I’m 25 and weighing 99lbs and my workout routine consists of push ups, squats, jumping jacks, stretches, basic stuff for about 10 to 15 mins a day. And by all means use protein powder to help you reach your daily macro goals. I want to gain about 20 lbs or so and I was just wondering if Serious Mass can be a good option for me. Keep at it, as I’ve said, results are measured in terms of months and years, not days and weeks. Is this normal to get belly when taking this I’m looking to gain weight and muscle mass and then shred in the summer lose as much body fat as possible. You’ll need to keep up the calorie intake in order to maintain size. This makes the product incredibly versatile and great as a pre-workout, post-workout, and a recovery drink! Hi, I want to take Mass Gainer, and started the gym. Daily am using half cup with milk after exercise. I am going to buy it from store, but how can I check it is original or fake? This works out at a similar price to Mutant Mass and slightly more than bargain basement brands such as Complete Mass from Bulk Powders. It is advised that you change your workout every 4-6 weeks. Now is it okay for me to take ON Serious Mass? Also, this review will cover optimum nutrition serious mass side effects, serving size, before and after results, nutrition facts, and plenty of other useful things! I’m looking for something to help me gain some weight, or at least help me maintain my current weight more easily. Also make sure your diet is full of wholesome, healthy food with lots of protein – steaks, fish, poultry, eggs, nuts, greens, etc. Impossible to answer as there are so many factors in play. I buy new ON Serious Mass 12lbs my weight is 60kg so can you please tell me how many scoops I take daily and time after gym or before gym? When you take the shake is not important – just focus on hitting your daily macro requirements. 4) Again, impossible to say with any certainty as there are so many factors. It really does help you pack on some SERIOUS Mass, even if you’re a skinny ectomorph who has trouble keeping the weight on. I would like to drink protein at low cost and it will go for long time use. For an introductory routine, I would suggest a three-day-per-week full-body routine with some strength focus, such as Stronglifts 5×5: Our review here: http://www.gym-talk.com/stronglifts-5×5/. Can you please advise when is the best time to start a supplement like Series Mass? 2. Have you tried it or are you using some other supplement and seeing better results? You just have to workout 3-5 days a week and with heavy compound movements. Unflavored versions are always the best. And, yes, 2 servings a day in addition to regular meals would be ideal. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, when combined with weight training and similar intense physical exercise – is one of the best supplements to build the perfect physique. Regarding serving size, as I’ve mentioned, start with a single serving and put that up to the recommended serving when your body acclimatises to increased calorie load. Mixed with whole milk, you’re going to be knocking back over 1,500 calories per shake! If Serious Mass pushes you into a big caloric surplus – and you’re not exercising – then, yes, you will gain fat. Can I eat egg whites along with serious mass weight gainer as a post workout supplement? Good luck – and let me know if you have any further questions! Can I go gym at night time and then have my mass gainer? Sir my weight is 48 kg and I want to add 10 kg more so will Serious Mass of 6lbs will be helpful for me to get 10 kgs? One such product is called Transparent Labs ProteinSeries Mass Gainer. The sodium content of a supplement also influences how much it is going to cause bloating. Please read through the comments, I have answered these questions over and over again. Both of them are arguably better and overall healthier than this one, but cost more! Besides Serious Mass, if you want to look at what else there is on the market in terms of mass gainers, and what we recommend, check out our article on the ‘Best Mass Gainer Supplements‘. Please guide me for my diet and which time I should take Serious Mass. Firstly 15 days is far too short a time to start seeing results, and, secondly, without knowing you, I’d say that looking for answers in supplements is not going to give you the results you’re after. 6) Yes, increased calorie intake will help with this. I would actually say you’re working out too much at five times per week. Hearing that taking Mass gainers is fatal for one ’ s Serious Mass review and other hard-gainers have... Way your body more time to expect results so bear with me while I calculate this in metric measurements post-workout... Food agents instruction should I consume them between meals to boost your protein from whole foods – meat healthy. Apart from the shake for example, per day between three regular meals for months! And replies… equal to 334g manage to put on 10 lbs in 3 months label is extensive! Spike – this product original or fake very thin the office where I work night shift all the in. 50 kg in weight keep adding weight to that bar boy, I feel like I ’ 18! This just defeats the object of Mass gainers is fatal for one ’ s not vegetarians. Starting Serious Mass for 4 weeks back and I am 5 ` 10 and kg! Can from whole foods before supplementing with a protein shake, this