Also, if you know a way to remember the difference between the two, … There are only three options used for negating in German: nein, nicht or kein. Just say “no.” Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s plenty to be upbeat about when it comes to the German language and culture: the food (not only eating it, but also pronouncing it correctly! - Do you see him? L'apprendimento tedesco può essere un compito difficile per le persone che parlano inglese. That's about it. If you are asked by a person whether you have a particular thing or have a relative such as a brother or a sister and you have to answer in negative, you have to make use of Kein. It's the same word as “not”. This question reminded me of a question that I met when learning German, and I still kind of have it.. What are the differences between these words usage? I just want to know what the difference between "nicht" and "kein/keine" is because to my knowledge (which could very easily be wrong) they mean the same thing. Kein vs Nicht. Das ist nicht schnell. Nein, ich sehe ihn nicht. This article attempts to remove this confusion by highlighting the difference between Kein and Keine. End of the free exercise to learn German: Negation -nicht and kein A free German exercise to learn German. Other German exercises on the same topic : Negation | All our lessons and exercises I thought that "nicht" was used to "deny verbs", while "kein" was used for nouns, but I've met some exceptions (I can't recall any at the moment), and this theory kind of "failed". Nicht negates everything else. In particular, the difference between Kein and Keine for negation is troublesome for students. No I do not see him. Anche se sappiate che Nein è la parola che è usato per dire no in tedesco, si potrebbe essere perplessi di vedere un avverbio Nicht e un aggettivo Kein che viene utilizzato in tedesco, per esprimere la … Nein is for yes/no questions, kein/e is used before nouns and nicht for the rest. Duolingo tells me it's wrong when I use them interchangeably (not accusing you of anything Duo) and I just want to know what I'm doing wrong. Kein negates a noun. Siehst du ihn? Keine Milch - No milk. ), the people and their quirks, the sights, the hilarious words and the intriguing idioms—and that doesn’t even scratch the surface. It's the same word as the English “no”.

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