May 21, 2016 - Easy Leftover Turkey Stroganoff If I have to eat leftovers, then at least let them be turkey leftovers! 2. A good roasted turkey dinner is one … 4 Meanwhile, cook the tagliatelle in a pan of boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Drain. Season with freshly ground black pepper, then cook gently for 5 minutes. Add the sweetcorn and mustard and cook for 1 minute. Add the turkey and gravy (or stock), cranberries, nutmeg and crème fraîche. Add the mushrooms and paprika and fry for 5 minutes. Next Recipe Leftover night just got better. 3. Heat the oil in a large frying pan and fry the turkey for 3 minutes. Off the heat, stir in the soured cream and season. I even have a collection of more than a dozen Leftover Turkey Recipes that you can find by clicking here. Turkey Stroganoff "This main dish cooks up in a jiffy and is a great way to team up leftover turkey (or chicken) with broccoli," relates Karen Ann Bland of Gove, Kansas. Serve topped with the stroganoff and … This is an easy beef stroganoff-like recipe to use up your leftover roast beef, pork, or chicken in a homecooked meal. 1.

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