Compression wrapping is primarily used to help alleviate swelling and offer support for a sprain, strain, or other injury. Adhesive bandages are also an option for knee pain – as long as you are not allergic to tape adhesive. Typically, the first bandage used on an injured knee, it can be applied without possible harmful movement to the knee… In theory, a brace seems like a good idea with a knee injury, since it is designed to provide support and stability. As for other joint injuries, the RICE method is recommended: rest, ice the affected area, add compression with an elastic bandage… The ACE™ all-cotton, elastic bandage, invented in 1914, is widely used for temporary knee support. A diagram of the knee. It applies localized compression and stabilizes an injured knee. Removing the bandage is a pain … In reality, it is a bad idea. These are the best knee compression sleeves for injury prevention, recovery, or extra support so you can stay active and pain-free. The adhesive is really strong – it leaves ugly sticky marks on your skin if you do not use pre-wrap which adds up in cost. For athletes who develop patellar tendonitis, taking a rest from any activities or sports that make the pain worse is smart.

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