MIG is typically the process we recommend for those who have never welded before. Give us a call at 585-349-7110 or email blacksmithing@rocafc.com for more details. CLICK HERE FOR MERCHANDISE. We are located in Rochester, New York. We still use a forge, anvil, tongs and hammers. world class sheet metal products and services We are 15-minutes west from downtown. MUST COMPLETE this underage student APPLICATION, Experienced, dedicated instructors and assistants, New York State Designer Blacksmith Association. These pioneering mass-production techniques would initially create a short heyday for the blacksmiths but eventually they would replace much of his work. WELDING: Welding is a fabrication or sculptural process that joins metal together through fusion. NOTE: Students under the age of 16 MUST contact Arc + Flame Blacksmithing Director (Candace Martens) for an evaluation prior to enrolling in a smithing class. Arc + Flame uses both gas and coal forges for blademithing classes. The Academy for the Art of Metal Shaping Inc., a 501c3 non profit corporation, does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities, classes … SHOP SMALL PROMO (Happening now through Nov. 29th): For every $100 you spend on GIFT CARDs and/or MERCHANDISE, we will toss in a $25 gift voucher for classes! We specialize in the gold-standard "no string in the mouth technique" used in spas and salons across the country. Metal Shaping Workshops The Tin Man’s Garage’s Design and Coach Building Shop offers an innovative Metal Shaping Workshop. JEWELRY: We have enameling, chainmail and metalsmithed jewelry classes available: Metalsmithed Jewelry: Create jewelry using fundamental metalsmithing techniques such as soldering, forming, and texturizing. NOTE: Students under the age of 16 MUST contact Arc + Flame Blacksmithing Director (Candace Martens) for an evaluation prior to enrolling in a smithing class. Projects include, but are not limited to, bracelets, earrings, cuff links, pendant and rings. and Specialty Classes. SMITHING: A metalsmith is a craftsperson that creates useful items out of various metals. These detailed design and build classes have helped hobbyist and professional Restoration and Hot Rod Builders from across America and around the world become more efficient fabricators and metal … Our retail store will be closed 11/26 through 11/29. Students must be at least 14-years of age to attend class unless otherwise noted (Tike, Teen and Creative Kids Classes). Most modern metal pieces are made by melting the steel and pouring it into molds. This is an ONLINE ONLY special. We teach people how to make their own jewelry, using techniques and equipment that are affordable, accessible and home-studio friendly. The tools and practices of the smith were developed and haven’t significantly changed since this time. A MIG system includes a constant voltage welding power source, a wire feeder, torch, shielding gas, gas regulator, and welding wire. The same class may show up under multiple categories based on criteria. Please note: Not all hot glass classes involve physically blowing into the pipe/tube. In 6000 BC the discovery of bronze began the development of our modern metal smithing techniques. A TIG system includes a constant current welding power source (AC output for aluminum and magnesium, DC output for most other metals), torch, shielding gas, gas regulator, and ground cable. Offer ends on Sunday, November 29th. We'll be back in the shop on Monday 11/30. Interested Students MUST COMPLETE this underage student APPLICATION prior to meeting with Blacksmithing Director. We are 15-minutes west from downtown. Required equipment is a constant-current welding power source, electrode cable with electrode holder, and ground cable with ground clamp. Thankfully because of the intrinsic value of handmade goods even the hobby blacksmith can be relatively profitable. We'll be back in the shop on Monday 11/30. Often the hammering is done while the metal is hot, having been heated in a forge. Forging Stations for 10 Students. Glass Flameworking Sculpture classes at Arc + Flame are available as, Soft Glass is ideal for projects involving bead making and surface decoration. Below are descriptions of what each process entails: Boro glass is ideal for creating sculptures and hollow forms. Finally with the introduction of automobiles, which used factory manufactured, mass produced parts, the number of blacksmiths rapidly declined.

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