Pizza Hut's meat-free sausage pizza is thought to be the first widely distributed takeaway pizza which has a topping of meat substitute. Photo: Danish Siddiqui/Reuters. Lincolnshire sausages are probably the other most well-known sausage in the United Kingdom… I've found that a 30-70 mix of beef and turkey/chicken works reasonably well as a substitute … According to the website of the English Breakfast Society, a non-profit, the most famous British sausage is probably the Cumberland sausage, meaty in texture, long and coiled, which has a hearty 500-year history in the county. Pizza Hut has become the latest fast food outlet to cash in on the growing tide of meat-free offerings in the market, saying it will launch a meat-free sausage … I have yet to find a chicken sausage that's fatty enough--they all seem to have the consistency of processed hot dogs. By "Italian Sausage" I think you mean the seasoned pork sausage available in many supermarkets throughout the US. I haven't been able to find a decent pork sausage substitute. This is the … For some reason, our CSA keeps us in near-constant supply of delicious, flavorful, local pork breakfast

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