30-60 pounds of boneless meat can be obtained from a deer and approximately 100-300 pounds of meat can be obtained from the elk. (EnviroNews DC News Bureau) — Alberta, Canada — Early results from an ongoing study testing human susceptibility to chronic wasting disease (CWD), a growing epidemic among deer and elk, has led Health Canada to warn “that CWD has the potential to infect humans.” Chronic wasting disease is an incurable, inevitably fatal illness that can affect all cervids: deer, elk… The etymology of venison, is that comes from the Latin for hunting, venor, which is connects to venerate, … As the elk is most closely related to the red deer, I think venison is the best word for elk meat. For the most part, these species hold more similarities with their cousins than differences, but there are some key distinctions between deer and elk. Elk vs Deer The deer family is a large group of grazing or browsing ruminants that cover the globe. Some common deer species are moose, elk, white-tailed deer, and sambar. Elk venison comprises … The meat of deer and elk is very rich in protein.

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