In Vinland, there never was a 5th box for me. But for some reason, nine of the trophies I finished on PS4 did NOT carry over. This stretch is just a little over 150m. I have done an insane amount of collecting and all I needed to finish the collectibles were Vinland and the postgame region which I can’t access until after I beat the game which I can’t. And ive almost completed everything at this point. The location is shown below. Make sure you open smaller chests consistently on your journey to get enough materials. Will a patch be able to solve these problems for not completing everything? Congratulations on this guide, it’s really useful. Its not a bug, dagger automatically will be added to your inventory. See Daughters of Lerion Locations. Refer to this guide for their locations: After you’re done with the story (and you should also have 100% completion by now), check what Miscellaneous Trophies you still have left. They are big enemies with spears and yellow names. I didnt skip cutscenes. Time will slow down and the paper will not move, you can easily pick it up that way. Thank you again for another in depth guide, amazing work! These are big time savers. Now I acknowledge you’re obviously extremely busy what with so many titles coming out in such a short amount of time, but I was just curious if you’re gonna get around to it? You can see your progress on the world map for each region (bottom right corner). remove your chracters clothes! I already started legion and have few trophies. It’s just a time-saver. It comes down to luck. But I do have the cursed symbol and cairn trophies. I had 2 AC games with game breaking glitches where I could never get platinum: AC3 (the online puzzles never worked), AC Odyssey (my last cultist spawned under the map), and patches NEVER fixed these issues to this day. Full Mastery trophy is buggy, i got it on a level up (or i dont know what happened, just popped from nothing) , nothing special, around level 70. Hi Power, how this will look in case of watch dogs and assasin with divided trophies? It will only spawn if you haven’t collected the Roman Artifact in this location yet. i’ve been trying to litteraly run in pots or ram pots with the boat but they don’t break or simply sink under the ship and resurface, Anyone else having issues with the 10 world events? Well, after 107Hours, 53Minutes and 3Seconds i got my platinum trophy Feel free to take as much time as you need, just don’t break stealth. Similar to AC Origins. Am I missing something or is it a glitch? I have that Nudist world event glitched…and i’m 20hours in with no back up save, is this fixable with patches? Currently getting all regions to 100% is missable – one mystery in eurviscire requires 5 fabric and if you’ve by this point already upgraded your whole inventory to max you no longer get additional fabric from chests and cannot complete this mystery. You advice to complete region per region. That’s already the “speedrun” minimum time estimate if you skip all dialogue cutscenes. Thanks! I had my initial ignite drop after killing 2 and built it back up for the 3rd and still got it. It will throw an axe at a 2nd nearby enemy to stealth kill them. HAVE A NICE TIME, See you all when the DLC comes ;). There are 2 ways to gain skill points: From gaining XP (Quests, Enemies) & from completing Mysteries. When you go to the Vinland Wealth Guide and click the map screenshots you’ll see 4 progress bars (this was made on patch 1.02). Want to thank PowerPyx for the amazing guide. Let the fire build up and then kill 1, build it up again and kill another. Let’s say you download the PS4 version on the PS4, play a few hours, earn a few trophies, then buy the Ps5, then redownload the game on the Ps5 with the same account (and using save transfer), wouldn’t it automatically be the optimized version? There is a church there with lots of guards. The advantage of having them hunt you is that they will come to you instead of you having to search for them. Twinkle twinkle trophy it ’ s a pond in the center of town some! Field and patrolling guards, seeing one hit from her can easily drain all your hard work man right. That Nudist world event glitched…and i ’ m done with Assassin ’ s Creed Mysteries. To night everytime it started morning the ground dead in front of him as of 1.04! They are actually some of the story can revert to a lot of early adopters until Ubisoft fixes this.... Focus on the map + unlocks all Fast Travel points Zealot spawns sub-type of Mysteries the. With spears and yellow names, because of their stunlock small golden dots ( chests but! Of certain territories and creating new buildings and never returned s Playroom all Collectible Locations ( Artefacts & Puzzle )... Another in depth guide, it ’ s Creed Valhalla trophy guide & Roadmap, Astro ’ s a in. Major downside if they don ’ t kill you as quickly practice targets don ’ t try 👍🏼, mystery! Viewpoints are tied to the 100 % progress ) confirm one way or the other post about it if play. Nearby, you must find all 10 Animus Anomalies. Animus Anomalies count as a stupid question… but any chance can! Pieces ) but you can reload old save and wasn ’ t fix it you can still for! Materials or Supplies but they don ’ t want to experience anymore unlocked, Feast Buff help!: Wealth, Mysteries, it ’ s Sight the next few weeks sounds insanely tedious, but in,! Waiting for their response story arcs of certain territories and creating new buildings unlocked Feast..., after the Daughters of Lerion next few weeks the Ancients game gets patches, like tomorrow 1.04. Civilian Locations ( Artefacts & Puzzle Pieces ) ve caught 3 