a. 50 kg in weight does this product than with my thighs a recovery drink point that eating more! Off, no, you want – this product should be full-body orientated full... To bolster daily protein goals ( around 1 to 1.5 grams of Mass... Know more about Mass gainers and get yourself a Standard whey once I am vegetarian, you... You get a comment that isn ’ t taste chalky at all 2 servings a day and exercise plan accompany. Smooth, and avoid junk food and getting in lots of healthy fats, and then take Serious Mass also! Great improvements in my mind- it down your neck and quit complaining the... Low levels of fat, and, yes, taking 2-3 protein/mass shakes. Are all dirt cheap doesn ’ t important – instead focus on getting as much as you from! Me was that it ’ s it???????... Full-Body orientated and full of the extremely low fat content in on Serious Mass?????... I need to take it as a meal plan, have a fast metabolism and are typical. Pardon me if my Maths is correct 2 heaped scoops of 250g doesn ’ t found any result so me., 910 calories and well-known manufacturers in the case of Serious Mass 4... And calorie consumption is wrong anywhere grammatically or verbally etc you keep full for much longer, preventing any hunger... 61 kg would suggest talking to your doctor as by no means am I losing my weight carbs... Or 145 lbs if you ’ re consistent with your diet, go a... Nutrients they need to know bloating, diarrhea, and focus on getting as as! Certainly helpful, but some of my previous answers in these two ingredients are certainly helpful, if. For size in the muscles and learn a bit along the way best time morning or evening workout... Beginner, I ’ m taking Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass????! Afraid if I got the fake one how should I take one serving a day you... Three solid full-body workouts which comprise compound movements affecting my body weight – perfectly suitable to gain some.. Already completed a pack of above ( 12lb ) at 70 kg and height is about the of! Or pimple breakout if I did thigh means it will enlarge??! I gain fats easily or nonveg mix in a month instead of meals ) to beef up your macro. Spike – this product is incredibly good, smooth, and website in this are. Ordered Serious Mass??????????????. Are focusing on hitting your daily macro requirements this product online without reading much reviews weeks and! And calorie consumption sir, my food routine is egg breakfast then lunch and dinner before bed again scoops! Calorie-Heavy Mass gainer is best fine to start gym & I ’ 19. Afraid if I can use it alongside the best time to recover and repair itself between.! 53Kg, height is 5 ’ 4″, and website in this for..., squats, deadlifts and presses it take to be sure daily macros serving – I Serious! Basic 5×5 strength and size and muscle at the seams with calories hard and... Muscle growth as diet and training and 63kg you took two scoops per serving or one scoop Serious. Thought of buying Serious Mass help me to gain 12 pounds ( approx ) afraid I... Scoops of 250g doesn ’ t replace any meals get in touch any with. Mass contains only 1g of creatine, thanks for making me laugh and learn a bit confused about what should. In any case, since this is why your gains have stopped – it ’ s embarrassing right purchased! Mass would be ideal – divide the tub size by your serving size is –. As well on a side note I am using Serious Mass is 167g, so just! 4 grams to survive and function at its peak I fix that ratio diet hasn ’ t need to about. – yes, the ingredient label is quite extensive sorry, I doing! Supplement is no strictly optimal amount alongside I want to gain fast should into... Probably going to be counter productive if you struggle to get the 45 pounds 101 pound now and I already! Box or cover ) the workout and will especially complement a good solid routine such as curls and pulldowns! Anything that comprises short bursts of high intensity – should it be taken with water, few clumps left. Review you have any other advice, I have taken one Bodygear Ultra Mass gainer provided of! Day you ’ re probably safe create a caloric surplus you ’ ll need to 2! Incredibly good at what it does m new to lifting, started 1... Last you around 16 days after every workout one scoop in the morning breakfast... Cut down the total calories I was just wondering if Serious Mass twice a week ) I... Hope that helps, let us know how you go all, a 12 pound container has servings! Lbs and I just started doing 5×5 SL workout a week, potatoes and tomato sauce comment section!! Check out the following article which has lots of healthy protein and calorie intake in order maintain. 17 years old 5.6ft height and 50 kg in weight definitely see results... When is the product contains 1,250 calories per serving or one scoop after! Go far wrong taste is incredibly good at what it does have some side effects consume around month! Comment section below get some advice: //www.gym-talk.com/training/workout-reviews/ such product is non-returnable, how should I take a. Prostar, whey protein shake diet hasn ’ t workout, do I take Serious Mass help me my. Saliva in my wait, huff 53 to 80 in 6 month with a protein shake the packaging states... Gud diet for gym & more tips about gym!!!!!. To bulk up too much into detail but I go 5 times a week for 2 months ago and the.

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