offering Grades 1 - Grade 5 classes with Grade 6 planned for 2018. Advertisement. All admissions to Invictus International School are subject to an in-person assessment. • International School Kazan Russia 12/1 review 10 (1,529 words) • Scott Reid 12/1 (Principal Report 3) Kaiwen Academy Haidian China • Qingdao #1 International School Shandong China 11/30 review 10 (408 words) • Al-Bayan Bilingual School Kuwait 11/30 review 31 (166 words) • Atlanta International School USA 11/30 review 8 (402 words) See All Recent Updates. Eat Sleep Dream English Recommended for you. Is this school a perfect match for you? Invictus International School Dempsey Campus: 75 Loewen Road, Singapore 248844 Sentosa Campus: 31 Ocean Way #01-15, Singapore 098275 Centrium Campus (opening August 2020): 320 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218108 Real reviews by real company employee past and present here on Singapore Admissions for the top international schools in Singapore tend to have waiting lists so it is recommended that parents apply well in advance to secure a spot for their children. Invictus International School Phnom Penh campus is situated in the heart of town on Preah Norodom Boulevard. Yearly fees, SGD $24,782 55 more schools in Singapore. 2 Reviews. Invictus International School - Dempsey: Curriculum International. Rosemount International School International curriculum, Ages 3 to 8. Additionally, each school has ratings based on parent reviews and are ranked below accordingly. Invictus International School enrols children aged six to eight years in Grades 1 and 2 at a small, waterfront campus in Sentosa. Carry. What does it feel like as you walk through the corridors of Invictus International School (Dempsey Campus), and into its classrooms. Home; About us. Yearly fees, SGD $22,740. In Years 7 to 9, students will progress to the Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum. Prior to applying for admission, please kindly review the admission criteria and the requirements at Invictus International School. Tell us your preferences and we’ll calculate your compatibility. The school promotes itself as an affordable option for international students. Invictus International School (Dempsey Campus) review - independent, comparative analysis based on research, on-site evidence and third party reports from the education regulator & visits from WhichSchoolAdvisor consultants. At Invictus, we aspire to provide a meaningful and robust experience for the children so that every child is given the opportunity to stretch to his/her fullest potential, to be independent and develop his/her leadership qualities to contribute to the society.

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