While a great fabric for hot weather, rayon can shrink when washed in warm water. In the hardest hit state, New York, ... cotton, polyester, synthetic and natural silk, and chiffon. However, our Chiffon Wide fabric is always a good starting point. Not unless you want to end up a walking, talking puddle, in any case. You can hand wash in cold water, but it is recommended to dry clean rayon to avoid shrinkage or damage. Still, some government leaders have shown a cautious optimism for the summer. Since it is so comfortable and cooling to wear, rayon is an especially good fabric for sportswear and summer dresses. Affordability — polyester is generally more affordable than natural cotton; this is where a 50/50 blend becomes a good compromise between polyester’s price and cotton’s feel. It’s cheap, it’s widely available, it’s durable, it’s so low maintenance you barely need to do anything but wash it. Polyester. What it’s not, however, is good for wearing in summer. Here is a better breakdown of the top 5 poly cotton advantages and disadvantages; let’s start with 5 reasons on why you should choose the cotton and polyester blend. Is Polyester Good For Summer? Polyester is many things.

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