Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The idea that he is a ‘not credible’ ‘charlatan’ whose work has not been subject to peer review after such a career is laughable. Shepherd recorded the meeting, leading to widespread public anger at her treatment when she made the recording public. PMQ’s Report (02.09.20): U-Turn If You Want To. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. They claim that Peterson’s views are “problematic” as well as “transphobic.” An audacious claim, considering they don’t even back it up through reasoning or evidence. This is one of the things we’re teaching them, so this is why it becomes something that has to be done with a bit more care. 66 thoughts on “ FULL RECORDING – Lindsay Shepherd Interogated by Wilfrid Laurier University's Gender Police ” GallusMag says: November 21, 2017 at 10:17 pm Moral of the story: A university must be repeatedly publicly shamed, internationally, in order to apologize (oh, but keep the task force & investigation). The fact that that happened? He is after ideological capitulation: ‘…that’s not something that you have an issue with? Rambukkana: Yes, but they’re very young adults. If any of you at CSU have encountered some of the same Orwellian treatment that Shepherd has, please share your experience with us by contacting us via our email. While teaching a class on gendered pronouns Shepherd played a clip of Dr Peterson talking on mainstream Canadian program The Agenda about why he believes it is wrong for the state to compel the use of certain pronouns for transgender individuals. They are upset by Peterson, in particular, because he does not allow them to frame the debate. This is a meeting between teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd and Wilfrid Laurier University representatives. The internet dwellers among you might know this concept as Sargon’s Law. Peterson is a professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto who is openly opposed to the idea of compelled speech pertaining to pronoun usage towards transgender people, which is enforced by Bill C16 from the House of Commons in Canada. The Orwellian nightmare that unfolded made great waves across the internet, especially in circles critical of the social justice left. Their attempts to discredit Peterson are, frankly, bizarre. Whether or not these are opinions backed up with evidence…? If this had been a situation where a softly spoken left leaning young woman had been treated in the same way by two right leaning male academics or employers one might imagine that this story would be front page news. Howard Levitt, who represents Lindsay Shepherd, says he doesn't understand why Nathan Rambukkana and Herbert Pimlott would sue her. So everyone needs to listen to the recording, and everyone needs to talk about why these people feel so entitled to unilaterally declare what can and cannot be thought and expressed. But it isn’t. A teaching assistant named Lindsay Shepherd was reprimanded by her supervising professor, as well as a “manager of Gendered Violence Prevention and Support” and one other professor. You can draw the obvious conclusion. We are talking about a tenured Professor with a long publishing history. Shepherd recorded this meeting, posted it online, and the recording has now become the talking point for those involved with the discussion of political correctness on university campuses. And I don’t feel were doing our job as an institution presenting both sides.’, [See here for a full transcript of what he actually said – the above is a truncated version.]. Within the space of this interview he and Pimlott manage to associate Shepherd’s decision to play the tape with pretty much every crazy theory they can think of, as well as Nazism, white supremacy and the Alt-right. ( Log Out /  With great presence of mind she decided to record the meeting in secret. 22.3m members in the news community. When Lindsay Shepherd – a teaching assistant at Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada – played a video of Dr Jordan Peterson to her class she was hauled up before a committee to discuss her violation of a gendered violence and sexual assault policy. The two professors allege Shepherd is responsible for the broad publication of a recorded conversation in November 2017. The biggest red flag is that you have academic superiors posturing, slandering, and equating Professor Jordan Peterson’s values of free speech, to the values held by Adolf Hitler while chastising this TA. Peterson’s opinions expressed on the talk show may not have been peer reviewed, but of course not even Rambukkana would argue that he would apply such a standard to opinions that he agreed with being aired in class. In the end of 2017, Lindsay was thrust into the spotlight because of a controversial lesson she gave in her class. Then let market forces take care of it. Then, in quite possibly the most self-unaware speech I have ever come across, Pimlott – an Associate Professor of Communications Studies no less – ramblingly explains why students can only be exposed to the ideas of someone like Peterson once they have been deprogrammed. Lindsay Shepherd says she had to record meeting that spurred Peterson lawsuit. By Paola Loriggio The Canadian Press. Peterson cites many sources and psychological studies to back up the reasoning behind his beliefs. Earlier this month Gerald Warner explained on the Reaction website why Joe Biden’s candidacy for... Often defined as the ‘Big Five’ companies of Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Facebook and Microsoft, the... With the House returning from summer recess, the first PMQs took place on Wednesday. Elena Rider, non-feminist blogger, Twitter @femalefedupwith. They don’t have the critical toolkit to be able to pick it apart yet. Opinion: Free markets can solve Britain’s housing crisis, BBC Director General already retreating from reform, The British Library Must Walk Away From Identity Politics, Cardi-B and Another Tiresome Conservative Meltdown, Trump has lost the battle but is winning the war.

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