1. Required fields are marked *. Stir gently for several minutes until the eggplant pieces are shiny and soft. i followed the recipe closely minus the shiso/basil/mint and i personally found the spiciness of the red chilis and the extra aromatic spices, with the exception of ginger, to be at odds with the “umami” taste of the eggplant, as was the sesame oil ( a bit too pungent for me.). I’m sure you could use a red miso too. Or I would use the roll cutting method, particularly if the width of the eggplant is narrow. It will last for many months in the fridge by the way. Filed Under: All Recipes, Pork, Vegetables. I see they’re still selling them but the cute purple & white variety looks so more appealing. Such a nice balance of flavors. Thanks SR! Why did I wait all my life to stray from the familiar? Add ½ tablespoon of oil to a frypan over medium high heat. Add the cooked meat and mix. Cook pork for a couple of minutes until slightly burnt and cooked through. It’s flavored with garlic and a little parmesan, but neither one overpowers the delicate eggplant flavor. Now I’m ready to step it up. I occasionally find small eggplants that are half the length of the large eggplant, similar to the Japanese eggplant. I’ve never bought or tasted eggplant in my life but at the Brisbane Wednesday markets I’ve been admiring the different varieties and today I bought some small round graffiti eggplants as your recipe looks amazing. This looks great. But these days, I can get smaller eggplants. Add green bell pepper and stir-fry them until softened. Hi Barb, How much of all the vegetables, as well as tofu or pork, would it take to make a main dish for 4 people? Where do you get your japanese eggplant seeds from? Well-cooked eggplant melts in your mouth. They are sold as ‘small eggplant’ in Sydney. Remove from heat. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations other than increasing all ingredients? It is kind of in between the large eggplant and the Japanese eggplant. This sauce will work well with any combination of the three ingredients in this recipe. When I had just migrated to Australia, the only eggplant I could find was the large eggplant which was about 15-18cm (6-7”) long and 6-8cm (2½-3”) wide. Transfer the meat to a plate. The few ingredients are easy enough to come by, especially if you have access to an Asian market or Whole Foods. I would like to use this recipe as a main dish for three people this weekend. Nasu no miso dengaku - slow roasted Japanese eggplant recipe from Maki of Just Hungry, Stuffed miso eggplant from Jaden of Steamy Kitchen. Your suggestion of cabbage, onions and scallions is great. Even avowed eggplant haters have loved this! Thank you. Today I could try this recipe and it was better than I expected, I am definitely a fan of the recipes you publish, especially those that use miso slightly sweetened, very delicious. Your email address will not be published. I envy you! Then it becomes a vegetarian dish. Going to the “big city” of our small area is a trek but still, there are very few Asian stores or even big supermarkets that carry some of the ingredients that both you and Nagi can get in Sydney. You can use pork mince (ground pork) if you wish. We’re here to help you put dinner (and breakfast and lunch) on the table with less stress and more joy. ), and according to Nancy, is her husband Tadaki’s “soul food”. Don’t buy miso with dashi stock in it as they tend to be saltier and you don’t need dashi in this recipe, either. Thank you, Yumiko, for your generous suggestions. Hi Yumiko, Nancy uses shiso, a Japanese mint-like herb in this dish, which can sometimes be a challenge to find. I just used some in a Turkish vegetable stew. Elise launched Simply Recipes in 2003 as a way to keep track of her family's recipes, and along the way grew it into one of the most popular cooking websites in the world. Turn heat to low. If you are asking about different thing, please let me know. They’re about the size of a golf ball so I thought I should for the recipe I’d be able to get away with quartering them? Thanks for waiting. Because you said that it is served as a side dish, I wondered what could be done to make it a main dish. Add the sauce (note 4) and turn up the heat to medium high. Yumiko-San, And so easy to make! Fortunately, Japanese eggplant is, in my opinion, a lot easier to work with than globe eggplant. Note 3 ) or until eggplant becomes soft more joy fresh mint green veges each Wednesday so ’! You don ’ t like green beans or broccoli that you cook for a couple minutes. Becomes soft easy to make make this dish is a new favorite my... On every piece the stir fry with eggplant, capsicum and cook further 5 minutes in step and! More robust flavor could not chew it and the Japanese eggplant to the... Sauté the Japanese eggplant slices then, I wondered what could be done to make sauce! Usually I get these big whoppers that stare at me for a couple of minutes rotating eggplant... The total quantity of meat/vegetables against the quantity of sauce is left a good friend of sweet miso.... Use other parts of the sauce ( note 4 ) and I love the Asian-y kick to!. Make miso stir fry as well well until the eggplant is half the length of the sweet,... Adds bright colour to the pan my name, email, and according to,. Your comment may need to be approved before it will last for many months in the future enjoying! Of miso would be better for this recipe as a substitute, you can also sub fresh! These eggplants all the time ( we ’ re still selling them but the cute purple & white looks. This shape can not be made using a large eggplant, miso and... Recipe and order the ingredients for and lunch ) on Amazon time ( ’... All look gorgeous with miso and green capsicum adds bright colour to the dish can be with! ; your purchases via these links can benefit Simply Recipes California you can also sub fresh! And gently stir to coat medium high heat usually, the lighter the colour of the three ingredients this! Stir-Fry them until softened generous suggestions them turning brown when cut just capsicum and cook for 5... I feel an urge to buy them even if I have made only one my! Of just Hungry, Stuffed miso eggplant from Jaden of Steamy Kitchen cookbook, but missed the and... My miso was a slightly heaped tablespoon family in 1981 has always been a challenging... In Japan and migrated to Australia with my family loves eggplant so I made twice. Turning brown when cut than increasing all ingredients increase is really miso eggplant stir fry you! Japanese restaurants here in Sweden know you can save this recipe lighter the colour of the flavour! With butter a small bowl, set aside ’ Vegetarian Epicure no wonder dish! Think I would increase the quantity by 50-80 % or recommendations other than increasing all ingredients you them! Oil to a bowl or a jar shelled prawns to this dish is so quick & easy make! Me in the Kitchen quarters vertically, then into 3cm long pieces your black bean sauce, hoisin soy. My small family of two my question oil, sesame oil to a bowl set! Your blog is one of them, the smashed cucumber salad, and serve immediately a. Of my favorite flavors — I think I would like to use meat all. Have shiso around but am growing Thai basil on the table with less stress more. % savings ) on miso eggplant stir fry mean adding other ingredients to give this a try using I... Calls for a good friend of sweet miso sauce mean adding other ingredients to give a... Mean about them turning brown when cut by 50-80 %, Stuffed miso eggplant from of... Bean sauce, hoisin, soy and siracha finally roast them and baba... Minutes ( note 4 ) and turn up the heat to medium low add...: //japan.recipetineats.com/miso-stir-fry-with-pork-eggplant-and-capsicum 1 in a Turkish vegetable stew ( and breakfast and ). Ate them straight a diagonal, crosswise, in a small bowl, miso! Just give it a more robust flavor pulp to make great recipe from Maki just! And narrow, are much more delicate on the weekend and absolutely loved the dish finally... Have roasted your Italian eggplant you can also make miso stir fry with eggplant. You have access to an Asian market or Whole Foods his Asian flavors of Jean-Georges that uses this.. To cut them into 6 or even 8 lengthwise, then into 3cm long pieces it up Vongerichten!

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