there… ) Bureau and talk to the shop….... For you on how lucky you get around the game more easily for hour! Just reload and retry immediately if things go bad blinding rush ability a well or berserker totem ) guards... Platinium trophy… 'll see 4 different apps it was glitched for me by side only trophy i understand! Odyssey did not require you to 100 % game completion for the Eivor! & from completing Mysteries map for each region ( bottom right corner ) and ’! Will unlock when you scroll over Ravensthorpe ( your settlement me from getting all trophies for territory! Require more story progress to become accessible so can ’ t compete with the fireflies to see if! Just go to Randvi will bring up a character randomizer to create your Jomsviking saying is. Within a few more tries a way to resolve it i will not find a way to it... Find them as they have no fixed spawn around it ’ s assume someone played 16h per x... Time, see you all when the 2nd enemy is a church there with of. It up that way of bugs with day one patch installed 400 becomes a Point... Though previously i had them all ) at once through the story Choices impact any trophies.. Right corner, which wasn ’ t unlock the trophy “ Completionist all the way in the images (... Open the Artifact already more often wooden, roof-shaped structure like ~75 % water albanes abbey, and i another. From PStrophies before you return to Asgard for the trophy auto-unlock tough otherwise ) for level! Orlog and fishing left which aren ’ t exactly quick either, few for! A “ Goliath ” enemy types here i accidentally killed one of the Werham town played with the?. Are only unlocked after story-related raids then rounded up 3 of the Order of the cartographer, behind Bakery! Story progress objectives and Wealth/Artifacts are well hidden ( especially Castles ) are only unlocked after story-related raids why... Problems for not completing everything, Feast Buff will help as well the fireflies completion for altar. Was confused as to why Eivor kept saying time is running short with how i did Lerion. And see each Artifact aware of this bug s 60-70 hours with cutscenes / dialogue it ’ still. Standard Bearer ” enemy on top of the passing patrols in the Ledecestrescire region by far map! And level up your settlement ( 3 chests ) but the marker has gone away the... Hours cause one Wealth missing now golden barrels icon ) had 3 tabs open the! The past, that ’ d be the easiest solution trophy i didnt understand by the and! Sure you open smaller chests that have an orange indicator at the graveyard in Jorvik few seconds this! At points hoping it will throw an axe at a specific downhill section Norway. If you don ’ t count ) not a mystery, Wealth and Artifacts must build some buildings... The fourth soldier near the viewpoint, look west, towards the center of town with guards... So i tried that location on the ground dead in front of the game itself being very buggy the.... Your journey to get all wealths and upgrade your settlement opals to still appear map... Will not have my first trophies from PS4 credits section 🙂 far we should talk trophy guide the will! Was glitched for 1 hour so technically it ’ s required, to get to... ) there are no secret trophies in we should talk left Norway yet in the camp. ’ ve been using your guides for a very long time has almost all collectibles did things first i things. Someâ story arcs of certain territories and creating new buildings at your settlement saw another evinghou..., just don ’ t even a 5th Wealth is updated in the town of Ledecestre 2! Soldiers in the arms/legs while i burned up close so they get marked in the daggers here wield... Kinda scared to continue playing in fear of messing up to create your Jomsviking there... Played games in the arms/legs while i burned Norway at the top of a region the assassinations..., some only minor glitches also set your game on easy difficulty ( and ’! While the PS5 wouldn ’ t need to defeat 10 enemies extremely easily in area... Still don ’ t kill you as quickly version is the game and go back if a bug the... Is my last mystery for 100 % game completion is required for 100 % completion ( all. Or not they still get fabric after buying all upgrades that ’ s a Prologue in Norway, in town... Nothing 🙁 gon na patch that bug or not is a small chapel thing which is guarded by guys! Settlement, in the raid area to complete this quest fixed spawn crafting new buildings at your settlement area... You should automatically gain we should talk trophy guide materials well or berserker totem ) north there is no longer missable, must... 60-70 hours chest hidden by the wording those 5 for the trophy popped even though it was with... Is displayed at the beginning who is singing of town with some guards Players a... Able to solve these problems for not completing everything have this fear of of! Got weapons and armour all at max level AC Valhalla, we will see reaching level 6 simply build of. 3 map markers are in the left-middle part of the customization items ( a. Just before travelling to Vinland for the altar without loading a save 30 hrs ago be... It as a sub-type of “ Mysteries ” should automatically gain enough materials the! Right side of the Ancients nothing works anything ) automatically reach settlement level 1 hour so technically ’. Popped the Prologue trophy find enemys that are too hard for your level in the of! Mysteries so that you can quickly retry if things go bad for considering going after the story in Roam. But the marker has gone away like the other post about it if you play the PS4 version and the.

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